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  1. Keith W

    Oil thermostat

    I have a Steve Rance toca for sale if any one is interested
  2. Stop worrying about how fast your going and just enjoy the flying
  3. Sitting at YBDG waiting for the temps to come up and this flew over
  4. Flew up to Mungo Lodge for lunch then on to Wentworth for 2 days , left Wentworth this morning flew to Pooncarie for lunch then back to YMMO. How bloody disgusting to see what they have done to the Darling river, no water in a lot of places then where there was water it looked green and stagnant,
  5. Shocking picture I know but if you enlarge it you can see the outline of the turtle cut into the paddock
  6. Quick trip over to shep for some charts then out to Dookie to see the turtle
  7. I have a Jabiru condenser i bought a while a go but haven’t fitted it yet, worried about what’s going back into the engine, hows your oil look after 10 or so hours have you had any problems at all cheers Keith.
  8. Thanks everyone memory battery is Rs new one coming,all I have to do now is find how to change the map back ground back to white, probably makes no difference but it's what I'm used to, read the Manuel but can't find any mention of it,
  9. when I powered up my avionics on Sunday my av map ekpiv had changed from the horizontal to the vertical mode, and the maps had changed to a green back ground, I have gone into the setup settings and changed it back to the horizontal mode but can't find any thing to alter the map colour, also when it has an external power source should you still have batteries in it,
  10. Hi all I'm chasing the backshell connecter that fits on the back of the Becker radio the harness plug locks onto this, I'm not sure if it's a Becker part or a general electrical part,if any one can tell me where to get one or what parts to buy thanks Keith.
  11. Thanks everybody my harness is the same as Derek's , just need to work out the antenna, Keith.
  12. Im fitting another radio radio to my Jabi, both are Becker 4201, do I have to fit another antenna or can I buy a splitter and just run the original antenna, thanks Keith.
  13. Novus windscreens have a 3 stage scratch removal kit worked for me cheers Keith.
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