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  1. And another one today with another 2 deceased. Very sad day. RIP... Two men have died after another light aircraft crash in NSW on Wednesday. Emergency services were called to a property on the Silver City Highway, about 50 kilometres north of Wentworth, near the Murray River, after reports of a light aircraft crash about 3.30pm. SMH Article
  2. The current situation from CASA discussion paper Is an absolute joke. All that time and expense for no demonstrated need. 15 cases of pilot incapacitation in 4 years. 75% are in high capacity airfpcraft and most involve food poisoning... only 3 accidents of which based on the numbers involved high capacity aircraft and or food. So based on the numbers we have 40000 medical or so every 2 years at $275+$75, plus time off and clogging up medical, for 0.25 low capacity accidents per year due to pilot incapacitation and 50% of those are food related. So all this expense for 0.125 accidents per year
  3. GAF’s have been appearing in CPL Exams for about 2 weeks now No one has reported any in RAA RPL or PPL yet, I have a few members sitting this week and next. I have added them throughout my pilot practice exams website There is a great guide on the bom site mentioned above, however it is now version 1.2 You still need to know all the how to decode info as previously on an arfor The biggest difference is there may be questions which have a flight track across a gpwt chart for you to estimate winds between layers by reading of the gpwt or the table similar to shown in Appendix F on
  4. Cessna 310, Very sad and a very well known local and his partner. RIP guys.
  5. I suspect crosswind or late upwind AFATO as they almost made it back...
  6. Bruce Im a bit the same flexibility wise... they did ask me to bend over and touch my toes, but i strongly suspect that was to see if I had a functioning back or vertigo issues
  7. Just fly once or twice a year with an instructor, dont, do a lesson, just get them to observe and rescue
  8. Deb a few others will chip in, but props are done up very tight, they don't settle in..... if they are out, they stay out...
  9. Ive been to two casa safety preso's and while its great they are trying to do something they were seriously, bad , boring and lacked impact... seemed more like a paid travel junket than anything of substance... i do hope they get better with time...
  10. Actually Yenn I was saying exactly what you are... I was implying that we shouldn't be making stuff up. We need to follow the same protocol even if it is flawed. "All of us following the same flawed protocols" is far safer than "everyone thinking they know better" I have seen this same debate raging in several groups even up until today... its ridiculous how unclear it is...
  11. Very sad... This article shows a wierd takeoff, may have been trying to get back to runway. Also shows wreckage soz, the links playing up... Go to google news and the Australian article
  12. Yeh sorry didnt get any pics, i was too engaged listening.., next time i will get some thats for sure...maybe even some videos
  13. Wow, had such an awesome meeting today. Went down to show Ole from aircraftkits dot com dot au the ins and outs of his new website and got the grand tour of his aircraft in his Taree hanger. The guy is amazing what he is doing there in such a small space. The finish quality has to be seen to be believed and when he was explaining all the little design details of his suspension, tyre sizes, wings, ailerons it was inspiring. He has literally put in thousands of hours testing various wings, wings with and without slats, all the thicknesses, various Ailerons and Flaperons... The guy is a walking e
  14. I agree, im sayind casa's decision is ridiculous.... Brace yourself for a major ASIC price jump
  15. RAAus as an Issuing Body for ASIC The Board took a decision to cease being an Issuing Body (IB) for the purpose of ASIC. Recently the Government has introduced sweeping reforms to the ASIC system with changes coming into effect from 1 August 2017. The outcome of this is that organisations such as RAAus are faced with additional financial pressures along with increasing the level of risk they are exposed to. It is our position that this level of risk is unacceptable to RAAus and that the use of member funds for this activity is no longer acceptable. It was also felt that RAAus has philoso
  16. PPL is basically RPL +Navigation ...If you look at the MOS there is little diff except Nav Part 61 Manual of Standards Instrument 2014
  17. Since posting my comment the earpieces have suddenly degraded, but everything else is A1
  18. Victor 1 under the approach to Sydney might be up fr review too?
  19. Agree except and RPL costs almost $1400 when realistically they could and should let RAA aircraft through these minor CTa areas like Coffs and Willy etc
  20. Kyle I would love to go into CTA, not necessarily to land, but probably 80% of the time to take a more direct and safer route. Flying past Coffs and Newcastle without using CTA is far more challenging and dangerous than straight thru. And I imagine that's the case in many parts of Australia... I couldnt care less if they banned us from Kingsford Smith, Avalon Tullamarine, Brisbane, but they ought to consider letting us use others as a priority simply for safety...
  21. I think 750 would bring a lot of safety improvements .... including ability to carry safer fuel loads for longer legs.
  22. I cross checked this with RAA today. The CFI has the decision to use 4 or 5 exams. HF is now incorporated into all 4 exams. HF remains its own exam to allow students part way through to continue and do HF as a separate exam. It is the CFI's decision depending on progress as to whether they are required to do a separate HF exam or not.
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