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  1. Ian, I very much appreciate all your efforts and tenacity. Although I rarely post, as I don't have anything worthwhile to contribute, I do follow along keenly on the sidelines, enjoying the wealth of experience shared by posters. This site is my cheap vicarious flying enjoyment - I would really miss the experience if it was not here. Thanks again. Cheers John
  2. Bex Are the wings going to fold, with the cantilever design? cheers john
  3. Here's a 'left field' thought - applies equally to high or low wing. The CGS Hawk Arrow II utilises Dacron 'sox' for the wings and fuse, to reduce cost and weight, simplify replacement of damaged areas and shorten the build time. If your fundamental frame is sorted, and does not rely on metal skin for stiffening/strengthening, then the skin material should not matter, within reason.I realise it may mitigate against top end speed, but the Skyrangers/Hanumans etc seem to get along OK. Just one option to further reduce cost and buildtime (the big killers of enthusiasm) for first/low time bu
  4. Genuine STOL is important for using bush strips. Rec flying is about safely using as much as possible of the available landscape outside of controlled airspace. Such usage is somewhat limited if only 'recognised' strips are available because of aircraft(and also pilot) limitations. Further on the wish list: I feel a sliding door would be a real bonus, especially if the a/c can be flown with it fully open.This provides the best of all options for Oz flying conditions, avoiding the need to fully remove doors in very hot WX but having options to close or partly close in flight due to conditio
  5. Great to hear high wing being considered. I'm keen on STOL and a taildragger, with a large enough rear spring for ease of manoeuvreing when off field.Folding wing would be essential, to trailer first to some of the more remote parts of Oz and then much more of our great continent comes within range - hence fuel load is also not quite so critical! cheers john
  6. Looking great Bex. My ideal a/c would be an XPB2 - ie. high wing taildragger with as ASE 750T engine, or maybe the n/a version will suffice. Can't wait to see your finished plane. cheers john
  7. I used to live on the shore of the Mohne See. On my last sortie I did a 'bombing run' on the dam, filming as I went. Our squadron switchboard soon lit up with hostile locals calling - it was still a sensitive issue even in the 1970's! One could still see the zone where the dam wall had been breached, a large 'V' where the moss grew differently on the repaired section. Others are correct in saying the damage was rapidly repaired, but there was substantial disruption down valley (the Ruhr) to German industry which set their war effort back a few months - every day was vital! Sadly most cas
  8. Hi Deskpilot Thanks for the welcome. I'm in the Brisbane area - great flying country! cheers John
  9. This is my first post, although I have been following RF for some time. As others have noted also, I too suspect that I am 'addicted' to Bex's build thread. I am agog at his skill and experience combined with his ability to rapidly work around a problem and find a workable solution. I have to confess that when I first log on each day, I check to see what exciting new build photos have been uploaded. There is a tangible sense of disappointment when nothing new is displayed! No pressure Bex on a fellow Brissie boy! I enjoy the witty repartee and ripostes between many of the members, and a
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