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  1. Sounds like the pilot managed to communicate very well considering.
  2. w3stie

    Visualising wake turbulance

    They used that method to teach you to fly a perfect 360 when I was learning. If you can feel your wake as you close the loop, you're good.
  3. w3stie

    Fact or fiction

    It's fake. Story here DragonAir 737 Caught In Typhoon? No, This Is A Fake Video
  4. w3stie

    Interesting development of a Wilga.

    I've been following his channel too lately. I wouldn't mind having just 10% of his energy and can do attitude. I think I'm more of a Project Binky man.
  5. w3stie

    Trent Palmer youtube kitfox

    Thanks for posting, there are some great videos there, I'll be working my way through them. I suppose everyone has seen Henry TrikeLife's channel, but if not, it's worth a look also.
  6. w3stie

    Why they keep the Crowd back

    I notice the military guys were the first to run away from the scene.
  7. w3stie

    Jabiru Catches Fire

    What type of battery?
  8. Its amazing how much damage an airliner can take and still keep flying.
  9. My first solo was in a PA38 at Archerfield and as I waited for clearance to line up, a warbird pulled up behind me . I don’t know what it was, but it looked big. I’m glad I wasn’t aware of that photo at the time!
  10. Space.com is reporting it’s down in the South Pacific. Farewell, Tiangong-1: Chinese Space Station Meets Fiery Doom Over South Pacific
  11. w3stie

    Another IMC terror story. . .

    Good move Phil. If you'd played the polite english gent, you'd probably both be dead now.
  12. They burn the thrusters on the ISS from time to time to keep it up there. Here's a demo of what happens when they do.
  13. How to spend millions of dollars in just one second.
  14. w3stie

    Bonanza crash in US

    Lucky to get out of that alive.