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  1. Bevan


  2. Yes - FLARM. Picked up via ground stations and then sent like other traffic via cellular.
  3. You won't see AvPlan EFB aircraft which don't have ADSB-out. Wouldn't it be great if that traffic data was shared across providers?
  4. Yes, when in range of one of the ground receivers and you have cellular coverage. If you want to see every ADSB aircraft guaranteed, then invest in a receiver in your aircraft.
  5. We're now feeding in ADSB traffic from a network of ground stations, plus glider traffic as well, into AvPlan EFB. You can also connect your own compatible ADSB receiver and get even more coverage as well. We won't even charge you extra to do so!
  6. Yes, setting a static IP will allow you to use the Pi and cellular at the same time.
  7. You probably want to turn your rasberry-pi into a Stratux : Stratux ADS-B | Stratux ADS-B - DIY/Low-cost Portable ADS-B The advantages are - Supported by a large community - Works with a wider range of hardware - Zero config connection to your EFB of choice (and it works with both AvPlan EFB and the other one)
  8. Only to ensure we know who is accessing the site (and to do data sharing etc in the future)
  9. Hi Folks I can categorically state that we (as I run AvPlan EFB) have no issues and have never had an issue with sharing traffic data (google it and you will see statements from me to that effect in other forums). When I heard that OzRunways were recently saying that we didn't and they did want to share I again approached them. I have received no reply to that message in over 4 weeks. Bevan.
  10. AvPlan EFB supports the Dynon D2. It will use GPS position and AHRS data to drive the synthetic vision display.
  11. Both the Country Airstrip Guide and the AOPA Airfield Directory are regularly updated.
  12. Hi Yenn On the top bar of the map page you will see a lock icon - tap that and all your dreams come true!
  13. If you want a Windows flight planner - give Command Flight Planner a whirl (www.commandsoftware.com.au). Its now owned by the folks behind AvPlan EFB (me). Real soon now you can do all your planning on your windows machine then wirelessly push your plans to your iPad/iPhone or Android tablet (and THEN wirelessly push your plan to your panel (Dynon SkyView or Avidyne IFD). Pretty cool! There are no certified providers doing an EFB for Windows as yet (and AirNav isn't a certified provider). To be an EFB the screen size needs to be greater than 200mm, which rules out all windows phones to my knowledge. There are some smaller windows tablets out there, but you're spending just as much as an iPad or a decent Android tablet.
  14. In all fairness the $29 for dynon is just for 6 months. Our Dynon service (currently $99 per year) includes VFR and IFR maps, georeferenced airport diagrams and digital data for your skyview. Plus the wifi flight plan transfer when combined with AvPlan EFB on your iPad. We can certainly do a bundle deal for you and others who are interested.
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