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  1. Nice article, thanks for posting. As pilot Ive only landed at the same airstrip I took off from, so from that perspective I don't have that feeling of arriving at some exotic destination. Take off is a magical moment, and it escapes me why more people don't learn to fly. Generations past longed to have this privilege that we take for granted. Landings are more technical and challenging, but fun in a different way. Trying to balance the plane against the winds and wobbles of the air as you paint the piano keys or the end of the airstrip on your windscreen. A good landing is deeply satisfying. There are other aspects to flight though. For a glider pilot, getting a thermal or lift and gaining 2000' or 3000' and another fifteen or twenty minutes of flight is a wonderful feeling. On good days, you can stay aloft all day and descend only when you're too tired or hungry or sated to continue. Some of Balleka's videos are inspirational. Then there's the whole aspect of flying around and seeing the beauty of the planet unfold beneath you. Check out Henry Trike Life's beautiful scenic flights.
  2. Here's a look back at 1966
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  4. w3stie

    Why I don't fly now

    Sorry to hear about this. Time and money were the reasons I stopped flying - you know, got my licence in my early thirties but a young growing family and career pushed the flying out of the picture. Now the kids are grown I've been thinking about getting back to sport aviation and maybe getting my RAA licence. When I read stories like yours it makes me think I should act before its too late for me. But I now have full time caring responsibilities fro my wife, who has MS, so money is once again a problem. Maybe we both need to look into computer flying as an alternative?
  5. Beautiful craft. I wouldn't want to stick my elbow out the pax window though!
  6. These ideas are hard to hold on to in this internet age. Clever people in China are beavering away, as we speak, to bring the same product to market without paying any royalties or fees. Count on it. While this may result in the product being brought to market quickly and cheaply, it will also introduce chinglish misspellings etc., that whilst hilarious, may not offer much in the way of health advice. In fact I foresee a whole new market of gag or novelty health advice warnings including : Do not treat, I always look like this, Allergic to plasma, must be given alcohol, and so on.
  7. Also, I posted a link to your build to the ozclubbies forum - that's the car building forum for lotus 7 type cars.
  8. Keep up the updates Baz, this is fascinating to me. There are guys on youtube with millions of followers who don't have half the creative output as you.
  9. I was 93 kg, dropped to 74 kg from quitting drinking, no other changes. I've reached a plateau now though, and probably need to cut out the cakes and biscuits if I want to get under 70 kg. But that's a big if ;) I went shopping for a jumper for the cooler weather, just wandering around vacantly at Lowes menswear. A lovely young shop assistant came and politely advised me I was looking in the Big Guys section, and I should find what I want in the regular sizes. Yes!
  10. It looks like a broken toy lying there. Here it is in happier days
  11. Beautiful photo! Thanks for posting.
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