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  1. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Mini Coupe. Early 70's VW powered.
  2. merc

    drifter electric fuel primer

    My WB 582 Drifter is 25 years old and has the same electric primer.
  3. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Chester Jeep.
  4. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Buhl bullpup
  5. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Wag A Bond
  6. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Piper PA 17 Vagabond
  7. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Interstate cadet
  8. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco
  9. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Pond racer.
  10. merc

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Miller JM 2
  11. merc

    Restoration update

    My tail wheel cables are attached further up the rudder cables than Kiwi's, 16.5" . His are a fair bit shorter, but both aircraft feel the same on the ground.
  12. merc

    Thinking of buying this aircraft

    Hi Greg, congrats on your new Drifter, what was the setup with tailwheel/skid? Nothing wrong with the small solid tailwheel, I changed mine from pneumatic to a smaller solid one on the advice of the Drifter guru's. The factory did the same with the later S.B. model Tony
  13. merc

    Another little bit of WW2 History.

    I'am proud to say my second name is Rawdon. My father was a lancaster pilot and named me in honour of Rawdon Middleton.
  14. merc

    Flying the Sav

    That would be the Savannah " S ". S20 is a Rans aircraft.
  15. merc

    Savannah S Dreaming

    Yes looks the same