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  1. farri

    What`s Happening???

    This afternoon I had the pleasure of taking Teagan Stemp for her first Ultralight flight! Teagan`s Mum, Lynne, has flown with me several times and Teagan`s Dad, Andrew, has also! today, Teagan wanted to see what Drifter flying is all about. For me, there`s no better reward in recreational flying than for a mother to bring her only Daughter to fly with me.....Lynne is a good friend of ours and a Deeral local....Samantha is Lynne`s Daughter-in-law. Franco.
  2. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-20/small-plane-missing-northern-nsw-foster-murwullimbah/11534154
  3. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/missing-nsw-plane-found-crashed-in-forest-west-of-coffs-harbour/news-story/26b1065ad59955b164023a27f9cb2a99 Franco.
  4. farri

    What`s Happening???

    I`ve had an interesting morning today! I had a meeting with some members of "Land Care", here on our property, to find a way to repair some serious erosion on the bank of the Mulgrave River, adjoining our property, at the end of the site inspection , I was asked if I would take Lisa (the group coordinator) to see it from the air, I said "absolutely", to which I was asked, "when"? my answer, " right now"! Back on the ground, I asked my usual question, " First impression of the flight, what did you think and what do you think now"? with a great sense of pride she replied, "I loved it! It`s the bravest thing I`ve done in a long time!" my reply, " Give yourself a great big pat on the back"! Franco. Ps, I met Lisa for the first time, this morning.
  5. Nope! but I do remember Lee Wakeland doing what I considered a perfect loop, in Pat McGrath`s Thruster, at 500` over my property, back in the eighties! I was flying my home built and Lee was just off my right wing! Franco.
  6. farri

    What`s Happening???

    From the Drifter, at 5,000 feet amsl this afternoon! No! it wasn`t after last light! it was 5.40...………. Franco.
  7. farri

    Drifter Pics

  8. Goodonya Michael... Brilliant!!! I did a fair bit of flying in the Zenith CH 750 when it was based here, I`d love to fly yours...Cheers and all the best with it.
  9. G`Day Anthony, ! There was a guy flying one from Mundoo aerodrome, south of Innisfail, don`t know if he still does though! ..... I`ve been flying from my property here at Deeral since the mid-eighties and I still fly regularly, if you`re ever in the Cairns area come in and say G`Day! you might even get a fly with me in the Drifter... Cheers.
  10. farri

    What`s Happening???

    The guy on the left is Don Burnell, a good mate of mine! Don and I go right back to the late mid eighties, early days of the AUF, when both of us were members of the 'Far North Queensland Ultralight Association'...Don originally flew gliders, wanted to have a go at the Drifter with me, was hooked, and went on to obtained his AUF pilot certificate when I was instructing... Don flew my Drifter in those days, sometimes taking his Gliding mate, Kevin Sedgeman , ( Kevin was a Gliding CFI ) in the back seat with him, up to the Atherton Tablelands. Don has late stage four Prostate Cancer and may not have many more flying days left! due to his health he hadn`t flow for a number of years so todays flight was extra special for both of us! I took him out over High Island and when we got back he was quite emotional telling me he felt he was in heaven while we were up there! he also told me when the final day comes, he wants me to scatter his ashes, from the Drifter, over my strip here! I told him it will be a privilege. Leo is a good mate of Don`s and this was his first Ultralight flight! I took Leo out over High Island also! he was extremely impressed with the flight and the Drifter. Franco. Ps, Don gave me permission to write about his Cancer.
  11. farri

    Drifter Pics

    In that case sandman, here`s mine to help the page along! Franco.
  12. farri

    Drifter Pics

    The Drifter looks great, sandman!!! it looks like you don`t need to mow the grass often and you have plenty of runway in any direction! Our area has had around 3,500 m/m of rain so far this year and plenty more to come! this is what it looks like here at Deeral.
  13. "It can also speed to a major blaze and return rapidly for refuelling. Last week, the plane was deployed to help Tasmania cope with its dozens of bushfires, reloading with water at Hobart airport".
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