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  1. Dear Foxworker, I have a gazelle which I am selling due to its 24x2 litre tanks and its 24 reggo which doesn't allow changes. I have a tail wheel endorsement having owned an Aeropup for a few years. I see Skyfoxes for sale with various sizes of their tanks. Does the Skyfox have the 20kt crosswind component too? There have been a few times where, on cross wind landings in the Aeropup, I ended up in the crop due to windcocking as the tail plane dropped. I didn't have toe brakes on the Aeropup, Does Skyfox have them?Any thoughts? I think the Gazelle is an excellent a/c, so well thought out, dual brakes, doesn't drop a wing on stall etc. you say tail draggers are much better. Do they cruise any faster than the 75kt average? Curandero 0888492060
  2. Curandero

    aeroplane photo's

    Some chilli that one!
  3. Hi Wigg, Curandero here. I need to change my Gazelles's shocker system as the rubber blocks have started cracking. A copy of that disc could save me some drama if you still could do one for me. I have the replacement parts so first problem is finding the point where the balance is. I have a Skyfox manual but it s for the taildragger. How is my luck going, could you copy it or email it or put it on a stick. I am in Clare valley South Australia ... more details if you can help. Paul
  4. Am looking to buy a Gazelle trailer. Does anyone know of one not being used and could be for sale? I am in South Australia 08 88 49 2060 Curandero.
  5. Hi Metalman, No, the 2 shocker rubbers are vulcanised around a metal part. The price is a shocker of its own but I will try Tony Kerr in Gympie and see if he can help. Other wise ....... Who knows what Coastal Aviation had to pay for them. I'm not doing anything but looking for other possible prices. I have to have the product. I realise that the word 'Aviation' means more cost and have experienced much good value since coming to recreational flying: I won't jump to conclusions at this stage. Curandero
  6. Hi Heather, how did you get on ? I was quoted $1900 plus gst plus postage from Rob Stowe Coastal Aviation. Could they have trebled in price in one year? I bought the front oleo biscuits from him and they are installed and ok and the price was manageable. I feel I should at least look for a better price if it is possible for the vulcanised rubber. I don't want to lose my 24 rego by making major changes. Curandero South Australia
  7. I live on the outskirts of Auburn in the Clare Valley in South Australia. The paddocks abutting our house having been cropped, are now available to me for my Gazelle. The crop was faber beans. After the next rain settles the chaff I will be landing there so as to taxi up to my house.( how good is that?). Any paddock Gazelle pilots out there with any tips or experiences that you have had that might give me extra awareness? Curandero
  8. cheetah I will be able to make an offer after April 21st should it last that long. Paul 0888 492060
  9. Sold the Aeropup and now using a friend's Aerocommander Lark which is 100kt cruise but a true old fashion gas guzzler. Looking for a J200 series at a reasonable price. Curandero
    1. Curandero


      Curandero now has a Gazelle, of which he is very happy. Brought from Bendigo and flew it home via Wentworth to Balaklava. Excellent machine. Makes a pilot look like a great pilot.
  10. there are video tapes to show how to cover wings etc. ask Aviaquip a melbourne aviation building supplier. or..You can call me for further info 08 8849 2060
  11. Bald Eagle. I have an Aeropup manual from which I could give you the info you might need but why not go online and get phone numbers for John Cotton and see if he can sell you one. Curandero 08 88492060 0417492065
  12. Hello Mainrotor, I have a 2 seater Aeropup and if you give me a fax number or phone me at 0888492060 or mob 0417492065 I will give you the stats on mine. It is advertised in the AviationAdvertiser.com and will be flown to Temora at Easter. It will be advertised in next months magazine. Asking price $55g because it is in its prime and very well fitted out with Tx, radios,fuel comp,cht,colour gps 296, cab heat etc. Curandero
  13. Hi Frosty, would you like me to fly my Aeropup over to compare the set up? Curandero
  14. Hello Brad. I have an Aeropup hangared at Balaklava Gliding club and it is for sale. I realise your post was July so you may have moved on since then, but it would be a nice trip for me to fly down to Goolwa and we could look at the paddockand I could tell you if it is a reasonable situation for one up , two up or none up. Perhaps after Fr christmas has gone back to the pole. 88492060, 0417492065 curandero
  15. Hi Bruce. for my trailer I bought an decrepit old caravan and with a chain saw made it into a flat bed trailer. I had a local boiler maker make wheel clamps with over centre clamps to hold the wheels down and put a $130 winch up front where the spare wheel had gone. Also a couple of ramps and had the wiring rationalised by an auto electrician. You might also contact the bushman as he has an all metal style for his supapup. Curandero
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