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  1. turboplanner

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    That's correct FH, our terminology and phrases were developed in the blood of misunderstandings from WW2. Radio has been allowed to deteriorate into a rabble in Australia, and people will pay for it.
  2. turboplanner

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    It's also taken for procedure.
  3. turboplanner

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    You wouldn't use your callsign?
  4. turboplanner

    How to improve the reliability of the 6 Cylinder Jab

    I'd like to look at the sonic waves to optimise the bounce. Overpacking the cylinder with gas can increase power, but filling the cylinder with mixture and then sucking it back out again before the valve is fully closed costs power.
  5. turboplanner

    How to improve the reliability of the 6 Cylinder Jab

    If you can measure the distance between the piston face (measured with the plenum off) to the cylinder flange face plus the mean distance from that face to the carby flange face of the manifold for each cylinder plus the distance, if any from the manifold flange face to tha carby flange face, and what rpm you want your power delivered at, plus perhaps a carby internal measurement I’ll let you know about, I should be able to tell you if the flow is being impeded or enhanced at that rpm and what length to add to optimise combustion. I realise measuring inside the manifold is a piece of string, so just for this exercise you could use a length of string to give us a manifold length for each cyl. That would tell us if the engine is sucking or blowing, and if the temp figures correspond, then some serious improvement is possible.
  6. Buy a 1TB External Hard Drive, download the files on to it, store it in a safe place. I have several of them, some remote from the house; if the house goes up in flames or they and the computer catch fire etc. I'm back in business with the lot in a couple of hours. I have a lot of data stored on various "systems of the age" going back to reel to reel tapes, 8 mm movie film etc. None of the people who sold the systems had any idea they'd be out of business in such a short time including Kodak (and for that matter my advice above could become out of date in the blink of an eye too. I haven't mentioned the Cloud, because that is just a server, just a computer, somewhere in the world, which itself could fail, or for whatever reason be junked along with your files. We have new challenges to deal with; one of mine is to develop an indexing system; in the 1980s we had to keep files small and limit the amount on the tiny hard drives, so the file system had to work a bit like a folder or book system, but we've gone all the way through having to dump files off the hard drive to get the speed back etc. to the global searching we do today where having a filing index which is based on a single subject, is too limiting because with global search you can look for things which may only be peripheral to the subject, and it slows you down to have to go through the search subject by subject. I
  7. turboplanner

    Please Vote

    Aircraft Pilots is not a regular term in the aviation industry, but the biggest issue was that it cuts out the people who build the aircraft, and these days almost provide all the aircraft the pilots fly, as well as the people who service the aircraft, the ATC people who provide valuable advice on this forum from time to time, and all the other people who are interested in aviation and join the discussion. The GA training and flying system is a LOT more regimented with a lot less loose ends to discuss; In that category the people really do learn to fly and go on the hire or buy an aircraft that is a lot more highly developed and a lot more predictable for flying and service life (in general terms); the people don't get into the same detail as they do here, but most of GA is technically recreational flying, so I don't see anything wrong with the name.
  8. turboplanner

    RAAus in the Senate.

    That's a broad statement Keith; are you sure they aren't just giving evidence/answering questions in a Senate COMMITTEE Hearing. These are going on all the time about all sorts of things and consist of a bipartisan committee chaired by a member of the sitting Government. They cover all sorts of issues which provides the Parliament with first hand information to inform its decisions. I would feel very uncomfortable being represented at a Committee Hearing by third parties not representative of an industry.
  9. turboplanner

    Finally, the new site is running

    No, I'll wait for the new Iphone design from Ahmed.
  10. turboplanner

    Finally, the new site is running

    1. After Ahmed's changes, on the Iphone (which is the larger 6S) the images are still a blur on the screen. Tapping doesn't make them any better. Two or three finger grabs increases to size to the point of clarity, but at that point you get around 1/8 to 1/6 of the image. You can scroll to see all parts of the image, but that's disjointed. - FIXED (working same as previous site) 2. I did a little exercise and measured the font height on my big, wide PC screen at 2 mm high, which it the equivalent of 7 pt on a word document at 100% magnification. On the 6S Iphone the height is only 1.2 mm . For my programming I've conducted a lot of interviews and carried out a lot of research, and found that the general font size is increasing from 10 pt to 11pt. Millenials, particularly, will walk away from anything they get frustrated with. - FIXED (font size has been increased) I saw the example of the old and new fonts side by side, but as I said earlier the issue may have been brought to a head by the new layout. I can understand that further down the track there may be new features, but even then you wouldn't need a bubble in a forum section to see that someone had just written a post, or posted a photo. Just looking at the layout there's spare space over on the RHS, so it may be possible to make space for bigger font. - FIXED (working as developed) 3. - FIXED (not applicable to support) 4. While writing this I've been called away a couple of times for other business, and found that the system didn't save what I'd written as a draft like it used to. Is that able to be fixed?
  11. turboplanner

    Finally, the new site is running

    When you stretch the image it becomes blurred and unreadable - FIXED (now working same as previous site) Not testing for Iphone probably explains the issue. The line running down the LH side is still there; just took this screenshot. It also groups posts into blocks - last hour, today etc which is not necessary with date/time stamp already there, and the combinatio of the vertical line/block arrangement squeezes the text down making it harder to read, and provides less information per page requiring more scrolling to read something. - FIXED (working as developed)
  12. turboplanner

    Finally, the new site is running

    What's the purpose of the black line running down the LH side of the screen with the quote balloons? - FIXED The posts are harder to read; not sure if the font size has been reduced, or its the colours. - FIXED The Iphone version has a lot of problems, maybe hasn't been fully completed, font is tiny; too small for conversation exchanges.
  13. turboplanner

    New fuel rules start today 08/11/2018

    I used to think that for years, after years where, with local training you usually had the same weather at the start and finish., and this would probably apply for most people for the duration of their flying life. I changed my thinking on fuel, and also carry nav equipment after several incidents; one pilot couldn't get back because his home field was closed due to visibility, another made a forced landing when fog rolled in, and another where the take off was clear and a rain squall blew in over the downwind base area. These all occurred at fields close to the coast, but showed me that there was always that odd chance where it might be necessary to depart for another airfield when all you wanted to do was some practice with a few circuits.
  14. turboplanner

    Accident and defect

    I think if you do some research, you'll find that State Police investigate recreational aircraft fatalities, and prepare a brief for the Coroner, and they are not going to release any information in that brief to the general public. The Coroner will produce a finding and report, and until that report is released, the evidence is sealed. A recent Coroner's report was quite helpful. Recreational Aviation Australia is often called to the scene of a fatal crash by Police to provide expert assistance, and any written or verbal advice they provide is sealed with the brief. So there's no expectation that RAA could breach its obligations to Police and start giving out accident causes. Where ATSB decides to investigate a fatal accident, there are progress and final reports on the ATSB website.
  15. turboplanner

    Accident and defect

    Volunteer contributions work for an Incorporated Association like we had; in fact are the backbone of even the biggest groups, but you voted for a Limited Company which couldn't be further from that model, and which relies on employees, and plenty of them. It is possible to unscramble the egg, but first a lot of shareholders have to make a commitment, and there's no sign of that happening right now, so there's no point talking about volunteers.