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  1. The cabins on those examples, and many more, have collapsed. Merely pointing out the need for a rollbar, quite hard to do with the current LSA weight limit.
  2. I have. Never once even had my email acknowledged as received. DON'T THEY KNOW WHO I AM!!??
  3. Personally I think that just 650kgs is needed, not 760, but an increase none the less over the current 600.. My roll cage will add almost 10 kgs by the time it's completely done, some other weight increases due to seriously cutting both costs and ease of construction, are you suggesting the status quo of expensive planes, as well as this, are acceptable? I want to build safer, cheaper aircraft, it requires a tad more weight if fat blokes, which, speaking of status quo, there is a lot of about now, want to be included. Plane manufacturers and the Governing bodies simply haven't been realistic about people getting larger, both in body mass and height.
  4. Tough decision, loses it's collector appeal if you assemble it.
  5. Yup, the landing "light", was in the wing.
  6. He came in for a few hours today, and thankfully he has not only half a brain, but can see some logic in process, rare for a Chinese worker, I assure you. He\s worth 2 fish heads and a small turtle. - except he's a phoneaphile, that was starting to annoy me a bit. I sorted out the basic roll bar, which is also the front fuse to rear fuse joining frame. Bit more to go yet, a cross-brace to take seatbelts ect, but had to determine how it fits. No one is going to trip over their front wheel and end up a paraplegic in my plane. And assembled all the HS ribs today as well.
  7. You wouldn't have a tip for Race 5 at Flemington next Saturday by chance?
  8. Reward yourself with say 4 hours on Mabel, allows you one hour on the Rans. No, no, 4 ON MABEL, and one on Rans. That is literally how I control myself in the same situation.
  9. I've got one of our other employees coming in to help me tomorrow, I'm going to get him to rill some of the tubes, there's 16 tubes to a pack, that's 8000 holes. I'm going to wait till he gets through the first pack and see the look on his face when I point out the other 7 or 8 packs ....
  10. Well it was 2057.142 actually .... I had to go and buy a really small drill bit to do that 0.142 hole.
  11. Today I grabbed 4 of my 6 meters lengths of 6061 square tube, and pre-drilled the holes in them to start on the front half of the fuse. I had already lasered and folded a couple of 1 meter long drilling jigs, and away I went ... ... Yes, I de-burred them all. As a few hours dragged on, I thought, what the heck is taking so long? Then Then I grabbed a calculator: 6 meters divided by 35mm x 12 = 2057 holes! Dang! That's what took so long! My 70 ... oops, I mean my 2024 plates arrived today too ..
  12. We're generally not that serious around here Craig, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, but send me money if it makes you feel better.
  13. You should try China! Only difference is the payouts here are of reasonable and logical size fitting for the losses./costs incurred
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