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  1. In case you are in danger of thinking there is any hope for the human race, I offer the fact that in our tiny blue starship planet, the main occupation is fighting the other passengers. The total spending of the planet on our militaries now surpasses other occupations. The superseded occupation was giving praise to imaginary super-beings.
  2. And Binghi, the Moslems think like you do... "it is written" is a thing they often say. They say this about road accidents and so they don't wear seatbelts and they die a lot. When making an appointment there the correct thing is to add "inshallah" which means " god willing".
  3. We are but victims of our inheritance, and the fact is that our tree-dwelling ancestors left us with an innate fear of heights. So do not expect people to be rational about flying.
  4. I reckon the bear would have been white Jase, on account of how only at the north pole could you do that nav stuff. I had not seen that one before, but there was another one about the house where every window faced south...
  5. Ever seen those RC guys who "hover " their 3m size models with the rudder just missing the ground? They have the C of G way back, like 100% of chord, to do this. They sure are unstable like this... the rudder and elevator are moving fast and with big movements.
  6. I've wondered about that too... Maybe owners of pit bulls have small ones too and they feel the need for an equalizer?
  7. Jab plenum... I just saw the latest kitplanes email and they featured a carbon "tunable" plenum. There is some sort of adjustment thing in the very middle of a x shaped plenum with 4 exit pipes. This got me to realize that the standard Jab plenum could be much improved by making the exits radial. If you could do this, then every cylinder would get the same fuel/air by symmetry.
  8. Injectors have been used on Jabirus. There is one of these at Tailem Bend and the owner is happy with it. But Rod Stiff has pointed out that this makes the engine dependent on an electric system and so opens up another possibility of failure.
  9. After more than 15 years I finally installed EGT and CHT on each cylinder and finally got the temps fairly equal. I tried lots of things, and the big break came when I was told on this forum that nothing much upstream of the carby would be very effective. The story and some pics are on here.
  10. Bruce Tuncks

    Why I don't fly now

    Sorry to hear of your eye problems Ian. But danny is right, you will be able to fly in 2 seaters with another pilot. You sure are welcome to fly like this in my Jabiru if you ever make it to Gawler or Edenhope.
  11. Just try different speeds etc at a safe altitude. I find that in my Jabiru SK, I lose about 200 ft doing a teardrop, starting at 80 knots and a simulated engine failure. You minimize the height loss by turning slow( 60 knots) and steep ( 45 degrees). You need to start the turn quickly so the first bit is climbing as you slow from 80 knots to 60 knots . When I told an instructor this, he said it was more like 500 ft and he proceeded to show me with a spiral dive where I was scared he would rip the wings off. He got it into the yellow zone on the ASI. In a glider, starting at 60 knots, you c
  12. RF guy, weight and balance are quite easy arithmetically. Much easier than a lot of electronic stuff. The worst mistake would be to not have the fuselage at the right fore and aft angle. This can grossly change the calculated c of g position, especially with a plane on legs like a Jabiru. If you weigh it properly, post the figures up here and lots of us will check them out and I bet we will just confirm your sums. Don't forget to measure the distances too.
  13. I do admit to being a cheapskate.For me, the plugs are ok but I get tangled up with the cord. I notice there are lots of cordless headphones at Officeworks etc and one of these might do the job one day.
  14. I currently have the standard Jabiru setup with 2 plugs down near each seat . I wish I was better at soldering but if needed, I can do it. Is there a kit bluetooth thing I could use?
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