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  1. I raced Classic Motorcycles for about 10 years, and used methanol. At first I would turn the fuel tap off, pull the line, get my little bottle of petrol/oil mix and run it through the carb till it almost stopped from being so much richer, Over the years I got lazier and lazier, and sometimes would leave the bike as raced straight off the trailer into the shed, where it would sit up to around 2 to 3 months. The bike would start just fine, there was no gumming, the small amount of fuel in the tank never went off, the occasional re-ring showed no pitting or any of the oft stated downsides of methanol.
  2. Yaw not looking at it from the same direction as I am. Science says it's the cleanest fuel available, and "When Greeny's Attack", that's a defense that will be needed. It would hugely clean up the emissions of a Lyconti, Jabiru, ect, who's 1960's emissions are a long, long way from Euro 4. One litre of petrol produces 2.3 kg of CO when burnt, whereas the equivalent amount of autogas (1.33 litre due to lower density of autogas) produces only 1.5 * 1.33 = 2 kg of CO when burnt., CO emissions are 30% lower,, and NO by 50%. There is little choice if it goes down the road the OP is concerned about. I don't understand why some aren't on gas now.
  3. "HIGH MORAL GROUND"? SAY WHAT???? YOU are the one that purchased YOUR keyboard, computer, shirts, pants, underwear, shoes, table, chair, the paint on your walls, the car you drive, the toilet you sit on, YOU. Nobody else, YOU. Where it is made, China, India, Tasmania, Mexico, or any other 3rd World Country, ... is completely irrelevant to the fact that YOU are consuming it, and YOU caused the emissions that went hand in hand with the production of the product.. If YOU didn't purchase it, it wouldn't have been made, and no emissions would have been caused. Answer to OP: Change over to LPG if the crunch comes.
  4. The best common stuff I have found is "No More Nails", "Liquid Nails" whatever your local brand is, I actually checked a joint I did about 4 years ago the other day, amazingly solid.
  5. It is indeed a recreational flying forum, but thank goodness people here also have lives and other interests. Just how many times over the years can you 'only' talk about take-offs, stalls or aerobatics, and just how many replies specific to those titles can there be ... well I'll answer you, not many. Threads would be short on replies, as well as few started in the first place, if it was 100% pure Rec Fly. My experience in forums is that most of the nonsense you refer to starts well after the thread's topic has been suitably attended to/answered by Members, and that there is really nothing more to add than to have a bit of fun, or expand on some point someone has made in the replies, usually on page 2 or further. So I think your "pure" forum requirements could only come at a cost of the forum collapsing for lack of traffic and boredom.
  6. Ian, what money are you looking at each year to service us with the forum?
  7. As Onetrack mentions, those rods are pretty much rubbish, they are as mentioned, like aluminium soldering. Aluminium welding is fine if a process is followed, re; re-heat treatment, or enough additional area that the softened area meets the strength of the original material. Motocross bikes have been using thin gage aluminium welding for decades now under severe punishment, and have lasted just fine, besides all the dire internet predictions. But they go through a re-heat treatment process that simply isn't available easily to the homebuilder, and then there's repairing damage later ... You could consider gluing, but that's a bit of a process too, also involving a big oven, Google Lotus Elise chassis development. As pain in the azz as it is, there's sound practical reasons that we still rivet, and I would for one who drilled another 2000 rivet holes just yesterday, like to find that magic replacement, and I have looked.
  8. This guy is doing a 30 day Zenith 750 challenge, maybe some tips/hints, or just motivation for you ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY8yl9St6jNAZSx2i_FNBcA/videos
  9. The Bristell has it's fuel tanks unusually far out on the wings due to having large baggage compartments in the wings close to the cabin, where I see the white foam is where the tanks are
  10. Ok, so lots of ES attend, they hear it's a plane crash, maybe don't know what size and how many people involved, but what I can't understand is why so many are still there long after the peak danger period has been dealt with.
  11. Eh, what happened to my video ... Here's the sides being cut.
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