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  1. I sort of understand the energy argument, which says that the energy in the wind stream wake will be less than otherwise, and this provides the source of the energy needed to run the thing. It is just so contrary to my intuition that I can't understand what is going on. Just a bit like the mercury ring prop automatic balancer, which blokes whose brains I respect say works well, but I just don't understand it.
  2. I tried to find the mathematics, but only got a woman explaining nothing much. I was more impressed with the story about the boat that could travel UPWIND, but I don't believe that either. (Tacking sailboats with angled sails excepted here, I am referring to a simple setup where a wheel or water driven propeller is doing the driving)
  3. Ibob, you make a good case why the trolley would not START moving in zero wind... There is no relevant propelling force. Why is that different from the case where the trolley is going at exactly the same as the speed of the wind? And remember I said how an initial push would be needed to start the process. So my question remains... why is the wind needed? What if the wind dropped away to zero along the way? Why would the trolley stop?
  4. I cannot see why the wind was necessary... why could the vehicle not work in zero wind, given a push start? This would of course give you a perpetual motion machine, ( eg a circular track ) and solve the world's energy problems.
  5. Never sold a rusty corolla either, but once I sold a P76 for $900. A car restorer called Romeo nearly wept on account of how those p76's are worth good money now.
  6. I have a great SK Jabiru for sale and you will get no untruths. And it's only $20,900. I have never sold a horse in my life.
  7. So what happened in the election? I tried to look up the result but failed.
  8. I'm impressed that you guys have been happy with the water 2 pack stuff. There was a guy at Gawler who painted his Pulsar with something like that and the result looked awful. Mind you, it was thought that he was going to die on his first flight in that plane, with all his previous experience being in slow high-drag stuff. He has long since retired from flying, so I can't get more details... It may well have been a different and earlier product.
  9. I don't think that fear of a hit man is the deterrent. Most of the retired guys around here would be trying for the reward and the hit man would be overwhelmed. In any case, I have never met a real hit man and doubt their existence. What is the true deterrent then? I reckon its that the cops regard this area as their own territory and don't want anybodies assistance. Besides, I would have a special deal for the hit men who betrayed their employer. You would be richer and legal and free so only the stupid ones would not accept a deal.
  10. While visiting the local cop-shop the other day ( to get a pass to go to Naracoorte ) I imagined that I was there to dob in my local illegal drug supplier and seeing what the reward would be if he was convicted... NOTHING ! Plenty of posters urging you to do the dobbing, but no incentives. If I had my way, there would be a $1000 reward for dobbing in a low-level supplier. The rewards would quickly grow as you climbed the ladder, so the guy you dobbed in would have the choice of dobbing in his supplier for $100,000 plus a new identity etc.
  11. I agree about the cross-strip. If you look at Edenhope A/F on google earth, you will see there is a cross-strip but disused except for some guy who uses part of it for a road. If I ever need to land there with a strong cross-wind, I have the options of Naracoorte ( 50k) or Horsham (90k) OR landing on that stub-end of cross-strip ( 600m, but into a strong wind )
  12. Turbs, that is EXACTLY the attitude which explains the drug problem. Yes, I am not effected by it unless you count the extra taxes I pay. So should I just ignore the whole thing? Many people do just that.
  13. I think it possible that this is related to the fact that several unsuitable people ( eg with drug records or having close relatives with such ) were coming and going from airports without any controls at all. Aircraft cleaners, for example, could come and go without being searched . It was estimated that their activities provided a major route for drug importation. Personally, I refuse to have an ASIC card and avoid going to places where it is required. My main objection is the unnecessary requirement for frequent renewals.
  14. I sure hope you are right Ian. I have myself retired to a quiet country town and I don't understand why people seem to prefer traffic jams and no parking to live in the city. My country town has an air-ambulance airfield and so far the medical services have been way better than in Adelaide... outpatients are seen right away instead of never, for example. ( the never is factually correct... twice I have waited for hours at an Adelaide emergency department, only to be told that I have slipped backwards due to higher priority cases arriving after me)
  15. After her own kids leave home PMC's daughter could return home herself and fly her dad's plane for nothing.
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