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  1. There are still small groups of people around the various industries who think like that, but the Governments are showing no signs of changing direction. What they are doing where people are winging it and not accepting self management is introducing a layer of safety regulation which make these people accountable, so you don't want to be getting caught up in that. A good example is what's about to hit the multi story building industry. In this case reading back through the posts, there's a lot of speculation about 760 kg, but not much hard evidence in the form of a CASA announcement with the attached conditions such as LAME maintenance and Class 2 medical. So you may have nothing to worry about anyway. As far as the "missing" Part 103 MOS which several people have abused CASA for, what CASA have said is: "proposed regulations make provision for a Part 103 Manual of Standards which is intended to be introduced in 2020." https://consultation.casa.gov.au/regulatory-program/cd-1910os/ The MOS will be subject to a separate public consultation. Some people on here are saying they have a problem with the legal wording, and with the order of discussion, and there always will be some people who struggle with that, but its common to have multiple people working on large documents, and it's common to have time commonality; for example these days freeways are built by separate contractors as section at a time rather than the old method of starting in one suburb and continuing in the same direction until the next suburb is reached. Leaving the MOS until last has the advantage that it can be written when all of the regulation parts have been set in concrete, so becomes a more logical document, rather than starting out as someone's thought bubble and having to be amended as each part of the regulation is changed, eventually becoming the dog's breakfast that people complain about.
  2. Unfortunately for you there’s the reality which we don’t get a chance to change on a case by case basis.
  3. As we already know from previous discussions, there is no such thing as an acceptable kill rate, and there does not have to be a sample kill, just a reasonably forseeable risk of people on the ground being injured or killed, and even if you just stick to this site, over the years there have been lots of misses.
  4. It was about 25 years ago; look for 152 and 172 also in case I got the model wrong. The engine was either knocked out in a mid-air or shook out.
  5. Well they can do both. There's an NTSB report where the pilot of a Cessna 150 used the falling leaf method to slow down his aircraft and tail dived into the ground for progressive crumple, and saved both himself and passenger.
  6. As the operations have slid up the weight and performance scale, the aircraft and flyers which were the reason for the formation of the AUF, the self maintenance, and the simple, local, rules for the flyers have been eroded; some might say already on the way to decimation. I can understand why they would object.
  7. OK, that's not a problem. Could you please post a How To create a custom What's New page please? I know you've mentioned posting it in the past, but I scrolled through and found a how to, but it must have been for one of the interim versions because it referred to items on a page which were not there. With a custom What's New, it's possible to have uninterrupted conversations, and then go back to the main indexes and scoll to see what's interesting and new.
  8. It's virtually all been pushed off; only 1 item left What I'm seeing is: Ad Mapmarker Tutorial Testing a camera Photo Forum - Oldest member Photo
  9. A restored Bell UH1 crashed into the sea off Anna Bay wit the loss of five people. This was a long distance flight, and could have some important en route Meteorology lessons for us. One TV report suggested very high wind conditions. There will be an ATSB report, so we'll be able to get the facts in due course.
  10. The only thing I found in the ATSB reports re Mt Disappointment was a collision in 2016, but it was a UAV; Lockheed Martin Stalker.
  11. Former RPT Captains will have CPL, or if they let it laps, CPL training completed, commercial type operations completed. The difficulty with "sufficient level of training and experience, utilised in a suitably equipped aircraft" is that the statement is subjective, like telling a person walking along a cliff edge to "be careful" Some think they are being careful, but don't know the edge is unstable. My reason for suggesting CPL is that the pilot is qualified for commercial-type operations under pressure whereas the PPL cuts out at a fairly low level of demonstration of skills, particularly in regard to Met, Nav and P&O, and no demonstration of commercial type pressures. I would agree that an organisation could come up with a level of extra training of a PPL to handle operations under pressure, and a higher level of Met, Nav, P&O, but you would still have the CPL hanging over your head as the benchmark for safety.
  12. I agree with pmC. No problem with ads next to the Forum, but currently the content is being pushed off the screen.
  13. For anyone interested in getting involved in the planning process which could be about to happen if the land is sold, here are the planning basics: Location: 995 Burragorang Rd, The Oaks is listed as The Oaks Landing Ground. Council: Wollondilly Shire Council Area: 16 Ha (So not enough area for a big developer unless surrounding land is packaged) Zoning RU1, Primary Production Heritage, The Oaks airfield significance: local (Pub. 23-2 2011) The Supreme Court of NSW, 10 Feb 2011 restricted the height of ant tower on the approved site to 18 metres. Heritage Items (if any) listed and described in Schedule 5 of the Wollondilly Local Environment Plan (www.austlii.edu.au › download › legis › nsw › consol_reg › wlep2011368) . Lot 1, DP795174 The Oaks Airfield, 955 Burragorang Road is listed in Schedule 5 as local 1238, but I couldn't find any definition (doesn't mean one doesn't exist). If there isn't a definition, any battle could centre around the planning definition of "airfield" If you check the going rate for rural land in the district, and greenfield residential, you'll know what the intent is with that price.
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