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  1. They found Harry Potter in the other engine
  2. Shock cooling perhaps? It says they were practicing forced landings.
  3. I was at Farnborough in 1996, and one of the standout performances was by the Sukhoi 37, which the pilot had literally standing on its tail. It was a beautiful looking jet too.
  4. w3stie

    Why I don't fly now

    Sorry to hear about this. Time and money were the reasons I stopped flying - you know, got my licence in my early thirties but a young growing family and career pushed the flying out of the picture. Now the kids are grown I've been thinking about getting back to sport aviation and maybe getting my RAA licence. When I read stories like yours it makes me think I should act before its too late for me. But I now have full time caring responsibilities fro my wife, who has MS, so money is once again a problem. Maybe we both need to look into computer flying as an alternative?
  5. Sounds like the pilot managed to communicate very well considering.
  6. They used that method to teach you to fly a perfect 360 when I was learning. If you can feel your wake as you close the loop, you're good.
  7. It's fake. Story here DragonAir 737 Caught In Typhoon? No, This Is A Fake Video
  8. I've been following his channel too lately. I wouldn't mind having just 10% of his energy and can do attitude. I think I'm more of a Project Binky man.
  9. Thanks for posting, there are some great videos there, I'll be working my way through them. I suppose everyone has seen Henry TrikeLife's channel, but if not, it's worth a look also.
  10. I notice the military guys were the first to run away from the scene.
  11. Its amazing how much damage an airliner can take and still keep flying.