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  1. The fact that we are all here and posting on this subject means that whatever method we are or have been using is working well for us individually so keep the good work up. It would be a very boring place if we all did the same thing. Ozrunways works great for me and I too have flown over many remote areas within Australia. Do I trust it 100% I would like to say yes but reality is I have it on more than 1 device and also have an installed GPS and a small portable GPS.This works for me and I am happy to continue with this option. I will be doing a flight in June which will take me across the centre of Oz and up to Longreach and back to Perth so I will let you know if I find any issues with my chosen navigation aides. Cheers
  2. I guess when the report is completed the facts will come out. As today was the day of the funeral maybe it is time to let the family and friends grieve for a while. Best wishes to all that knew these two gentlemen RIP
  3. I feel for the people who have to investigate these tragedies then advise the family of what happened, that must be hard. The only winners out of this can be anyone else who has the same aircraft and this kicks them into gear to fix the problem before any more incidents. A sad result for aviation
  4. Kununurra


    Write yourself a few phrases that you will use regularly from taxi, take off, departure and arrival, practice them regularly and it will become second nature. If you have an apple iPad or phone get the app live ATC and listen to aircraft at different airports, after a while you will g3t confident don’t give up just practice when you get an opportunity
  5. Kununurra

    Just saying "Hi"

    Welcome, There is certainly plenty of interesting post here so I am sure you will enjoy the forum. Cheers
  6. Kununurra

    Birdsville Again

    West to East went quickly coming back it was a bit bumpy for a while so we climbed up to avoid the bumps and the headwind hit us, all in all it was a great trip very enjoyable
  7. Kununurra

    Birdsville Again

    I found out this morning that I picked up the prize for flying the furtherest distance to Birdsville this year - Bindoon Hills to Birdsville happy days
  8. Kununurra

    Freddie from Brisbane

    Welcome enjoy your journey Cheers
  9. Kununurra

    Birdsville Again

    Hi JG, I was also in YBDV, I flew in Thursday & left Monday. It was a very windy day for arrival on Thursday with a strong X-Wind blowing on our arrival. We tracked from Bindoon (Perth) to Kalgoorlie-Forrest -William Creek -Birdsville, coming back we went direct to Coober Peedy - Forrest-Kalgoorlie-Albany, West to East great tailwinds at 9,500 around 35-40kts. Cheers
  10. Kununurra

    Trip north

    Cliff, yeah he is a top bloke, he said drop over anytime
  11. Kununurra

    Coominya crash

    Why buy a lotto ticket when you have just used up all of your luck. Wish the pilot a speedy recovery
  12. Kununurra

    New member

  13. Kununurra

    Hello All

    Hi Geoff is yours an RV7A or a 7? Nice aircraft
  14. Kununurra

    Passed BAK Exam

    Great work enjoy the journey