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  1. A lot of things right now IBob - my list is growing by the minute and not all of it is positive
  2. Just feeling like doing .............?
  3. Thank you HITC for your response. Is the polisher shaped like an angle grinder usable on 6061? I was having a look at various types of polishers in a shop today and I was very unsure of where to go with it for several reasons. I just wanted to play with this as a finish on different parts of the project if not all of it and then again I may not go for this finish in the end anyway. I just want to experiment with it and see if it is viable. Another question concerns the use of some sort of reflective dulling material around the outside of the instrument panel (pictures above). The plastic is off it and I have riveted it together and the only clecos remaining are along the very bottom where it joins the tunnel.
  4. Considering a polished finish to portions of this plane and I am aware there is a lot of work involved in doing this. I have watched a couple of you tube bits about it so my questions are 1. What products are out there to do this with? I understand that auto polish kits can be used. 2. Is the polisher vital to do this with? 3. What do you use to remove excess primer? i reserve the right to ask more questions.
  5. Here we have the beginnings of my instrument panel with abit of work to go yet and a few instruments.
  6. Ebay was the source - they have many uses ie caravans, ute covers. The measurements were guesstimates based on AA's knowledge of such things.
  7. That's the one ClintonB - and here was I thinking of calling it the Flying Rivet
  8. Hey ya - there is a gas strut on it which is holding it open. You possibly can't see it for all the paraphernalia in the background.
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