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  1. barandbrew

    Engine mounts

    No no numbers that I can see Thanks
  2. barandbrew


    Sounds like no one here is into power chutes at the moment. Just in case another newbie is looking here I did my conversion with Stephen Conte Aerochute industries in Werribee. For me it was expensive , flights accommodation instruction tranfers etc but there is a very limited number of options in Australia However the professional training and genuine interest in ones learning was worth it. I have placed an order for a Hummerchute and look forward to my new aviation adventure. Cheers
  3. barandbrew

    Engine mounts

    hi Does anybody know what/where to get the rubber engine mounts used in the Gazelle Thanks
  4. barandbrew


    Hi Everyone I am looking to do a PPC licence any suggestions on the best instructors would be appreciated. I am Qld based Thanks
  5. barandbrew

    The fun is gone for me

    RAA , I joined this group because I wanted a simple way to fly without the highly regulated crap that GA is. I don't need to go 100 knots I am happy at 65 knots and I don't need to fly 200 kilometres I just want to to get in my self maintained aircraft and enjoy being airborne without having to having to sit a test to have a bit of paper that says that I can maintain my aircraft ,as I have done for 12 years quite successfully , I don't need to be forced to have my aircraft inspected by an L2 every year or two so I can keep CASA happy if I think there is a problem I get a LAME to inspect , I will not get in an aircraft I think has a problem , my ass is way more important than CASSA. So I am selling my plane , very sadly I admit , but I can not see an RAA in the future that suits my flying desires. Maybe if the RAA didn't get greedy wanting fast highly complex aircraft then they wouldn't be in the position it is in now being regulated as if we were GA. We started off with slow and fun , pity it didn't stay that way. I won't respond to any replys ,sorry but I am out of here, good luck to all of you hope RAA gives you what you want in your flying future.
  6. barandbrew

    Skyfox AD

    [quote name='Admin']@@metalman2 make sure it is the one that is filled with Fish Oil as there were some made the accident without it and I think, if I recall properly, that Fish Oil filled was in the AD. That AD came out due to the wing snapping off a Gazelle that was doing a Christmas Lolly Drop and both father and son were killed[/quote] I don't think that is correct the accident you are referring to was a Skyfox not a gazelle and the wing was lost after severe overload.
  7. barandbrew

    Current rego time

    Well Here is the update on my rego. In 2006 the l2 who was looking after my plane at the time fitted the required strut carry through update and informed me he would complete and send in the paperwork. A request for the paperwork some weeks later from the raa was again given to him and he promised to send required paperwork in. I have heard nothing since then until my rego was refused until paperwork is completed. I have no qualms with the rego process that is currently in progress as I am a stickler for procedure myself however it is very hard to make sure all is complete when people like this L 2 don't do their jobs and I was not notified at some other time that things were not complete so I could chase this up. Lucky I have a copy of the invoice so I can ask for a copy of the required paperwork then get a another L2 to sign off on the work
  8. barandbrew

    Trailer for Gazelle

    Has anyone had experience trailering a Gazelle on a regular basis eg store at home and trailer to field. A fully enclosed trailer with soft ride would be the best in my mind but I have not seen or heard of such a trailer. Any help or suggestions appreciated Thanks
  9. barandbrew

    Current rego time

    Thanks everyone There was info missing from the rego sheet which I filled out and made sure all was complete sent copies of all the revelant pics so I am hoping there is not going to be any surprises . Cheers
  10. barandbrew

    Current rego time

    I have just sent in my rego renewal . I have made sure that all the info on the sheet that came with the renewal was filled out and sent copies of the rego numbers photos and placards . Any idea how long it will take for completion . My Gazelle has been registered for a long time with RAAus. Cheers
  11. barandbrew


    Hey Scotty Great photos we were there just before the airshow but had to fly home didn't know this even existed What camera did you use Cheers John
  12. barandbrew

    Gazelle missing at Ycab

    Motzartmerv would you start a new thread in the Gazelle section and explain what you mean Thanks
  13. barandbrew

    One Way fuel valves

    Hi Does anyone know where I can get the rubber orings that are in the one way fuel valves Thanks John
  14. barandbrew

    Gazelle bungee cords for undercarriage

    Hi Heather Tony Kerr at Gympie in Queensland 07 5483 5170 . They are VERY expensive if I remember correctly $600 each Cheers John
  15. barandbrew

    Skyfox - Gazelle aircraft

    Hello Ian Where can I get more information on this Certifcate Thanks John