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  1. In fact there should be a straightest furrow competition.
  2. English farmers may not know. If you ever decide to come to Australia again, let us know; one of us will need to escort you around Melbourne at all times. Most Australians don't drink beer any more, and the men could be identifying as females at any time, the most brutal football games are in the AFL Womens' teams and you certainly can't afford to stand up in a train to give a woman your seat or she may kick you in the balls. The only way we can sell meat is to insinuate it grew from trees, egg farms are attacked for their "brutal" treatment of sleeping chickens, Stock semis are blockaged from taking cattle to agistment from drought affected areas, and several Councils are busy changing millions of documents to delete and sexual reference to the thing you see around Council areas like manholes (which while being an undeucated amateur at this game, I THINK are being called "service holes".
  3. So far no one seems to be quoting any official release; just spreading damaging rumours.
  4. If you’re referring to my post it’s about the earlier sunset vs EOD where being forced to land into the sun also has its difficulties.
  5. That is the perfect case for the regulation being correct. The fight schools are adopting a standard which allows a little more for arrival time delays and that's just being prudent. From the description of this case, sundown wouldn't have been too comfortable either, so there's nothing to stop anyone deciding that their planning limit is going to be 30 minutes before Sundown., and so cater for any runway direction in the planned landing area.
  6. With each of those farm jobs there was always a knack that had to be learnt first, which was usually getting momentum into the thing, or creating leverages.
  7. I think you’re right, but we used to lift them and my uncle used to throw them down on to my back from the top of the truck. He had to aim accurately and my hands had to catch the bottom ears and the legs had to bend.
  8. In the genteel world of the Y generation Phil, we call that Canola now, but it still stinks terribly.
  9. Looking good!; the font needs more tint/black for better readability.
  10. It's sounding a bit as if Instructors are not taking responsibiity when they train pilots for cross country endorsement. It may not be all, but there are enough comments which show no understanding of what a flight plan is to show that too many have not been trained. I really see this as a problem of the expansion of rag and tube into the plastic fantastics, where people have bought the aircraft, but the administration hasn't changed yet.
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