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  1. Anyone know where I can source replacement cable for the above headsets. I have checked out lynx and other suppliers but they don't seem to have cable only. The original cable is still working but the outer insulation is splitting and peeling away. My CFI had similar problems and took them to Airborne who are Aussie suppliers of Lynx but all they did was send them to Lynx UK and you can imagine the cost. Suggestions ?
  2. Very interesting what comments/opinions come from the uninformed who think they are informed.
  3. I had a problem with my SkyDat, moisture got in electrical control box and resulted in the engine hour reading altering. After emails to Airborne then the manufacturer the only way to reset the hour metre was by sending the unit to South Africa to be done in their factory. An unsatisfactory result as far as I am concerned so I opted to enter relevant particulars in aircraft log book with new and old hour readings so correct history is recorded. Crusty
  4. I have had two incidents involving props, the first on a edge X trike as a passenger and after several circuits doing touch and go's, the trike had landed and when applying power to take off again one of the blades (4 bladed brolga) delaminated. No undue vibration was experienced as the power was reduced immediately then the engine shut down. The second incident was in a edge X outback and again I was the passenger when the pilots helmet visor came adrift and went through the prop (helmets that airborne supply and if the screws are not kept tight the visor has a tendancy to raise when the wind
  5. Try OAMPS insurance brokers, they insure HGFA registered trikes. WP
  6. Not sure Bluey, we didn't get to talk to long as the big blue was beckoning.
  7. I was speaking to someone on the weekend who was flying Airbornes 912 with the new wing and he said he was getting 80 knots out of it ( we were discussing an extended windshield would be a must at those speeds). WP.
  8. I have a 3 bladed warp drive prop set up for a 582, only 160 hours on it. WP.
  9. I agree in principle with you but unfortunately a letter and maybe a check flight will not/cannot test for attitude, and thats where most if not all of the problems come from. WP.
  10. Float Trikes formerly operated at Maitland but has not for some time, I don't know if they are still active elsewhere or not. AirBorne Upper Hunter is a different outfit now operating at Maitland. WP.
  11. Airborne XT 912 Outback with streak 3 wing for sale, 135 hours, good condition, always hangered Maitland, microair radio with headsets and helmets. $57000. Contact Chrisso at Airborne Upper Hunter 0428444868.
  12. I have found that tyre centres generally do not carry the tyres/inner tubes in stock (probably not enough demand) but are happy to order them in for you. WP.
  13. I have a 912 outback and have the same problem, rust spots with no paint degredation.
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