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  1. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Yeah! I`ve been in the water with them many times in my life and I`ve always wondered how many times one or more of them were eying me off, never been threatened by any though! There was a large one about 50 mt, upstream, from where we had to get out of the tinnie and onto the bank, to work on the cable! I think we were on it`s resting spot, didn`t bother us though! The Croc spotting boat pulled up to show the tourists. Crocks need to be taken seriously! It`s now two years and one month since Warren Hughs, a friend, and a guy I`d been spearfishing with several times, was bitten on the head and killed by a Croc, while he was spearfishing... I took this photo, from the road, just up the road from home here, at Deeral.
  2. farri

    What`s Happening???

    As I got a private message from SSCBD wondering what has happened to me because I havn`t been posting my usual photos, I can assure everyone I`m safe and well and still flying. The weather up here has been terrible for weeks on end, with strong wind and heavy rain but I`ve been getting some solo flying in, when it`s eased off a bit! We currently have reasonable weather today and tomorrow but rain and wind is supposed to start up again on Friday so I`ll probably go up again for a quickie, this afternoon. Looking South, with Fishery Falls ahead and below. Sunn going down over Mt Bellenden Ker! Yesterday I was up at the Daintree Village, helping to lay a phone line across the Daintree River, spotted this beaut little waterfall on the bank of the River, took the photos from my Tinnie! Franco.
  3. https://www.9news.com.au/2019/03/20/14/46/south-australia-helicopter-crash-pilot-killed-near-woomera
  4. G`Day, to you also spenaroo and !!! Rode a motorbike for years, couldn`t see myself ever being without one! The Drifter does it all for me these days!
  5. .......As I`ve got dual controls on the Drifter, on my preflight briefing, I always tell the ladies not to close their legs on the stick!!!......Now! back to the footwear!
  6. Click on picture to expand.
  7. farri

    What`s Happening???

    This is what happened at Deeral today! Perfect Drifter flying conditions so fly we did! Recreational aviation just doesn`t get any better than this!!! This morning. This afternoon...Sarah and Tanja, both from Germany! Franco.
  8. farri


    Big Guy! Glad you decided to join this Forum!........Cheers...Franco
  9. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of taking Tony Lanzi up in the Drifter for his first Ultralight flight! Next was to be Matthew, our eldest Grand-Son and a 13-year-old boy who Matt mentors at school, but unfortunately, just as they arrived mother nature unleashed a Thunder Storm that would have been the equivalent of a category 1 cyclone! it knocked out the power to 250 homes in the Babinda area, fortunately, we have a standby generator so we didn`t have to sit in the dark for several hours! The current forecast is for fine with very little wind for all of this week which is great but "MAN! IS IT HOT AND HUMID!" Tony Lanzi is a very experienced pilot who owns and flies a 1981, RG 182 Cessna,Turbo, currently based at Innisfail aerodrome...I met Tony for the first time,yesterday. Franco.
  10. https://updatetrendynews.com/mini-helicopter-crashes-into-the-ocean-near-capel-in-western-australias-south-west/
  11. Only a fool would believe their engine would never fail, regardless of make!
  12. farri

    What`s Happening???

    G`Day Don! Rain, Rain, More Rain, Then! Even More Rain! and it`s not finished yet! Following a very dry year for this part of the country, the dry ended in mid December... We`ve been flooded in twice already this year and it`s only the beginning of February and the Cyclone season doesn`t end till the end of April. I`ve had to bring the Drifter up to higher ground here at the house for the second time! it was tied down here for the best part of last week...This morning there was a break in the rain and the wind so I decided to go for a fly! I had to use the strip up at the house here but nothing stops the grass growing and I havn`t been able to mow it so it was fairly high but not a problem! I landed back on the other one and put the Drifter back in the shed but I don`t know for how long it will be there as that low that`s been flooding so many areas of North Queensland is expected to last at least another week. Franco.
  13. http://lightsportaircraftpilot.com/airventure2010/23.html?fbclid=IwAR2xDqfqlddC_ND_mE_XeG8c-ziz4tmT9c9qravssSDEKJyhynWcdUKEJUg
  14. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Hey Todd (bunyips)! good to know you`re still around!!! Been doing any flying? Floats?????
  15. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Yesterday morning, big Jimmy,(previous flight) turned up with his friend Ron! Jimmy had told Ron about the two flights he`d had with me and Ron was keen to see what it was all about. Ron is the first passenger I`ve had who chose to wear his Motorcycle helmet, that was fine with me but I did explain that in the event of a heavy landing the helmet could cause severe neck injuries. Back on the ground, usual question from Me, " First impression! what did you think of the flight?" Ron, "Great but I forgot to press the record button, for the Video". Ah well! you win some you lose some! Ron reckons he`ll be back so hopefully next time he`ll remember to press the record button. Franco, Ps, Before anyone jumps up and down about the Camera, I`ll make it clear that I allow anyone to take a Camera, provided it is secured in a manner that is safe. Pps, Big Jimmy is determined to lower his MTOW!