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  1. .......and a bit more moving forward over the last few days They are not complete yet cause I’m waiting on some stuff from Wicks when they get a round tuit
  2. Good to see you back on here Bex and thanks for the compliment but I’ve certainly had a helping hand on these tanks (thanks pylon500) but I’ve learned to mix the sealant & apply it as well as learned about fuel caps, fuel vents, fuel level senders,etc. Its all too big and advanced To turn back now even if I wanted to!
  3. You could be a travelling metal supplier driving to Melbourne and dropping off all your orders on the way back - took my replacement 0.025 from the 27th July to the 13th August to get from Sydney to Taree
  4. Especially when they don’t live near the offending supplier in my case about 4 hours away. He still maintains that he has supplied 0.025 even though the photo shows differently.
  5. The suppliar in this instance wasn’t airport metals but had the same attitude. Showed 0.025 on the invoice and it is very clear in the photo that it’s 0.020. I had specified 0.025 regardless of anything else and when brought to this person’s attention all the promises under the sun to rectify until yesterday with the suppliar trying to claim that it’s 0.025.
  6. Order 0.025” and you get the wrong thing and now the proof
  7. planet47


  8. A lot of things right now IBob - my list is growing by the minute and not all of it is positive
  9. Thank you HITC for your response. Is the polisher shaped like an angle grinder usable on 6061? I was having a look at various types of polishers in a shop today and I was very unsure of where to go with it for several reasons. I just wanted to play with this as a finish on different parts of the project if not all of it and then again I may not go for this finish in the end anyway. I just want to experiment with it and see if it is viable. Another question concerns the use of some sort of reflective dulling material around the outside of the instrument panel (pictures above). The plastic is off it and I have riveted it together and the only clecos remaining are along the very bottom where it joins the tunnel.
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