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  1. The ppc's only does about 65 kmh,so turns on a dime,and the Aerochute has the best safety history I can find. What is it about this form of flying that makes this type so misunderstood?
  2. 503

    Avalon airshow

    Who is going and is worthy of a trip interstate
  3. Excitor Ppc trike has factory fitted and good at 100 feet (90%sure)
  4. I had a moment of second thoughts this morning, but glad for the wa coast flight today if a bit smoky, there is no reason not to have a great relaxing flight , these things tend to make me have a second look at what I'm doing ,and it is worth it
  5. 503

    Why you should go around

    Wanted down at any cost?
  6. 503

    Random Paperwork Inspections

    Powered parachutes dont fit also,my random audit was not mandatory and mentioned it was about increasing max weight above 600kg...???
  7. 503

    Rotax 582 Oil Injection.

    Hirth 3503 injected oil and fuel ,luv it
  8. 503

    Hello from W.A.

    Powered parachutes may be something you can still enjoy.lots flying out your way
  9. 503

    Hirth Engines

    Have ordered some parts,Geoff is great to talk and deal with, And i am happy with my 3503 fuel injected 70 hP engine
  10. Microlight or Powered parachute,not fast though
  11. Sounds like a old car,spend $100000, still worth $30000.
  12. Sounds like a old car,spend $100000, still worth $30000.