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  1. Alive, endured 2 unforeseen issues, a level of pain that i didnt think was possible. Now a member of the zipper club
  2. You of course know which side of my heart is the problem? ....I knew the Left would get me one day .... Thanks for all the kind words, leaving for Hospital now.
  3. We had oustanding manufacturing industries then, was just looking at all the LHD Holdens and Falcons being sent overseas in droves for example. What's the point of infrastructure if there's no manufacturing to use it, balanced investment is needed.
  4. Thanks for your well wishes, i have had good fortune in business with my electric car business, which i don't have to put much personal time into now, but an absolute mongrel of a year healthwise, seemingly all unrelated. However the result seems to be that the various inflictions one after the other over the half year, ruptured disc in lower back, mysterious illness straight after that, occipital nerves went ballistic putting me in hospital to try to find the reasons why, gut pain hospital again for 3 days, and all of these just drained me to a point of just giving up everything for a bit to slowly recover for a time, but then ..... For 30 years I have ahd a known heart murmur, it's not considred serious, don't know if all the injuries and illnesses bought it on, but I had bad heart palpitations that put me in hospital for a week so they could check on me, and after i got out, a scary moment that resembled a stroke, they are not sure as there's no damage and no trace of a chemical the body releases to protect the organs. Bad chest pain, left arm and shoulder, and my left eye drooping - off to hospital. 2 weeks of damn rotten tests (8 various MRI/CAT scans) and enough blood drawn to attract Buffy. the worst was the sonar camera down my gullet to watch my heart from behind. Result is a stretched Mitral Valve (the murmur) that's allowing blood to regergitate back into my Left Atrium from the Left Ventrical. They wanted to operate then, but I decided to jump on a plane instead to go home to see my Daughters and Grandkids primarily, and the rest of my immediate family, Dad, Brothers, Sister. I was going to drop in to see few of you clowns too, but we had to cut the trip short and fly back as a very important thing came up. Result is, on Monday I go in for a heart operation. It's considered a minor operation as hearts go, and I have complete trust in them, but the bastards are going to stop my heart for an hour FFS, an hour! That scares the crap out of me. Funny thing knowing your time might be up, feel bad for my Missus, had fun, wouldn't change most of it. I'll let yas know about Wednesday or Thursday (not sure), but if you don't hear from me, adios suckers ... ! PS: If I owe anyone money, I didn't make it.
  5. Absolute fooking bullshot. here's some fact: I officially own 3 businesses in China, 2 are joint venture with private Chinese that I own 60% of each (negotiated with the Partners, nothing to do with any alledged rules), and the other I own outright 100%, and the CCP has nothing to do with any of them. What they do do, is fall over backwards to accomodate me, advise me, give me tax breaks for development - China being successful has little to do with cheap labour, and lots to do with actually wanting and helping you, something the Australian 2 Party's decidedly do not do. The "technological handover and rights" is a total load of crap. I have 7 IPRs, and I own a Chinese Law firm, so who knows about this better than me. And the protection is A grade, and I could give 2 hoots what "someone knows" otherwise on the internet. Our Law Firm has NEVER failed in an IPR suit, because they are Chinese and know Chinese Law, not some Western company who has had their IPR ripped off and hasn't a damn clue how to pursue it. the stories I can tell. Ignorant people wrote this, lazy ignorant people believe it, or rather should I say, want to believe it. Lastly, China is only one of 4 countries that is in a Trade Deficit to Australia (we make a profit from China), and while I certainly believe in ownership restrictions, no Australians step up to invest anyway, and the 2 Partys which a number of you idiots keep voting in certainy don't, so you decide if you want at least some economy and employment allowing some levels of foriegn Investment, or none while you wait for Australians to step up..
  6. I have heard that Lycoming and Continental wont update their engine designs through fear of lawsuits. Theory is updating is an admission their old designs are no good, and if someone crashes an old one, the lawsuits will be massive.
  7. i bought my Dad a helicopter ride on the Gold Coast 22 years ago, 60 birthday. At the last moment we decided to also throw my 3 daughters in as well. The lady helped 2 in the left side, while i put my youngest in the right side and put her belt on. This was on a small heli jetty, whatever you call it. i then closed the door and in the best of Darwin traditions, being all my life taught to walk around the rear of vehicles, took a step back, turned left and talk 2 steps and froze. An image I will never forget, nor the sound, not so far in front of my face the spinning rear rotor.
  8. Well theLawyers are going to find it a lot different to an American lawsuit. Anyway, must be terrible for the families.
  9. Get a dial gage on the end of the crank and measure end float and side play.