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  1. ‘Psychology Today’ (Paraphased) 

    Narcissistic personality disorder exists on a spectrum the more severe pole of which is sociopathy or what I have previously termed psychopathic narcissism—is one of the more popular and predominant diagnoses attributed to Donald Trump by mental health professionals in the book, and by others who have observed his behavior both before and during his presidency. What makes the narcissistic personality so irresistibly attractive to certain people? What renders some individuals especially susceptible to the narcissist's considerable charms? And why do those who fall under the narcissist's spell, support whatever he or she says or does without question?


    Pathological or malignant narcissism is something that manifests by a matter of degree, ranging from the relatively harmless narcissism of self-absorption and self-aggrandisation to the extreme toxic narcissism of the predatory psychopathic narcissist. Narcissists, who not unlike psychopaths or sociopaths, know how to effectively manipulate people through flattery, lying, conning, and deception, can be legendarily charming, making them highly attractive to adoring others. Narcissists desperately need such adulation from others, and go to great lengths to incessantly seek such "narcissistic supplies." And those that actively adore them, fulfilling and feeding the narcissist's insatiable appetite for attention and adulation, need the narcissist as much as the narcissist needs them. It is a symbiotic relationship...... Bob 

    article continues afte
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  2. Two die in light plane crash

    Two people have been killed in a plane crash in the state's Central West.

    Police said emergency services received reports on Wednesday night a light plane had crashed after leaving Orange Regional Airport.

    The two people on board, believed to be a man and a woman, died at the scene.

    Chifley Police District is investigating.

    Police said on Wednesday night formal identification was yet to be confirmed.

  3. needed to carry every damn thing on 1 trip, max fuel the lot ( J160 ).....weighed the ol girl, 612kg, yikes, rang “someone” that knew its limits, was told if it gets off the ground...and it will, it will fly perfectly......took an extra 100m on the grass, but lift off good as. Have now multiple times packed her to the roof, careful with COG limits tho.


    What prop are you running Russ ? .... Bob

  4. From initial diagnosis till op took 2 years , and from the tests biopsi, scan ,blood and further psa and the finger in the Bxm it was a no brainer for me ,it was very high ratio and could have spread ,then your on a no win scenario, i want to live longer and not be dying of cancer that may have spread , my uncle died with cancer that spread from his prostate ,he was a shadow of aman when he died it had spread everywhere seek a second opinion as i did but for me it was the right descision


    Sounds like a good outcome Gareth. Remember to undergo regular check ups with your Urologist/Oncologist and you will likely outlast most of us here :victory: ...... Bob

  5. There's no ONE fix for this. There's many manifestations of prostate conditions in Men and often people will die with it but not because of it if they are older when it becomes detected. (usually by a PSA test which doesn't give conclusive answers.) You can check the size of it by a digital rectal exam. Gloved finger in your bum.

    Most people I know who have had work done when I asked them what the one thing they regret MOST was being rushed into it particularly to do the Biopsy. Generally unless it's very aggressive you are not in a rush and always have the right to seek a second or even a third opinion. and asses it over a period of months. (as I say unless thing are running away) and it may already have moved to other areas like lymph glands or even tumors in the brain etc..You can get support from Prostate groups that can be of great help. I can personally recommend GEELONG. P G. although I'm a fair way away from it and don't personally attend that much . They put out an emailed monthly pamphlet with many useful references and helpful hints. Costs $10 annually They are funded by the Cancer Council and other donations..Nev


    You will have DRE, Ultrasounds, MRI, etc. but a Biopsy is the only way to diagnose the tumor . You can also get as many opinions as you like, and at some stage you may get the answer you want, but whether that opinion proves to be correct, only time will tell, but by then may be too late. Many prostate cancers have no symptoms . The best advice is to get tested early and act on a high PSA . Having your head in the sand will solve nothing and make future management more difficult ...... Bob

  6. Well, I’m looking at retirement and a move to the Gippsland Lakes. I’ll probably have to sell the Auster. I have a nice cabin cruiser with 400 hp on twin legs in mind so I’m refreshing my Marine Certificate of Competency and trying to remember how to navigate on water rather than in the air.


    There Is hangarage available at various times at YBNS Kaz, but I’m sure something more permanent could be found for a classic like an Auster. Are you looking at living on board and just cruising the Lakes, or doing some offshore cruising .... Bob

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  7. Cant "see it" so called sports drinks - essentially flavoured water with a few electrolytes thrown in ie a con would be no different to drinking cordial+ sodium chloride (salt) to flavour.


    Your body has a comfortable range between dehydration & saturation - it will naturally excrete excess water via urine/sweat/exhalation and stool -l adding sugars and salts will not change this significantly.


    Don’t worry about facts , science etc.Skipp .... thats ‘all BS‘, if ’someone’ says ‘something’ it must be right...... Bob

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  8. Also I added a length of cord to the jack handle as is does not fully reach its over centre position and this will allow wrapping around the undercarriage leg and prevent it collapsing while working on the wheel.


    I’m interested in your jacking system Blue, any chance of a few more pics showing operation ...... Bob

  9. Hi Skip, there must be some slight vision impairment In the lower LH corner, but can’t recall it being of concern. Of course, my actual eyeline is about 300 mm above this camera shot, I normally see much more of the engine cowl. But I do like the cooling holes in the mount, and will do similar when weather picks up. Unbelievable here at the moment ( App temp 2.6o C )..... Bob

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