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  1. A comprehensive response will come tomorrow. I’m somewhat knackered after a very long day of discussing programming of ECUs with my engineers, speaking with component suppliers, liaising with my Marketing Manager about the new website and social media campaign, planning our assembly facility with the relevant staff, responding to a multitude of enquiries that come in amongst many other things. Things are definitely happening and the engine program is progressing, but it is an extremely technical and complicated program we have undertaken, requiring many resources, time being one of them. An
  2. Erm, the aircraft in my avatar is fitted with a Rotax 912 ULS and has a cruise of over 180ktas and a top speed of around 190ktas... It is waiting for an IFA prop to be fitted to expand that envelope a little more as it runs out of pitch at the top end with the current fixed pitch prop on it. I am currently having a new version being built that will be faster... The Jab3300 version is currently topping out at 201ktas. My 200hp turboprop version will top out at ? Full credit to Robin to achieve what he did with a Sonerai.
  3. We have one that is being fitted to a Rotax 912ULS. It will use Bolly blades. I don’t think any have been made since we got ours from Hughes Aircraft. If anyone has firsthand experience with the system that they can pass on before ours flies, any feedback would be appreciated.
  4. My Turbine should be running before the middle of the year... and it’s fuel consumption shouldn’t be too far off a piston.
  5. I heard the pilot was a 95 year old former member of the French resistance, holidaying in Italy and was flying on his ohm with no one else in the aircraft...
  6. Mike is a top guy and is an incredible advocate for aviation. Me and Mike at Oshkosh this year:
  7. As luck would have it, our Lightning was delivered to our workshop in Adelaide a few weeks ago. It has been unpacked and we shall shortly begin to assemble all the components that were removed for painting and were shipped loose, i.e. gear leg fairings, wheel spats etc. Once assembled, we will generate the to-do list. Obvious tasks left for us are to design and install the panel and complete the firewall forward development and finishing the installation of the engine, system and cowling. Here are some photos of it in our workshop so you can see how it has turned out so far:
  8. And anyway, what else would you expect to be loaded into an aircraft whose flight originates in the Ivory Coast...
  9. I hear that it was the new electric version of the Caravan designed by Elon Tusk.
  10. I hear the flight was to an area near Rome. Tuskany I believe.
  11. The latest flight last weekend after some fuel system work to fix fuel level indications and to sort out the tank transfer system gave the following results with the nosewheel pant reinstalled: Straight and level, full throttle - 195kias/194kcas/201ktas, 3100 rpm from the Jab3300 With a smooth paint job to replace the rough primer coat, there should be a few more knots to wring out of the airframe. Amazing aircraft! Time to get it back into production!
  12. When it’s repaired, he will be welcome at Palamino Airfield near Murray Bridge.
  13. I’m manning the SAAA stand on Friday morning.
  14. The designer, Bill Husa was a very experienced design engineer. He had many successful designs under his belt and both aerodynamics and structures were his areas of expertise. Some extremely novel and innovative design features are incorporated into the construction of this aircraft. For example, it does not have a standard spar structure. Instead of a main and rear spar, I believe there is a series of corrugation like structures within the wing to replace the typical spar/rib structure. Bill was extremely aware of Vmca issues (minimum control airspeed on a single engine for those not f
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