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  1. I've said this before, the most important job for a Board to do is to hire the best CEO/GM they can find and get rid of him/her if they can't do the job. Poor performance or mediocrity should never be tolerated, John is right, it is a cancer, an organisation-killer. Erik
  2. Whoops, you are no doubt correct!
  3. Chris, now I am confused (not uncommon). I emailed Dean Tomkins for a code and he referred me to CASA....................................help! Erik
  4. Pulsar EXP in RV-12. http://www.aeroleds.com/products/navigation-lights/experimental.aspx Erik
  5. Don't get me wrong, I support the meeting plan. My dictionary calls a 'mob' a disorderly crowd of people or (more worryingly) a loose affiliation of gansters in charge of criminal activities or an association of criminals! 'Frenzied' carries the connotation of a mob hell-bent on a lynching. I doubt that will produce the desired result. We need to be positive and proactive, advocating reform that will resolve serious issues. Erik
  6. I got a response within 24 hours from the President to a polite email offering advice. Mind you that was a couple of weeks ago, I imagine his email traffic has stepped up a notch or two since then...... A frenzied mob sounds like a dangerous concept unlikley to result in sensible change. Erik
  7. My point is that the current arrangement has failed the members and not only because of the deficits in those involved. This organisation is too big and the task too demanding for a footy club style mangement committee. These people likely have a very clear idea of what the members want, but they are not professional managers so they struggle to deliver it. Better they focussed on setting the agenda, hiring the best General Manager they can find, telling him/her what they want, hold them accountable and get rid of them if if they don't deliver. Erik
  8. The man has a point. It's not rocket science. What we need is: Competent governance (the Board) employing Competent management (the General Manger) Both of whom recognise they are accountable to the membership for what they do. This will require high level communication. I reckon the Board needs good quality Governance Training URGENTLY! Erik
  9. A thought....... There is clearly a need for reform in RAAus. I want to offer a context in which that reform needs to occur, based on the notion of accountability. I see plenty of evidence that our Board has struggled to understand what this means for them. Hopefully recent and perhaps coming events might stimulate a steep learning curve in this regard. I feel qualified to do this having worked as a CEO in both Government and non-Government organisations for over 30 years, mostly employed by and accountable to Boards of Directors. I have also been a member of Boards of Directors, includ
  10. I'm looking to source a small quantity of AN hardware in Australia. Any advice? Thanks Erik
  11. A tragic event. Condolences to all their familes and friends, particularly those here who knew them. Erik
  12. I won't be at Temora this year, but Recreational Flying gets my vote. Thanks for all you do Ian. Erik
  13. I'd be proud to be a citizen in a country that welcomed refugees and treated them with compassion, respect and dignity. This is a hallmark of a civilised country. So what are we?
  14. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/travel/news/russia-probes-dancing-jet-caught-on-video/story-e6frezi0-1226050223022?from=public_rss
  15. Ausmo = Erik Moen Erik
  16. Ausmo

    Taken the plunge!

    Thanks for the great advice guys - unfortunately a tad late in this instance. I will certainly take advantage when it comes time to purchase the balance of the kit. Cheers Erik
  17. Ausmo

    Taken the plunge!

    Thanks guys for your prompt and very helpful advice - which of course I will take! I had not thought of the task of inventory and storage of all the kit components. Indeed I imagine that will take some thought and planning! I have already found the Vans Airforce forums and looked at a number of builder's logs and blogs. These all seem to be an incredibly helpful source of advice. I apprerciate your kind offer of help and will no doubt be calling on that. Vans have advised they will be shipping in about 8 weeks. I heard a word that there might be a builder in Murray Bridge in SA, does
  18. I have taken the plunge and placed an order for the RV-12 kit. :big_grin: The AUS $ looks pretty good just now so I have committed to the empennage/tailcone, wing, fuselage and finishing kit components. Let me tell you the hand shook a bit when I hit the send button with the credit card details for that lot! All done now though and I am eagerly and impatiently awaiting the eagle's landing. I thought I should use the waiting time to get a bit organised in the workshop. I would be particularly interested in hearing from all you experienced RV builders out there what particular tools/tool k
  19. Peter, sincere condolences. Words seem inadequate at a time like this, but these and our fond thoughts are pretty much all we have. Best regards, Erik
  20. Congratulations! Stay up there for as long as you can, its a priceless experience! Erik
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