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  1. Thanks onetrack. I googled Sperry Gyro Horizon and found a few of what appear to be the same model for sale as WWII Sperry Gyroscopes. Those are in much better condition than this one. I don't why this gyro is so beat up and missing the cage and adjustment knobs. If I remember correctly my father in law bought it from an old junk shop back in the 80s, but he wasn't given any information about it.
  2. I saw a few recent posts about old aircraft instruments and it reminded me of an old gyro - horizon that I found in my father-in-laws shed. Just out of interest, does anyone have an idea of its vintage or what aircraft it may have come from? Would be interested to hear. Cheers, Tony
  3. I am 45 and lightly overweight at 75 kg. I have decided to up the exercise a bit while eating healthier (and less). I am a member of a running club and there are lot of senior runners there, and very few of them are overweight. The last 10 km run I did with them I got overtaken by the oldest member Col, who is 84. He finished the 10 km run in 56 minutes, while I finished in 58. Pretty inspiring to be whooped by someone 40 years older than me! There are plenty of others at the club well into the their 70s who run regularly and many faster than me. Makes me think most of the battle I have had wi
  4. Hi 2tonne Do you still have the 6" tyres? Please text me on 0408261314 Cheers Ron
  5. I though Ashby said the aircraft was his.
  6. Ashby didn’t pay for the aircraft did he? If not, receiving a fee aircraft on the proviso he fly Pauline around is not a bad reward. It’s possible the party may have also covered all costs associated with the flights?
  7. I got my in-flight adjustable propeller endorsement in the Flight Design MC at Redcliffe, but last I heard Fly-Now weren't using that aircraft anymore.
  8. I like the Jacobsen flare, it works for me.
  9. No, moved to Brisbane in 2015 and finished my rec certificate at Fly Now in Recliffe. Had a great time learning at YLIL with Bob. Come to think of it, I was out by a year with the first solo, it was 2014, not 2013.
  10. Well done! I soloed in 4929 back in 2013. I still get excited thinking about it, not much in life compares to that first solo feeling!
  11. Jaba- who, a lot of what you mention could be illegal. It is called transfer pricing (using various techniques to transfer profit to a lower taxing country). If caught by the ATO, companies can be hit with hefty penalties.
  12. Bruce, anyone in the legal profession can be sued for negligence and it does happen. It is why all legal firms (and patent attorney firms etc) pay for professional indemnity insurance (which is expensive!)
  13. That's a bit harsh iBob. I'm a patent attorney and I spend a lot of time trying to convince clients NOT to file a patent application. But, inventors are sometimes what I would call "special" characters and in some instances there is no way to convince them not to file (and they may have various reasons for wanting a 'patent'). And, if a client says they want to file there is risk in saying no. If someone else gets a patent for something similar to what they wanted to file you can end up with a very pissed-off ex-client who may sue you. In the US a few years ago, one disgruntled client shot and
  14. I wouldn't read much into that. The one time I had to performance manage a useless employee with a terrible attitude and a massive sense of entitlement, guess what? I had an allegation of bullying and an application for a restraint made against me at Fair Work Commission. If you manage people, this stuff will almost inevitably happen.
  15. My concern is that if this new organisation undermines and weakens RAAus, but doesn't get its own act together, it could go badly for everyone.
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