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  1. Yep ,as the old saying goes “on a wing and a prayer”........ Bob
  2. Flying Baptist minister Paul White thanks God for plane crash survival Geof Parry7News Perth January 10, 2019 8:50PM TOPICS WA NewsRegional WAAviationKimberleyReligion and BeliefDisaster and Emergency A WA bush chaplain is thanking God for his miracle survival after an outback plane crash. The Baptist minister and pilot crash landed in rough country in Queensland. His plane was destroyed but he walked away. Derby pilot Paul White has God on his side. Which is just as well because when his plane crashed in Queensland on Monday he needed all the help he could get. “I think the Lord used a dozen angels up on me yesterday and I’m just very thankful to be alive,” said Pastor White who has lived and spread the gospel in the Kimberley for much of his life. Earlier this week he was flying across the Queensland outback in his Australian made Jabiru two-seater aircraft. “When the fan stops at the front you know something has gone wrong and that’s when a pilot starts to sweat,” he said. With thousands of hours of flying experience Pastor White knew what he had to do. The ground was heavily wooded and finding somewhere to land was not going to be easy. “I weaved between the trees as much as I could,” he said. “There was a big tree (that) took one wing out. The plane spun around did a catapult over and it stopped.” The crew from a rescue chopper were expecting the worst when they arrived overhead and winched a crewman down to the wreck. But Pastor White, a grandfather to 10, survived with just some cuts and bruises and is recuperating before heading home for a reunion with his wife. The call to her after the crash the hardest moment. “There was one bar on the phone working and I made that horrible call to my wife. That’s the difficult time once you land,” he said. Pastor White plans to return to Derby and continue flying with Kingdom Air, the flying ministry he runs to provide pastoral services to remote Aboriginal communities. “Being a man of faith and loving the Lord and a Baptist minister and full-time chaplain I naturally give all the credit to God I look at that plane and I shouldn’t be alive,” he said.
  3. ....... and quite clearly a J 230 ...... Bob
  4. “ Jabiru can advise that we have recovered the aircraft from the Mundubbera forest that was involved in Tuesday's accident. We can now confirm that there was insufficient fuel for flight on board. You can see by the photo below how intact the cabin remained around the pilot, which is testimony to the crash worthy design features of the Jabiru.” The pilot walked away with only minor scratches.
  5. biggles

    What`s Happening???

    Hey Frank , what about saving some of these chicks for when I get there ..... Bob
  6. Or.. there’s always the scenic coastal route via Kilmore Gap before turning left down the Valley. The Power Plants are usually visible some 50 nm. distant , then onto Cowarr and D353 ( if airspace active ) onto YBNS. All good flat grazing country to YBNS. We can arrange overnight accom in the club rooms if req., then an easy 40 nm.scenic coastal to YORB. with another 50 nm.or so to Mallacoota ( flat and timbered with the beach as an option ) ...... Bob
  7. biggles

    Clearing a fouled plug

    Any EGT indication ? ...... Bob
  8. Headline said “aircraft plummeted” ...... further adding to the ‘confusion’ .... Bob 😪
  9. ............... there, but for the grace of God, go I . Bob
  10. It’s all good . Just tap on the thumbnails and they automatically enlarge ..... Bob
  11. Apple IPads have tracked the Glonass satellites in addition to the US system (GPS) to improve accuracy for many years now. ... Bob
  12. Here’s your new VNC Yenn . Not sure if it’s any assistance though. ...... Bob http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/pending/aipchart/vnc/Rockhampton_VNC_08NOV2018.pdf
  13. Yes, a bit like “ infotainment” systems in today’s motor vehicles ! ..... Bob
  14. biggles

    Plane crash near Stawell

    This would’ve done him Don . Had her for 10 years until recently. A real chic magnet, but he can have the MG plates cheap if required ......Bob
  15. This strip is located a few km’s North of the Port Douglas/Cook Hwy turnoff. Nothing doing when I called in a few months ago, but seems to cater for mainly trikes and home of Port Douglas Microlights .... Bob BTW Frank here is that 3.5 croc we recently saw in the Russell and one your good self ..B