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  1. farri

    What`s Happening???

    I took these photos from the Drifter this afternoon! In the photo on the left, the white dot on the right at the top end of the fire, is my Drifter shed... I went Croc spotting on the weekend! Took this photo from my Tinnie Franco.
  2. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Absolutely! Always lungs full...…..😂
  3. farri

    What`s Happening???

    From The Drifter, this afternoon!!!
  4. Oh Dear!!!.How embarrassing...…..Very sorry …..Not knowing the details, I Read the report but overlooked the date...Ah well...Thank you, Jason!...More careful next time...Cheers everyone...Franco.
  5. I don`t know anymore than what is reported here! https://www.cairnspost.com.au/news/cairns/man-walks-away-after-plane-crash-landing-in-ingham/news-story/f49df181e707289baf752c93e062165c
  6. Superglue to make a needle! Great idea!!!
  7. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Must be time you come back, then, Bernie!!! If you do, come and say G`Day, might be able to go Drifter flying together... Cheers... Franco.
  8. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Looking down on Babinda, this afternoon!
  9. Hi Jack, You impress me greatly! I sincerely hope you and your mate achieve your dream...All the very best to both of you! Franco.
  10. A guy I instructed way back when went on to become a commercial Helicopter pilot and instructor...This day he had a guy on board with him in his R22 Helicopter, something went wrong, he lost control and they fell onto the top of a fairly big tree then fell to the ground! result! R22 wiped out, both guys, moderate injuries! Had it not been for the tree, breaking their fall, it may have been a totally different outcome. Many years ago I read an article on surviving an in-flight engine failure in an Ultralight aircraft if you were over timbered land! It stated that you should pick the biggest, busiest, tree and fly straight into the middle of it, it also stated that you should carry a long rope for getting down from the tree.......Not for me, thank you!!! I`ll continue to fly within gliding distance of a suitable landing area! It has served me well in the past! Franco.
  11. farri

    What`s Happening???

    No need to worry Bob, I`m not much of feed for them! and in any case, a Croc can`t hurt you unless it bites you! ....Seriously though! as you can see in the photo ( Rhonda took the photo ) the Croc is trying to get away from us as fast as it can! A real possibility though is that a Croc sitting up on a high bank can launch it`s-self into the river when startled and you could end up with it in the boat if you`re too close to the bank. A few months ago I was Croc spotting with one of my neighbors, in his tinnie! we were going up a gully about twice the width of the tinnie and a Croc we were expecting to see further ahead in the lagoon, unexpectedly launched off a bank above us and only a couple of meters from the nose of the tinnie! That one could have landed in the boat had it waited another 15 seconds............... The only predictable thing about Crocodiles is they are unpredictable!!!!!!!!! Franco.
  12. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Well! For me! Flying just doesn`t get any better than this! Today started off with fairly marginal flying condition and these guys had to come from Palm Cove, one of the beaches north of Cairns! Andrew had to catch a plane out of Cairns at 6 pm to fly back home! It did look like the weather was going to improve so I told them if they were prepared to take the chance that it would, they could come down...The weather did improve and this is what happened... Bob is from Ireland!... It was a first-time Ultralight flight, for all of them and I reckon the photos say it all...Oh! Bob got to see a big Croc, lying on a sandbar in the Mulgrave River. Franco
  13. farri

    What`s Happening???

    The weather`s been crap for months now, strong wind and heavy rain with just some breaks in between long enough for me to do the lawn mowing and get a fly in...Today was one of those breaks in the weather so after spending most of the day trying to clean out my work shed, I finished off by going flying...I get that dark effect by shooting with the flash on. Franco.
  14. Hi Ian, I possibly could help but not sure I can do what you need...I`ve just purchased a new PC with windows10 and still have my other PC with XP online ( coming from Windows10 at the moment). Please tell me exactly what I need to do and what time of the day I need to do it.
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