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  1. It's sounding a bit as if Instructors are not taking responsibiity when they train pilots for cross country endorsement. It may not be all, but there are enough comments which show no understanding of what a flight plan is to show that too many have not been trained. I really see this as a problem of the expansion of rag and tube into the plastic fantastics, where people have bought the aircraft, but the administration hasn't changed yet.
  2. Well I wasn't thinking of having 30 of them suddenly write "how to fly at night in RA;" just the people in charge of SAO doing an audit of RA training. I just did a very quick grab of a 2016 NVFR document from Part 61, and whether it's current or not, it at least explains the complexity of flying night VFR,, with some information on black spot operations. file:///C:/Users/ferns/Downloads/061c05.pdf The discussions over whether this particular aircraft or all Brumbys have lights or not is not significant. No RA pilot should be using them to navigate or land, but a lot of high volume airfields have a practice of using nav lights when visibility is marginal, and landing lights when inbound, outbound and in the circuit, to make it easier for other aircraft to see THEM.
  3. A lot of people have been patiently trying to explain the enormity of this situation; using the term steam instruments is a bit like talking about sore hooves at a greyhoud race. RAA has a massive training problem they need to address sooner rather than later, and this accident should be the catalyst for CASA to move in and sort it out.
  4. His father's death was related to actions by Robert Kennedy. 11 shots were fired, Chuck Nicoletti fired the frontal shot which killed him, James Files fire from the grassy knoll, someone else I forget managed to hit the kerb and leave a scar which was there for years, a bullet went throught the windscreen of the limo and through a freeway sign which was removed same day. No great secrets there. What several people have tried to explain is that this was a very silly flight by a pilot who was nowhere near qualified to do it, and the result was as expected. One of my instructors, flying over the sea in a search and rescue, with otherwise above average control of his aircraft, also lost contril and killed himself in daylight.
  5. The 40 to 100 people who died after JFK were a different story altogether.
  6. Routine case, take a look at many similar reports and you'll see the pilot had made similar trips night VFR then flew into a dark area without farmhouses and dropped from the sky. Same thing over water.
  7. Yep, a Kodiak or Caravan would be great, but the up front price is between $1 and 2 million. Warren Buffet doesn’t own a Corporate Jet any more. He just bought an executive jet company and rents one to himself when he needs it. A really well managed corporate/ charter aircraft is working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and that’s how they amortize the cost. As someone mentioned, this is an RA site so not a lot of GA operations experience, but some good advice has come up nevertheless. Another option is opportunism. I had to fix a warranty problem on a new truck in Kununurra one time. The call came in on Friday afternoon. On Monday morning the Darwin dealer called me to say he’d fixed the problem. He’d taken his tool box and hopped a ride with a ****** staff plane taking crews to work on the Sunday. They dropped him off, delivered the crew then picked him up on the way back. Cost $0
  8. You need to pay attention to the little snippets that drop from time to time and may or may not be true and therefore may or may not be a benefit or burden to members.
  9. Depending on his location in Tasmania and his location in Queensland there may not be much high country involved.
  10. I’m not quite sure how you get “lubricated a deal” out of AOPA’s “Not happening”
  11. That would be the logical path. It would be illogical fpor a safety authority to maintain that on the one had if you fly with this group and fly in this environment you will require medical and aircraft standards which have evolved based of safety standards established over 100 years, but if you fly with that group and fly in the same environment with the same aircraft you don't require the samemedical and aircraft standards. RAA's whole existence and history is being allowed to fly under exemptions because the aircraft are kept well away from the operational and performance standards of GA.
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