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  1. Those open slotted hose clamps sure do damage hoses, particularly if overtightened. These were apparently on a motor vehicle, but have no place on an aircraft engine..... Bob
  2. Airtourer Association visiting Bairnsdale Aero Club this weekend and using the club rooms for their AGM etc. Flew to Marlo (YORB ) this morning into a 40 km/hr Easterly. Have just flown over the house going very fast, with 44G50 km/hr up their tails ..... Bob
  3. No T88 , both Kaz and Auster live here now ! ...... Bob
  4. VH-BYM pictured at DJANDBOO Field, located just inside East Sale 20NM ARP to the North of Maffra. (With others from Bairnsdale Aero Club.)
  5. Yeah , not too shabby at all Frank. .... Bob
  6. Two die in light plane crash Two people have been killed in a plane crash in the state's Central West. Police said emergency services received reports on Wednesday night a light plane had crashed after leaving Orange Regional Airport. The two people on board, believed to be a man and a woman, died at the scene. Chifley Police District is investigating. Police said on Wednesday night formal identification was yet to be confirmed.
  7. ‘Published’..... 37 knots @ 600 kg.
  8. What prop are you running Russ ? .... Bob
  9. RV12 is 19 reg.and 2 seater. Not saying that is the case here....Bob (sorry P500, we posted at same time )
  10. Took a mate to Marlo ( YORB ) yesterday. He took these pics during our descent from 3500’into Bairnsdale. Flight was around 30 mins for near 50 nm,...... Bob
  11. Sounds like a good outcome Gareth. Remember to undergo regular check ups with your Urologist/Oncologist and you will likely outlast most of us here ...... Bob
  12. You will have DRE, Ultrasounds, MRI, etc. but a Biopsy is the only way to diagnose the tumor . You can also get as many opinions as you like, and at some stage you may get the answer you want, but whether that opinion proves to be correct, only time will tell, but by then may be too late. Many prostate cancers have no symptoms . The best advice is to get tested early and act on a high PSA . Having your head in the sand will solve nothing and make future management more difficult ...... Bob
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