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  1. Coming home (north) looks to be the worst weather: Windy has a front-type feature over the Dubbo area on Sunday morning.
  2. Good point, Yenn. I tend to leave my strobe switch on to reduce wear and the likelihood of failure, but it's not nice to people nearby while warming up. At least they get another form of warning before I start the engine.
  3. I'd happily pay that much and more to have a reliable traffic warning system.
  4. The lugs on newer (240v) ones I've installed are too small for the crimp-on connectors I have, so I've had to solder the wires on. I hope the heat from my soldering iron hasn't damaged these switches.
  5. Centenary of an apparently spur-of-the-moment historic flight: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-17/bridging-the-strait-salutes-aviation-pioneer-arthur-long/11516756
  6. Just learned something while installing some wig-wags on my plane ready for Parkes AirVenture. My previously-installed landing lights and strobes were no longer working. After lots of grovelling around in my shipping container (where my baby spends much of her time) I tracked the fault in both cases to the switches. I presumed they were good quality and had installed them about a decade ago.
  7. The pilot shortage is biting: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-17/rfds-feeling-effects-of-pilot-shortage-launches-program/11494640
  8. Does this mean slow learners like me can finally catch up with the pace of changes in these two sites?
  9. Good points, Sue. I'm sure that's often true, but I've seen examples of volunteers running rings around the paid professionals.
  10. It amazes me that our organisation doesn't make more use of the enormous depth of talent and expertise from its membership. Admittedly there are limits to what volunteer members can do, but if a job hasn't been done, we need to know why. One example is their events calendar, which has always been woefully empty. Although I have had nothing but good courteous service when I have phoned RAAus, surely staff can update it if they have a few spare minutes. If not, get a member to volunteer.
  11. BUT They still have the original in the museum, so START AGAIN !... Spacey as one of many who put money into building this replica I disagree. Quite a bit of Australian material and expertise went into the project and I followed progress closely. Far too late I started having misgivings about the stability of the design, which I shared with people actually qualified in these things. We may never know if these issues had anything to do with the tragic outcome, but I feel quite conflicted about my tiny role in supporting Scotty's efforts. I wouldn't like anyone else to risk their life again strapped between a pair of high speed drive shafts, with a pair of heavy hot engines behind their head. Beautiful and innovative though she was, perhaps the museum is the place for her.
  12. I was referring to accomodation; cabins at the airport get booked out early.
  13. Old Koreelah

    Killer Gas

    I've had a Canadian-made domestic CO detector on my panel for many years and it's sobering to see the ppm reading go up during warm up (when cowl flaps are closed). As soon as I open them it drops to zero. I've never been able to find where the gas is getting in. I have a dim memory of reading that the unit had a service life of 3 or 4 years; does anyone know about this?
  14. Old Koreelah


    Monthly BBQ breakfast. $10.
  15. Old Koreelah


    Gliding and Flying Club Fly In and Lunch https://www.narroginglidingclub.org.au/node/1
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