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  1. Not quite, we have stayed there a couple of times and been joined by travellers driving also. But I agree in saying that it is a great place to stop either to stay overnight or order ahead for a lunch or morning/afternoon tea. There is some great art around the property and a museum with history of the early days of Forrest.
  2. Grenfell, legislation ignored and look at the outcome. Childers, charges were laid with a conviction which was a great outcome given the worst fire in QLD history. BAL-are set to protect Western Australians not make it harder for them. It is the firefighters who race into these buildings when people run out of them, so if we can provide another level of protection for our volunteer firefighters then I support it. In terms of public liability which this thread is about in your references the public is liable for their own safety and legislation is there to protect them.
  3. Got any glaring examples of this statement Onetrack. “The fire protection industry has boomed in recent years, aided by more and more Govt legislation and ever-tightening rules. The income for companies assisting businesses to comply with those ever-tighter fire rules and regulations is predicted to double in the 5 yrs between 2015 and 2020.” Not sure what your reference is here but just thought I would mention two incidents that occurred to assist you in understanding why change is required but has not yet happened. Lacrosse “Melbourne” Grenfell “UK” Happy to hear your side of your statement to validate where you think we have seen legislation & ever- tightening rules have any impact.
  4. As a back up to my OzRunways, I use a Garmin Aera 500. although it is a backup I run it all the time. It is a great tool & provides peace of mind for me. It has all of the functions of many of the larger GPS and has not let me down. I have had Garmin devices for many years in boating and as a navigator in the car before the fancy smart phones hit the market. It is a cheap investment in peace of mind if you have the spare cash, if not loading OzRunways on your wife’s phone and also yours is plenty of backup also. Cheers
  5. until

    Looks like the shire is not missing anyone with the fees this year
  6. Welcome Anthony, you will find this forum very informative. cheers
  7. I stopped there last year on my way to the Birdsville Races. Friendly staff who couldn’t do enough for you. The only hassle as no Telstra service, had to buy an Optus SIM card.
  8. Kununurra


  9. Hi Geoff RV7, when you say you are just stretching your wings do you mean your instructor is about to put you through some cross country training or have you already completed all of your training? i have an RV7A and it is a great cross country aircraft. Plenty of speed, plenty of range & a pleasure to fly. cheers
  10. All the best for the build ? hope the drought doesn’t arrive before you finish. cheers
  11. Welcome Rob, I found that it was either a time or money thing. You either had the time & not the money, or you had the money & not the time. I hope it works for you as it is a great adventure & feeling of freedom ?
  12. Hi L & D & welcome to the forum which I am sure you will enjoy. Looks like you have been around aviation for a while and I bet have seem some changes and not just the cost of flying. You mentioned you would like “Australia to really step up to the table and embrace aviation“ we always hear about problems in every day life but not enough solutions. Have you got a topic to kick off some discussion on how we go about doing just that. Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts. Cheers
  13. Welcome back Marc, Sounds like your ready to get your wings again & do some exploring. Good luck with your training. Cheers
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