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  1. farri

    What`s Happening???

    The only reason I need to go flying is that I want too and so I do! I also enjoy taking photos when I fly and sharing them with others on face book and on here, so here are some I took on this afternoons flight. Franco.
  2. farri

    Drifter For Sale!

    All things must come to an end and Ron Biondi has finally put his beloved Drifter, 'The Red Barron' up for sale! Ron will be 90 years old very shortly! the Drifter is registered and Ron is still legal to fly but he`s finding it just too hard to get in and out of and on top of that, I keep telling him " it`s better to retire from flying than to become a statistic". Ron was the first guy in the Cairns area to buy a Drifter from Austflight Aviation! it originally came out with twin seats and controls, but at the time it couldn`t be registered as such so to be legal it had to be registered under ANO 95-10, which meant the rear seat and controls had to come out. I got to fly that Drifter before Ron ( flown it several times over the years) as Ron hadn`t learned to fly yet, like me, he`d done a few hours in a Cessna and decided it wasn`t the way he wanted to fly! Franco, Ps, If interested, let me know and I`ll put you in touch with Ron or his daughter, Andrea Gregory.... For those on facebook, you`ll find details on Andrea Gregory`s post, dated, 8 November... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1419567688295037/
  3. farri

    What`s Happening???

    G`Day Mark, I didn`t think anyone on here would miss me! I`m as good as I`m ever going to be from here on, I`m still flying the Drifter, being me and sharing it with others!!! Hope all`s well with you and yours, also! hope to be able to take you Drifter flying with me some day. One of our regular family get-togethers, here at home, a couple of weekends ago and of course! there`s always someone who wants to fly and I`m happy to take them...Brookly, our 6-year-old Great-Grand-Daughter (her sixth flight with me)! Christy, our youngest Grand-Daughter and Keah, our first Grand-Daughter-In-Law. Little story about Keah…. Keah is the wife of Matthew Cheetham our eldest Grand-Son! When I first met Keah she was terrified of flying, so much so that she would be physically sick when she had to get into an aircraft so she found it almost impossible to even take a holiday somewhere she`d have to fly to! after seeing me taking others up in the Drifter and spending some time with me so I could explain a few principals of flight, she decided it was time to have a go in the Drifter with me... Fast forward... Keah now has to fly regularly as part of her employment, doesn`t get sick anymore and is keen to go Drifter flying with me....A truly remarkable woman, in so many ways. In between my last post on here and this one, I`ve taken up a guy from Canada and two guys from Tasmania....The Drifter lives on!!! Franco.
  4. farri

    What`s Happening???

    G`Day Garry, you brought back some great memories, thank you!... I was working a thermal with the Whistling Kites the other day, never seen so many above me, by the time I realised what a great photo it would make and went for my camera they started to disperse...Frank. (Franco) Insert other media.url
  5. https://www.9news.com.au/national/plane-crash-darwin-news-fatal-plane-crash-victim-john-gotts-identified/2e5314bf-bed7-46c2-a760-b07247420740
  6. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Something went terribly wrong with my post and I`m trying to correct it! will try again later.
  7. Keep trying to find the limit and eventually you will!!! Franco.
  8. G,day Farri. Hargraves here (Mick) would you email me please on [email protected] to disscuss local strip locations. Cheers Mick

    1. farri


      I`ll do it right now....Cheers.


  9. farri

    What`s Happening???

    From the Drifter, yesterday afternoon... Farmer burning off what`s left on the paddock after harvesting. Franco.
  10. farri

    What`s Happening???

    This afternoon I had the pleasure of taking Teagan Stemp for her first Ultralight flight! Teagan`s Mum, Lynne, has flown with me several times and Teagan`s Dad, Andrew, has also! today, Teagan wanted to see what Drifter flying is all about. For me, there`s no better reward in recreational flying than for a mother to bring her only Daughter to fly with me.....Lynne is a good friend of ours and a Deeral local....Samantha is Lynne`s Daughter-in-law. Franco.
  11. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-20/small-plane-missing-northern-nsw-foster-murwullimbah/11534154
  12. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/missing-nsw-plane-found-crashed-in-forest-west-of-coffs-harbour/news-story/26b1065ad59955b164023a27f9cb2a99 Franco.
  13. farri

    What`s Happening???

    I`ve had an interesting morning today! I had a meeting with some members of "Land Care", here on our property, to find a way to repair some serious erosion on the bank of the Mulgrave River, adjoining our property, at the end of the site inspection , I was asked if I would take Lisa (the group coordinator) to see it from the air, I said "absolutely", to which I was asked, "when"? my answer, " right now"! Back on the ground, I asked my usual question, " First impression of the flight, what did you think and what do you think now"? with a great sense of pride she replied, "I loved it! It`s the bravest thing I`ve done in a long time!" my reply, " Give yourself a great big pat on the back"! Franco. Ps, I met Lisa for the first time, this morning.
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