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  1. There's Space above, there's ground below, try to stay in the middle bit.
  2. Yep, He's hot. Reminds me of the time I was on a crowded bus in Thailand, when this smoking hot Bird got on and sat squeezed up next to me. I thought to myself, "Don't get an erection, don't get an erection' ... but too late, She did.
  3. You racist you, how dare you single out our Refugee Brothers just because they bought apathy, unemployment, gang violence, theft, car jackings and house invasions that actually enhance our multiculture society. Open your heart more.
  4. Not a theory, happens quite often to engines sitting for periods of time. Sometimes the telltale is an expanded oil filter, they get a little fatter in the middle from the pressure. Other times is when the oil filter splits and you spend a half hour cleaning the floor ...
  5. Daughter #2, who has a somewhat violent temper, was standing there getting her plane ticket at the counter, suitcase goes on and they wanted to charge her for being 2kgs over. At the time she was model slim, 55 kgs maybe, so she starts, as she does, and very loudly, about her total combinedd weight, and starts pointing to all the "Fat!" Ladies standing in line ... they quickly gave up, lol!
  6. That's the saddest part of all of it, the bollshot the Government has been driving you to believe all your life. Just spent 3 days with 4 American here for the first time, they were stunned their 'known facts' about China didn't quite fit in with the actual country they were now in, quite confusing for them, especially how happy everybody is ... it's just not right damn it!!
  7. I'd like to respons Nev, but alas, I've been arrested and shot again. I'd just bought a brand new shirt too, now it's got holes in it. Hope the blood washes out.
  8. ... quite common in aircraft forums.
  9. I'll add that I have considered for a long time that a much larger capacity (diameter) single rotor engine, direct drive would be a good thing for us, not a Mazda sized or similar offshoots, but one that turns maximum rpm about 3000 and peak hp at around 2600.
  10. Rotarys have been fixed for some time by Mazda, unfortunately the old, and very true, problems they had still hang over their head. They do not have seal problems anymore, and their fuel consumption, while not exactly fixed, is at least acceptable. Turbochargers use the excess heat (and lowers noise) out of them to their distinct advantage, but as Facthunter correctly says, their Achilles Heel is the amount of surface area presented by the moon shaped combustion chamber, that loses heat rapidly and has leakage and shadows. Also a rotary takes 1.5 times the time to build up to peak compression during a cycle compared to a pissed and broke engine. Of that point, like Facthunter, I am also interested as to how they will ignite the charge at slow compression build up in low pressure cycles, it seems to me very difficult to achieve charge air heat to ignite the diesel injected, as the injector I saw was a basic diesel truck injector (electrictronic), with no source of atomisating air mixture apparently, as some testing has been done with.
  11. I visited a Chinese University yesterday after I saw a brochure for their rotary aero engine in development. This is a 'Power Train University' where they develop engines for major engine manufacturers, mind you I only saw diesels as I passed by all the dynometer rooms, all were medium sized truck engines , around the 250 to 300hp, inline 6. The rotary is very real, ECU diesel, turbo apparently running near 3 bar, their own design PSRU that looks not like the one in the brochure, and they were saying 300 hours on the dyno with it now, with a few repairs and modifications along the way apparently. While the casings were bespoke, with a 'peripheral port' intake (and a bit large also ('apex seals at danger' type large)), you could clearly see the Mazda heritage, and I'm certain the rotor on the disassembled one on the bench was pure stock Mazda OEM, including the stock combustion chambers. I can't say that one had been run as a diesel, I don't know about the rotor in the actual complete running diesel engine. 136 hp, which they were adamant as they corrected me every time I said: "So, 130 plus hp..." The brochure says 80kgs, but that's just the sigle rotor engine, I figure closer to 110+ kgs/245 lbs including PSRU, mounts and cooling systems (plural, rotarys need good oil cooling) - a litle heavy for the hp, but damn good for a diesel. They were quite surprised I knew so much about rotarys, including telling them about NSU and Felix Wankel, and that I had worked on NSU, Mazda AND Suzuki! They didn't even know about the Suzuki RE5 .. I didn't bother to mention the Norton ... So that's about all I know, typical Chinese being ultra secretive and protective of their '20 years behind' tech, lol ... it's not in production yet, but they say they are ready... Verdit, votes, comments, interest ???
  12. No, it's inbetween ICE and EV (weight), that's the point, best of both worlds, or worst of both worlds, depending on your POV. I have no problem with ICE outside of city and inner suburbs.
  13. The reference was towards the drivetrain system layout having been around for a long time now and well proven. .
  14. Me. I love catching buses and trains to enjoy the ride and actually look at things, or close my eyes for a moment, or look at messages, etc. I don't think there's a big conflict, IF these ever fly, they will be within city areas you can't fly your light plane now anyway.
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