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  1. Brodie, if you want to choose any advice from this side track from the original question, I'd recommend taking the advice of djpacro; he's a very experienced aerobatics instructor who has won international awards. However, in view of the way this thread has been derailed, forget about any examples; my main message was to study until you understand everything in the BAK sylllabus because BAK contains the building blocks that your flying will be based on. If you do that you will not only pass the exam, but have skills to help you when something happens that you didn't expect or hadn't experienced before.
  2. Refer post #2 "saw a row of pine trees on the far bank - about 80 feet high and stretched out each side of me." I only needed to balloon 74 feet QED
  3. Foxbat but still no real detail: https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=223953
  4. I already mentioned I could only get the nose about 1/3 up the pine trees; there was no way it was going to go anywhere near getting over the pine trees. Once again you're talking your own theory.
  5. https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/6043756/fatal-plane-crash-at-cunnamulla/
  6. I wasn't talking about a theory, I was talking about a fact, something which happened.
  7. You could contact RAA, but I haven’t seen data collected for general use in analysing life cycle costs. I’ve always had to interview owners one by one and build a spreadsheet, and there are always some apples and pears issues to discard.
  8. Pretty much right on Brodie. I remembered that slowest forward speed and maximum climb was full power and full flaps. I was already at full power, but with full flaps the Victa went up like an elevator and I easily cleared the trees. Caution: This is subject to complying with the POH. The Cessna 172 full flaps are about 40 degrees and you most likely woul just bog down. Some Jabiru models Eg J170 also have flap angles too steep to do this.
  9. I'm looking for Brodie to have a practice shot.
  10. If you're looking at cost of life analysis, for example if you were running a flying school, you would be looking for this sort of information albeit probably using 1000, and 500 increments to 2500. If you're looking at the reason for the CASA Instrument you'd be asking how many forced landings per year, bearing in mind the issues reported publicly, although generally related to combustion chamber were random, some reported to have occurred on return from the factory. Because the issues were at random hours the telling evidence will be the record virtually from zero, becoming more compelling with every 500 hours.
  11. Because one day something you learn may save your life, I'd recommend studying every aspect until you get it 100%. I know that's a drag, but it virtually never comes up again in your flying career unless you get into a marginal situation like pulling too tightly into a turn. In my case straight after solo after being shown some aerobatics and how to fly below ground level up a drain, I decided to try some low flying across a swamp at six feet at 100 kts. Worked a treat until I looked up and saw a row of pine trees on the far bank - about 80 feet high and stretched out each side of me. I was way too late to turn, so pulled the stick back. The nose rose for a while then stayed at about a third of the height of the trees, speed has washed off to near stall and I knew I would have to lower the nose. Like a lot of people have experienced, I realised I was going to die in the next 30 seconds and my past life started to scroll in front of my eyes. Then something from my BAK study dropped out. I won't tell you what I did just yet, but let's see if you can work it out; shows both the value of BAK and of completing the study of it before your first solo.
  12. True; when I was outlining all the possibilities, I didn't mention the users who just transfer bad marketing habits from shoving open the front door to the digital equivalent. Lie the ones that think because you bought a five dollar item from them, you wanted to marry them. Or those where you bought an item and for the next six months received emails to buy exactly the same item from them even though it was supposed to last for life. Or the data miners; the ones who come up with a Facebook picture of the kind soul willing to hand over his house to a homeless person if he gets enough likes, and every dill in the district is giving it likes, when it's a business paying FB so much per like so they can put all the names on a list and go to advertisers selling ad spaces for 2.6 million viewers which eventually clog up the FB pages of all the gullible. When an organisation sells data on its own members, that's about the bottom of the pit. Eventually someone will come up with a do not disturb app, and that will be the end of those turkeys.
  13. Forget the engines; what are your thoughts on the Automotive Mixture Control System? There's a description and a mockup here: https://jabiru.net.au/ Scroll down the main page.