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  1. ........I've never heard of any of those people. Are they members of Collingwood football Club? "Lydia Thorp is a swimmer I think" said Turbo trying to be helpful "Her brother is Ian Thorp." Everyone had forgotten about flying, just as they have on the other threads, so Turbo dragged out his 1953 Auster J3. He had found a way to start it by himself, by looping a rope over the prop, hitching the rope to the collar of his draught mare Betsy, and shooting Betsy in the bum with the 410 once he was ready. There was no need to yell out for Betsy to stay clear because she was in the next d
  2. .......which read "Austria has just announced it will legalise the supply of Quoaker meat in order to feed homeless people and assist them buy affordable homes. Nobushi was inducted into the Maori Hall of Fame, had his own Haka created for him including a few "Banzais!", and given a lifelong unemployment pension. Turbo decided not to go ahead with cat meat venture, but to expand into furs, where the spare meat provided food for the cats before they became spare meat. He named the fur products PUSY, and ran ads saying "Wear a PUSY around your neck every day" and the market exploded wi
  3. .........mutton birds in season. Mutton Birds have very interesting flight characterisics [avref] using dihedral to fly low to the water without being blown wing-first into a wave of icy water. Nevertheless, low flight has its consequences and from time to time they fly into a wave or cliff. The cliff usually produces a definite result, but to cope with the more frequent flying into waves the birds build up a heavy layer of fat. According to Tasmanians, when roasted over an open fire they taste like mutton, but for mainlanders they taste like ........
  4. [..........six of Turbo's posts deleted due to questioning Mod 17's use of commas and colons ..........Moderator17] Although Turbo couldn't get his friend bull off the hook, he thought the moderator was heavy handed, given that bull is now forced to live in Tasmania, eat in restaurants which close at six and only have things like "Ploughman's Lunch, pastie and eggs, fried bread, jellied eels, and .......
  5. ....withering description of [unacceptable personal reference - Mod 17] and recommended Cappy go and [could upset some people - Mod 17]. Turbo understood where Mod 17 was coming from, and hopefull he would return there sooner raher than later agreed to change his description to 150 mm from the mean stabiliser chord line, in order to .........
  6. ......aft fuselage in the upper.....................
  7. ....a week every month listening to the wonderful stories of adventure and checking out the latest toilet cleaners. We can't say who it is, but one of the main forum complainers goes under the name Capitan, and he is the loudest complainer of the lot, having almost brought Toyota to its knees with complaints about the weak spots of the Land Cruiser. Jack Absalom might have been able to cook a roast in a saucepan on the exhaust manifold but Capitan can tell you where every manifold crack starts and every noise............
  8. .....wad of notes would be required because it had glass slippers and one had cracked off, and ..........
  9. ....off road caravan suspension where you proudly leave the city after spending th $80,000.00 which included the 15 minute outback training module. You get to Broken Hill from Sydney and notice in the Mirror that the front window is at an angle, pulls into the Bunnings size Caravan Centre with the “City Drivers Welcome” sign you be told......
  10. ....being of Scottish origin, he had never worn knickers, and wouldna ever. Cappy had painted himself into a hole, so he vowed to walk throughout the land until he found someone who was size 46 and would admit to having worn them. Turbo pointed out this had been done before with glass slippers but ............
  11. .... in Cappy's letterbox. 'That XXXX" said Dan "I gave him private briefing meetings, but he blurted out the secrets after every one, so I've had to feed him BS at every meeting since. This sounded very familiar to Turbo who was still smarting after Cappy let out the secret that he was the one that hung his girlfriends nickers from the flagpole at the local High School, and ................ Turbo would like to inform NES viewers with that photo of Dan Andrews (above) The photo had nothing to do with smugness; Turbo had just told Dan that Cappy's fly was undone, and
  12. ......Ant Trap story. Turbo looked at Dan with a pained expresson "I told you never to talk about the Ant Trap" he said "Why won't you talk about the Ant Trap?" asked Dan "There you go again, don't mention it! It got you the Belts and Roads money didn't it" "Well yes" said Dand and despite his best efforts his top lip slipped over the bottom one and began to quiver. "The Ant Trap is not an Ant Trap; it picks up all communications from the Chinese Navy to the leaders in Beijing, translates from Mandarin, and cross references the times and subjects. We know
  13. ....streamlined teeth, and I've got a spare Jab 3300, so all we need to do is make a harness to strap it on and you'll be off with the fairies [LoxieRef]. Dan looked a bit doubtful. "This sounds like another.............."
  14. .....skyrocket. And using this information Turbo, on his return from the Spratleys with the Corsair safely parked in its hangar, ant trap topped up, and passing sea traffic recorded, was able to update ASIO on the current state of the Indo M. and then ............
  15. ..........nuts [avref] rattle around unless they are loctited on. Cappy turned his attention to bull again, and what to do about the joyride in the Corsair which even now was risking the life of Turbo who was following the Avmap line from Australia to the Spratleys, and was currently climing up the side of a 15'000 foot mountain somewhere in New Guinea, faithfully keeping to that 6'8" agl. It was going to be one hell of a ride down the other side he thought, but just then......... [Re Turbo's use of the word Ond; NES readers should have not fear, it's merely the latest
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