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  1. Given the source here is the Betoota Advocate, I'm not sure that's the actual case. A Saratoga would be much more of a handfull wheraas a Cherokee could be touched quite accurately. Giveaway is probably the tyre marks and estimated cost of $millions to remove the marks. I don't think you'd be applying the brakes up there.
  2. Thanks, I'll have a further look at that; we had a similar case in NSW to the Action Paintball case several years after the event when the person was told he could sue, and one of the things that went against us was that the operator hadn't pointed out that even though the recreational event had significant risk, he should also have advised the plaintiff he could sue if the defendant was negligent (a safety fence gave way because cables were not attached in the correct way). So there can be some twists and turns. You're right about some of them where the Insurance Companies opt to
  3. I think it was tightened up after someone did a touch and go on the top.
  4. I'll read the NSW Civil Liability Act, and I'd be interested if you can point me towards the amendments you are talking about, but I can assure you, having lost a few million dollars for our insurance company that I quickly learned to put a light outside a toilet block if it's in a car park, join safety fence cables in accordance with best industry practice, aim a fire extinguisher at the seat of the flames, and not around the airways of a race driver, saving his life, never to use race cars for a promo at a shopping centre without a safety fence and catch fence, never to conduct an event with
  5. .......was about to take off as the Millennials (#) changed theircollective fads once again, and this time swerved away from Lattes which had attracted older people (those born before 1980), to juices. In a stroke of genius, bull named his product "bull's pizz"; the Millennials tested each other what pizz meant and how the juice was an acquired taste, and sales started to move. They nearly died again when bull's marketing department adopted CRM and sent a text to every Millennial asking how there experience was, and offering to sell them bull's pizz arthritis remedy, a
  6. It's actually a routine procedure; the plaintiff sues the Pilot's Estate. The plaintiff has to prove that a duty of care was owed and breached and in doing that it's not required that the PIC is alive; in fact most defendants who are alive don't talk on legal advice. There are also penalties, where the defendant has taken action to remove assets for just such a case as this. Sometime people say they can do what they like, it's their life but if someone else is disadvantaged in a subsequent accident, there will be a claim. A typical example of tis is where the husband was f
  7. Public Liability - With See and Avoid the Duty of Care is totally with the PIC, legals are clear and risk to authorities is minimal.
  8. ......there was no doubt that Moderator 17 had adulterated the Quince juice with W.A "hard" water, and it tasted like ...............
  9. Like this? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2840247/The-obvious-message-dont-drive-plane-street-Pilot-drove-small-aircraft-pub-fined.html
  10. .......employed Moderator 17. Turbo turned white Salty turned white Loxie turned white (but said he would return to Feiry Red) OT turned white Cappy turned [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] expunged for historical reasons; ASIO 233342563746B bull wondered what he'd done now...............................
  11. They may well pick up ideas from the forums because a lot of good ideas are put forward, I visited a CASA office once to get accurate iinformation of a forum dialogue and about ten of them knew all about it and there was great amusement at the battle. That also exposes us when we talk crap or criticise CASA for an ASA regulation etc, or rail against theses administrative bodies when it's a Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. Today, when we walk into a Car Parts facility, all we have to do is give our Registration Number, and the sales
  12. .....trick. bull was Landed Gentry now, the owner of a Quince plantatio stretching as far as the eye could see. OT looked across at Turbo as the Challender started to let down into Vegas. "Appreciate the help Old Chap" he said "I thought I was broke there for a minute. bull went looking for the Marketing Manager of his new company, and finally found...............
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