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  1. farri

    This bloke's seen it all...

    WOW! Does he have some stories!!! I have a few myself! I did the scuba diving to retrieve a Drifter from the bottom, 12 meters down, in Lake Tinaroo! The pilot had a passenger on board, got it badly wrong and ended up in the lake beside some of his mates in a speedboat... I think you`ll get the picture. Franco. No! It wasn`t me in theDrifter! The pilot came to me for assistance.
  2. farri

    Lower your MTOW

    Better to try and avoid getting a damaged back than trying to get it fixed! At 15, I got the chance to go horse riding with a mate who had a couple of horses, I`d never been on a horse but me being me, I couldn`t let the chance go by! Horse let me get on ( Yeah! had a saddle and bridle ) and almost instantly, it took off at full gallop, no amount of pulling back on the bridle could stop it, it threw me high into the air and I landed, upside down on my neck and shoulders! I got up, dusted myself and that was that! To this day I`m still amazed that I din`t get a broken neck or killed. At 18, I reckoned motorbikes were easier to control than horses so I took up motorbike racing on short circuit dirt and grass track! This day I was practicing on grass, I got a bad front wheel wobble and the bike threw into the air, this time I came down, upside down, on my head and cracked the Helmet, again, I got up, picked the bike up and kept going! Who knows what long-term damage was done but it didn`t stop me from racing... Believe me! flying Ultralights has been one of the safest things I`ve done. When I was instructing, a big guy who was a truck driver, came to have a fly! He showed me the scar on his back from the operation he`d had on his spine, but what was really bothering him was the operation he was supposed to have next, on his neck...He told me that even though he`d been told by old truckies not to jump down from the cab he continued to do it and he reckoned that was what recked his spine. Frank, Franco!!!
  3. farri

    Lower your MTOW

    Nev, I`ve never let anything stop me doing anything I`ve really wanted to do in my life and I`m not about to change anytime soon!... Cheers...Oh!... I don`t own a motorbike anymore but I still hold an R class motorbike license and I`m still capable of riding! John, my neighbor up the road has 2 motorbikes and he wants me to go riding again with him, so I will.
  4. farri

    Lower your MTOW

    Nev, if by use you mean eat, In fact, I eat very few tomatoes, I enjoy growing them though but give most away. I started my working life at 14 years of age and I`ve had back problems most of my adult life due to the heavy lifting I`ve had to do on the numerous jobs I`ve had, no workplace health and safety on any of them, just did what I had to do at the time! Then there`s been the lifting of fertilizer bags, for many years, when I was farming, made a decision though, years ago, not to have surgery because if it wasn`t successful it could have made it a lot worse... Life goes on!!!
  5. There`s an old saying, "When the going get`s tough, the tough get going"! just 17 years of age, severely injured and she made it out!!!
  6. farri

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    I still believe! "It`s the dose that makes the poison"! This is not new but it has a lot of information... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/obesity-gene-discovery-could-lead-to-new-treatments/ Franco, Ps, I`ve just finished my cup of Coffee and it`s time to go for my push-bike ride! Back later!!!
  7. farri

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    Absolutely! http://www.obesity.ulaval.ca/obesity/generalities/genetic.php https://renewbariatrics.com/australia-obesity-statistics/ https://healthprep.com/weight-management/the-10-most-significant-causes-of-weight-gain-and-obesity/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=267593703&utm_content=1266637644955110&utm_term=obesity in england&msclkid=5f2edeca409a18caed338526a2d9b31d
  8. farri

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    My primary occupation has been Sugar Cane Farming and when I started out 55 years ago, you could be proud to call yourself a Cane Farmer! As the years went on Sugar became a dirty word and I became embarrassed to call myself a Sugar Cane Farmer! Eleven years ago at the age of sixty, I was able to just stop growing Sugar Cane without losing the property and so I did. I fully accept that Sugar in any form can be extremely bad for many people so for those it`s consumption should be reduced or discontinued altogether, however, there have been several products to try and replace Sugar, that could possibly be carcinogenic so it`s a good idea to get as much information as possible on any Sugar substitute.
  9. farri

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    I agree on both counts! The doctor at the Cairns Skin Cancer Clinic, where I go, told me he rides his push-bike, every day, from Machans Beach to his clinic in Lake street and back home in the evening! I told him he is a very brave man and all he said, "I know! I know! but you are braver than me" I have close to 3 acres of lawn to mow around the house here! over the weekend I bought a Toro 50 inch cut, zero turn mower but I still do a lot of the cutting around the gardens, with the Victa push mower... I try not to let the rot set in!... I often say to people, " I can still do what I do, because I still do what I do!" I often get asked by people I haven't seen for a for a while, " Do you still fly"?... My reply, " Yes I do! it`s the easiest thing I can do, these days!" ... Remember the old saying? " It takes all night to do what I used to do all night" Franco.
  10. Following on from Shafs64`s Thread, "Lowering Your MTOW", lets take a look at ways of not just lowering your MTOW, but trying to keep it down and I don`t mean by adding less fuel or baggage to the aircraft. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to switch my Computer on then go and put the kettle on for my big cup of sweet Coffee (Yeah! I know! not good! but it works for me!), I then come back to the Computer and while having my Coffee I check-out my facebook site and this site! Once that`s done, I get on my Push-bike ( yes! a couple of weeks ago I bought a Push-bike!) and push my 70kg weight around by cycling down to the far end of my main strip and back, a total of 1.4 km! that`s not far but it`s all grass and at this stage, it`s really taking me some effort, however, it`s got a little easier than when I started! If at the end of the day I`ve still got enough energy left, I do it again! Over a lifetime, I`ve found that the hardest thing to do is getting out of the comfort zone! By cycling, I`m hoping to be able to maint my 70kg weight, strengthen my legs, help my sore knees, maintain my balance and improve it, something we all need as we get older! My goal is to cycle 3 times a day and continue increasing the distance. So! What do you do? Be honest now!!! Franco.
  11. farri

    Lower your MTOW

    Obesity and Diabetes, type 1 and type 2 are very serious health issues and no joking matter! My above post was my attempt to show that for me, Sugar has never caused me to become Obese or Diabetic! I`ve always been very active and still am and I believe, energy in, energy out! I use up a lot of energy in my normal day. I would never, ever, recommend that anyone, do ANYTHING! that I do! I said it earlier! We are all individual and therefore need to find what works best for ourself.
  12. farri

    Lower your MTOW

    In my thirties, I was having a cup of coffee with a Doctor and when he saw me put 3 teaspoons of sugar into it, he told me that if I continued doing that I would develop Diabetes! Well, I did continue doing that! I`ve never had to diet and my weight has always remained around 70kg. On 01/01/19, I will turn 71 and I still don`t have any signs of Diabetes or Heart disease. I start my day with a big cup of Coffee, 3 teaspoons of sugar and these days also 2 teaspoons of condensed milk... On a bad day, I might have another 4 or 5 cups of black Coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugar in each! I don`t eat anything for breakfast, very rarely have lunch but have a moderate meal in the evening, so, basically, I`m doing it all wrong! This year I`ve had 2 blood tests by 2 different doctors and neither found anything wrong with my Kidneys or Liver, apparently, I`m going to live till I die... . We`re all individuals and what works for one may not work for another! I reckon it`s best to stick to whatever is needed and works for you. Franco.
  13. farri

    Lower your MTOW

    I`ve never had to be on any diet in my whole life and still don`t need to be! This site may be of assistance to someone... https://thebloodsugardiet.com/
  14. farri

    Lower your MTOW

    Yeah! Pretty much! but I`m not a big eater and I try to stay active... All the best with your new you!!!