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  1. I can only echo the comments of "Так недоставайся же никому!!!)))"
  2. Thanks for the info. That's a sleek looking aeroplane ?
  3. Love the quote The tourist company's owner said their planes became bogged as many as three times a week and the incident would be blown out of proportion by "drunken fishermen" posting photos online. Mr Geltch said the images and varying reports circulating on social media were "a pain in the arse". "Unfortunately, there are a lot of drunken fishermen along the island at the moment and a thousand photos will be posted online and I'm going to have the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Australian Transport Safety Bureau ringing me," he said.
  4. I emailed RAA with some of these concerns but haven't heard back. Are they any more responsive by phone?
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. It seems I have a lot to learn. So to recap, there are three ways of registering a home build or kit build aircraft; VH experimental amateur built - managed by SAAA Recreational Amateur built e.g. 19-xxxx rego - through RAA LSA - if it meets the LSA requirements? Who managed an LSA build? Is it the same process as amateur built with technical counsellors etc.? Please feel free to correct any of the above, I'm trying to get the big picture.
  6. I'm looking for help to clarify the position for LSA build and registration in Australia. Currently looking at beginning a build of a SPA Panther LSA. It's a single seat aluminium kit build from Florida USA, that meets the US LSA rules (according to the website). As I see it my options are to build under the SAAA or the RAA. If I go with SAAA I can register the Panther as a VH amateur built experimental? Is that correct? If I go with RAA, it would be registered 55-xxxx. Correct? So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each direction. I got my GFPT years ago and haven't flown since the nineties. I would prefer to go the route of a recreational licence, but would see no great problems either way. But I would like to keep the cost of flying down. Thanks in advance. Rob
  7. The ignore function is the best way to deal with trolls. They crave attention apparently, so without that they just fade away. Even if they don't, then at least I don't have to listen to them ?
  8. Fly Away Home is on 76 tonight. A feelgood aviation related story.
  9. Nice article, thanks for posting. As pilot Ive only landed at the same airstrip I took off from, so from that perspective I don't have that feeling of arriving at some exotic destination. Take off is a magical moment, and it escapes me why more people don't learn to fly. Generations past longed to have this privilege that we take for granted. Landings are more technical and challenging, but fun in a different way. Trying to balance the plane against the winds and wobbles of the air as you paint the piano keys or the end of the airstrip on your windscreen. A good landing is deeply satisfying. There are other aspects to flight though. For a glider pilot, getting a thermal or lift and gaining 2000' or 3000' and another fifteen or twenty minutes of flight is a wonderful feeling. On good days, you can stay aloft all day and descend only when you're too tired or hungry or sated to continue. Some of Balleka's videos are inspirational. Then there's the whole aspect of flying around and seeing the beauty of the planet unfold beneath you. Check out Henry Trike Life's beautiful scenic flights.
  10. w3stie


  11. w3stie

    Why I don't fly now

    Sorry to hear about this. Time and money were the reasons I stopped flying - you know, got my licence in my early thirties but a young growing family and career pushed the flying out of the picture. Now the kids are grown I've been thinking about getting back to sport aviation and maybe getting my RAA licence. When I read stories like yours it makes me think I should act before its too late for me. But I now have full time caring responsibilities fro my wife, who has MS, so money is once again a problem. Maybe we both need to look into computer flying as an alternative?
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