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    RAAus registered 19-3763. Lightweight Maxair Drifter with some updates. Total time 409 hrs. Great performance. Two seat, dual control. Long range fuel capacity 60 litres. Rotax 503 DCDI with "B" reduction box and Ivo "Quick Adjust" prop. Engine time 234 hrs SMOH. Prop 409 hrs. Microair radio/intercom. Always hangered, regularly flown package with headsets, goggles, freezer suits, and many spares. Home built by the present owner in 2002. During the last few years all control cables have been replaced, new battery, new carby sockets and air filter, new fuel and breather hoses. Would consider a trade, with cash adjustment, for an unfinished project...…..or an unstarted one too. Contact Mike Holloway 0402935017 or [email protected] . Make an offer! Located in Temora, NSW.

    12,990.00 AUD

    Temora, New South Wales - AU

  2. mikeh


    Hi John, Narromine 2007 and 2008 it would have been..........my navigation never was that good! Nice to talk to you again. Cheers Mike
  3. mikeh


    Hi Dazza, Yes I've seen the strip, let me know when you've won lotto and I'll call in for a beer! Cheers Mike
  4. mikeh


    Hi John, I have seen a Bush Caddy a couple of times at Narromine, it looked pretty good and its owner was very happy with it. I didn't catch his name but have a feeling he was from Qld. Please don't tell me it was you! There is a long story about the lack of use of the clubhouse which a few of us are trying to correct. The rest of the facility rolls along pretty well most of the time though. Keep an eye out for chutes and gliders in the area when passing. After I finished building the Drifter I said "Never Again" but am really enjoying this one. When it flies I'll need to decide whether to build another or build a house...........I've never done a house before. Cheers Mike
  5. mikeh


    Hi Facthunter, Aiming to fit an 0-320, and expect to use the Murphy tailwheel that came with the kit. I need to keep it VERY light.
  6. mikeh


    Thanks dazza. Hangar space at Tyagarah has always been difficult to near impossible. The best approach is to visit often and ask around, a space comes up occaisionally but you need to be on the spot. Cheers Mike
  7. Hi all, Just finished my first post in just landed. I'm about half way through building a Murphy Rebel and hope to fly it before Xmas. ( My mate rebuilding a Tiger Moth says his will fly before xmas too, but won't say which xmas!) Just wanted to say hi and see if there is anyone else out there buildind a Rebel or similar. Cheers Mike
  8. mikeh


    Hi All, Haven't posted here before. I finished building a Drifter about 8 years ago and still fly it. I've started building a Murphy Rebel and hope to fly it before Xmas. I got my ultralight license at about 50 years of age and Chuck Yeager is right, there are no natural pilots! At least not living at my place.I found an extra coffee before lessons was a help, but not always the complete solution. Building both has been a learning curve, as well as flying the Drifter. I think flying the Murphy will be another learning experience. Are there any other Murphy builders/flyers out there? Cheers Mike