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  1. I`ve copied Emah`s post on facebook and pasted here! Emah is the lady who made-up the skins for Wayne Fisher... Franco. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1419567688295037/?multi_permalinks=2188752354709896%2C2188269558091509&notif_id=1544340299861269&notif_t=group_activity Emah Silberstein Hey guys, I’m advertising this for a friend. PM if interested and I’ll pass his contact details on: Wanted Buyer/Syndicate . Drifter Austflight manufacturer 25-0415 Wire Braced 582 Blue head 330hrs, Great stick and rudder Classic . Last 3 years extensive refurbishment, Usual instruments , ICOM Radio, G.A. plugs, intercom, Garmin 196C , Certified Bolly (3) props ,E.O. for Ceonite with 2 pack , Ailerons, Tail Feathers, recent Main Sails replaced, Strut wire bracing (8) with release cert , Fly s Well Registered Nov 2019 . Price $18,498.00 ono
  2. At 7:07 into the video! "At about 3.50 LA Center offers the pilot an IFR clearance to Henderson" Apart from all the bad decisions the pilot made, LA Center offered a VFR pilot, who had lodged a VFR flight plan, an IFR clearance without knowing if the pilot if was IFR rated.
  3. As Carlo Prete was an AUF/RAA CFI operating his flying school from Mundoo (Innisfail) Aerodrome, since the very early days of the AUF, I thought it appropriate to notify those on this site who knew Carlo but may not be aware of his passing... I`ve copied from Carlo`s facebook site and pasted here... Franco. Carlo Prete 4 hrs · Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and well wishes Dad/Carlo Prete passed away yesterday, he is now resting in peace.
  4. farri

    What`s Happening???

    We`ve been getting heat-wave conditions here in the Cairns area for the last week and yesterday it came to a head with a powerful thunderstorm! Here at Deeral by the damage done to the trees where it hit most, I guestimated the wind to be around a category 2 Cyclone, there was rain and hail also! fortunately for us here at home, most of the force of the wind went through along the Bruce Highway, just 2.5 km up the road... Another thunderstorm forecast for this afternoon but by far better than the fire`s that are burning throughout Queensland at the moment! After the storm comes the sunshine and this morning started with perfect flying weather so I decided to take Peter flying! Peter lives just a couple of hundred meters up the road, loves flying with me and I love taking him! Peter was born totally deaf and still is but he is extremely skillful at lip reading! once we`re in the air we communicate with hand signals, works just fine. Franco, Ps, I don`t know why I give him the headphones...
  5. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Thanks, Bill! Here`s a couple more for you!!! Well! They just coming!!! Pia and Ingmar are from Germany, back-packing through Australia! They`re staying just up the road with friends of ours, saw me flying and just had to do it, so this morning, I had the pleasure of taking both of them for their first Ultralight flight!!! Franco.
  6. farri

    What`s Happening???

    G`Day Callahan! Matthew is 103 kg or 227 lbs, at the moment! My current engine is a 503 DCDI, (purchased new) turning a Rotax E-type, 2.62:1 reduction gearbox, with an Ivo, 3 blades, 60-inch ground adjustable, Ultralight prop. The Ivo Ultralight prop is 72-inch diameter and has to be cut to size! the engine has now gone over 500 hrs without missing a beat, but I`ve pulled it apart, de-coked. honed the cylinders and changed the piston rings and all gaskets twice and the parts in both Carbies, once! Last week I fitted a new muffler can. I had that gearbox on 3 of my 582 grey head when I was instructing, it never gave the slightest bit of trouble so I decided to put it on the 503! I replaced the oil seals before putting it on and it`s still going strong with well over 3,000 hrs done. I`ve been using a Fuji Finepix 120 camera for a couple of years! I take all the photos of those in the back seat by holding the camera out to the side! Works fine for me.
  7. farri

    What`s Happening???

    Yesterday afternoon, we had a family get-together here on our property to celebrate our youngest Daughter`s 49th birthday and I had the privilege of taking my eldest Grandson, all 103 kg of muscle, flying! I`ve copied and pasted what Matt said on my facebook timeline! For me, there`s no better reward in recreational flying, than having family members and friends wanting to fly with me... I took the photo. Matt Cheetham 33 mins · It's been a while since I,ve been up in the air with Grandad, so yesterday I couldn't pass up on the chance to go flying. This is Franco Arri (Grandad) who's been flying for 39 years and still is doing what he loves. I've been flying with Grandad since I was just a kid and about 70kg lighter! I consider myself very lucky to have the chance to do this regularly. Franco.
  8. Don`t you just love it!!! "No good can come from people flying themselves around in little planes".......
  9. On the NSW Police Force facebook site! Macca Straede Glad they're ok but I think the government should seriously think about a light aircraft cull and putting nets in the sky. Tyra Basilicata No good can come from people flying themselves around in little planes.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtVpAsw2cWU
  11. farri

    Flying Is So Much Fun

    Way back, a couple of guys turned up at home here wanting to use my strip to test fly this "thing" they`d made up! after they explained the concept, I thought it wasn`t a bad idea! anyway! they assembled "this thing", one of the guys strapped it to his back, fired it up, the Parachute inflated, he gave the engine full throttle, took a few steps forward then the "Big Bang" happened!!! They`d made a shroud around the prop out of industrial plastic mesh and it got sucked into the prop! These two guys were brave enough to try something different, fortunately, in this case, no one was injured and lessons were learned! "Do what you`ve always done and you`ll get what you`ve always got". Franco.
  12. farri

    Low-Life, Thief!

    Not sure where Emah is based! I`ll ask her. I`ve just sent her a message and a link to this page so she can view the comments if she wants.
  13. I wasn`t sure where to post this! I`ve been in contact with Emah on facebook and she has given me permission to post here in an attempt to get some information that might help her catch this thief! If anyone has any information, please contact her... I`ve copied from Emah`s facebook page and pasted. For those who don`t know, Emah is the lady who made up the skins for Wayne Fisher. Emah Silberstein Today at 10:24 · To the low life scum who broke into my sail loft last night and stole the heart and soul of my aviation business, I promise you will suffer greatly for this. All my folders of instructions that I spent the past 6 years developing with painstaking precision and finite calculations. My tools, my sail making stock. My hot knives. I am not in this industry to make any profit. I was keeping the legacy of Wayne alive and assisting people’s dreams to become or remain airborne. This is a low life filthy act. I will find you! Franco.