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  1. tried to fill out survey but haven't a google account so sorry cant do
  2. Disgraceful behavior by the council but typical of most councils at the moment our local council (latrobe city) wont let fallen trees and overgrown grass at the front of the airport be removed citing that is is native vegetation etc but are quiet happy to cut down native vegetation at the rear of the airfield to allow bike path to be constructed
  3. rotax spark plugs get carboned up when the engine is idling due to two cylinders running rich at idle speeds it wont have anything to do with valve seals
  4. It is the opposite here at YLTV RAA pilots mostly do the correct calls ( although often too many calls ) it is the GA pilots that dont seem to care about the correct radio calls and circuit procedures so I guess here it is a red flag for CASA
  5. yeah we hope to be there probably flying in commercial and staying somewhere in airlie
  6. Using Naips on my phone, takes less than 15 seconds, ( I just checked and timed it ) to get the last light for an airport we dont need oz runways to tell us
  7. Thanks we are thinking of flying up to Heck field as we wish to have a look at a few boats around Brisbane Would leave our RV at Heck field and hire a car and get Accomadation around Brisbane for a few days
  8. Hi was wondering what the closest hire car business to Heck field would be and any other information about Heck field thanks ashley
  9. evans web site info . With Evans waterless coolant, the likelihood of coolant loss and the need for topping up are greatly reduced. In the event that there is significant coolant loss from the system during operation and no Evans waterless coolant is available to fill the system, water or water-based coolant may be used. However, repairs should be made as soon as possible, and the system should be drained, purged and re-filled with Evans waterless coolant.
  10. go back to the it was before every change puts me and a lot of others off you just get used to one format and then it changes I havent got time to keep relearning how the site operates I hate using computers and hate continual change LEAVE IT ALONE
  11. crashley

    Air box hot

    My RV12 doesn't have an airbox It has airfilters mounted directly on each carby so the air into the engine is drawn from the area around the engine I have measured it and it varies between 40 and 60 degrees so I am loosing a lot of potential performance I would like to change it but It is a big job because I would then have to make a carby heat system ashley
  12. what a lot of rot I hope people participating in this thread are not serious it started out bad and has got to the stage that I cant ignore it any more There has been a few good comments but it is getting overboard now to suggest that all slippery aircraft have airbrakes and spoilers just so you can have better control on landing is just ludicrous and the comments about flying to tassie well it is less than 100 miles to tassie from yarram so less generally less than an hours flying do people really believe that there engine fly for an hour without failing
  13. I heard it got off track and was heading for a concrete culvert so it took off too early and very slow when they tried to turn the wing stalled
  14. Pilot who ditched in Bass Strait denies flying recklessly Pilot who ditched ultra light plane in Bass Strait denies flying recklessly By Laura Beavis Updated about an hour ago Newcastle pilot Shayd Hector stands in front an ultralight plane owned by instructor Eugene Reid. PHOTO: Shayd Hector and his passenger were rescued after ditching in Bass Strait. (Facebook) MAP: Launceston 7250 The pilot of an ultra-light plane that ditched in Bass Strait in 2013 has denied flying recklessly and endangering his passenger. Shayd Hector, of Tingira Heights in New South Wales, pleade
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