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  1. DCM


  2. Try and Google Corrosion X it seems ok
  3. About 86 hours on my 3300. So far all good almost no oil use still some sorting to do with CHT . 21-22 litres an [email protected] rpm happy as . David
  4. Morning Frank Got your email thanks very much David
  5. Morning Frank could I get a copy as well please [email protected] Thanks David
  6. Last time I rang the number in Ersa I was told sorry but the perception is that RA certificate holders are not as well trained as GA and I could not land there This was a couple of years ago David
  7. Rockhampton aero club is going pretty strong now and has a lot better feel than it had a few years ago ,has a couple of 172's and a 150 online
  8. DCM


    Very happy with mine so far ,but have only done 40 hours slightly more power oil temp down ,pressure up oil use virtually nil
  9. I will second that Merry Christmas to all David
  10. From what I can gather my plane will not be affected by this proposed draft David
  11. Fitted mine about 5 weeks ago it's serial number 0020 in the new engines but I don't know how many upgraded Jab engines are getting around
  12. Sorry big thumbs on an I pad Don't know how to remove it David Just realized I could undo it
  13. Hello Ian Little girls have a habit of making old dads smile my little girl (now 23 )and I spent the weekend fishing caught nothing much but we both loved it ,she was never supposed to live beyond 6 I think I am the luckiest Dad ever David
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