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  1. Go to Thevenard Island. Great place, great people. Decent runway too.
  2. I used a circle cutter in a cheap drill press and sprayed lots of WD-40 while cutting. And as old man emu said don't forget the deburring tool. Turned out really neat.
  3. Thanks for the replies fellow aviators ?
  4. Does anyone know if the spacewalker II kits are still available anywhere?
  5. Looks awesome. Great to see some more e-plane activity.
  6. Baron, i have sent you a PM with the details. Cheers, RE
  7. Hi Barron, I haven't built one but have a good mate who did build and test fly his CX4. It is currently for sale. I have attached a link from the CX4 community which shows all the builders and flyers in Oz. Best of luck, they are a great looking aircraft. RE http://www.thatchercx4.com/builder_lists.htm http://www.thatchercx4.com/pdf/CX4_Builder_List_Country.pdf
  8. Hi all, Is anyone on this forum currently building a Foxcon Terrier or has built one in the past? Just after some info regarding the build process. Thanks, RE
  9. There is a twin jet cri cri that operates out of YSEN. And it sounds awesome! I think it uses engines similar to the ones above.
  10. Just wondering if anyone here has any experience in building an Affordaplane? RE
  11. Go Gear racing in Perth sell rod ends. Have bought a few there myself. Not sure about the nut plates though. RE
  12. Has anyone landed at Laguna Quays Airport?
  13. Yes it is indeed a different engine. Also a bit lighter so will need to be put on the scales again. I didn’t think about the new test period. Thanks for all the replies. RE
  14. I am looking at buying a ‘19’ registered aircraft which currently has an automotive engine in it. I would like to replace the engine with another automotive engine which I rebuilt myself. Would this allow me to carry out my own maintenance? I am a qualified engine rebuilder. RE
  15. Pindan, There is a guy here in Perth that specializes in fiberglass work on aircraft. He did some fantastic work on a mates Glasair. If you want to PM me I will send you his contact details. RE
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