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  1. Injectors have been used on Jabirus. There is one of these at Tailem Bend and the owner is happy with it. But Rod Stiff has pointed out that this makes the engine dependent on an electric system and so opens up another possibility of failure.
  2. After more than 15 years I finally installed EGT and CHT on each cylinder and finally got the temps fairly equal. I tried lots of things, and the big break came when I was told on this forum that nothing much upstream of the carby would be very effective. The story and some pics are on here.
  3. Bruce Tuncks

    Why I don't fly now

    Sorry to hear of your eye problems Ian. But danny is right, you will be able to fly in 2 seaters with another pilot. You sure are welcome to fly like this in my Jabiru if you ever make it to Gawler or Edenhope.
  4. Just try different speeds etc at a safe altitude. I find that in my Jabiru SK, I lose about 200 ft doing a teardrop, starting at 80 knots and a simulated engine failure. You minimize the height loss by turning slow( 60 knots) and steep ( 45 degrees). You need to start the turn quickly so the first bit is climbing as you slow from 80 knots to 60 knots . When I told an instructor this, he said it was more like 500 ft and he proceeded to show me with a spiral dive where I was scared he would rip the wings off. He got it into the yellow zone on the ASI. In a glider, starting at 60 knots, you c
  5. RF guy, weight and balance are quite easy arithmetically. Much easier than a lot of electronic stuff. The worst mistake would be to not have the fuselage at the right fore and aft angle. This can grossly change the calculated c of g position, especially with a plane on legs like a Jabiru. If you weigh it properly, post the figures up here and lots of us will check them out and I bet we will just confirm your sums. Don't forget to measure the distances too.
  6. I don't think that they are allowed to test cleaners and baggage handlers at major airports. They are not allowed to search them, even if they are related to known drug people. The reason is that the airline objects to paying a salary while the person is being tested or searched. The total effect of this is that lots of drugs enter the country from crooked cleaners.
  7. I'm happy to accept him moving on, as long as it's not to CASA , taking his inside knowledge with him. We got a letter from him, but his destination was conspicuous by its absence. And Turbs, it is very unfair to blame ELAAA for the fact that CASA is stonewalling them. My guess is that they need to go political, but alas there are too few votes in it for most pollies.
  8. I do admit to being a cheapskate.For me, the plugs are ok but I get tangled up with the cord. I notice there are lots of cordless headphones at Officeworks etc and one of these might do the job one day.
  9. I currently have the standard Jabiru setup with 2 plugs down near each seat . I wish I was better at soldering but if needed, I can do it. Is there a kit bluetooth thing I could use?
  10. I don't want the government to have anything to do with me. A few years ago, a German couple got stuck near lake Eyre . One died because they believed the book they had filled in at the pub would lead to their rescue. In reality, they would have been far better off telling their parents their plans. Nobody looked at that book anymore. So my advice is to tell somebody who cares where you plan to be.
  11. I reckon I would like a bluetooth headset. Those wires and plugs are a real nuisance. Alas, I am a bit too cheap to shell out at the current aviation prices.
  12. Yep, that radiant thing looks good but it is too expensive for me. there is an Arduino ultrasonic thing too at about ten percent of the radiant price. Mind you, a ready-made thing would be a lot less work. And a meter on the panel would look good. RF guy, the liquid level sender I was thinking of would be like the XKC-Y25-T12V which describes itself as a " non-contact liquid level switch" You can buy 3 of them for about $30 from banggood. Would these each drive a led on the panel? I would imagine one at 20 litres, one at 10 and one at 5 or 6. How do they work?
  13. I'm emotionally on the side of the "ignore regulations " guys. I just hate how, under the banner of "safety" we are letting fascists into power.
  14. My logbook is a GFA one. Chosen on the basis of weight. Headings altered to protect the guilty. I was dumbstruck when my next door neighbor Ludwig ( of the time ) produced his old Luftwaffe logbook! It was the same except that his had a big swastika on the cover.
  15. Even 2 years would be better than nothing. I still say that requiring an agreement to not go to CASA is worthwhile. Even if it turns out to be not enforceable, at least with some particular judges, the person doing the double-cross would be exposed. Is it not interesting that there has not been movements the other way? Maybe the million dollars in benefits has something to do with this.
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