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    CX4 aircraft

    Hi, here is a photo of my CX4 which was built in 2012. I purchased it second hand over 4 years ago now and it was beautifully built. Weather permitting, I fly it most days and I absolutely love it. It’s not for sale, however if anyone is ever interested in knowing more about the aircraft,I will happily talk about how great I think it is for as long as anybody wants to listen. Jennifer.
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    Gympie Fly In

    This will be a huge event,last year was an incredible weekend,this year even bigger. Camping with your aircraft is available at Cumulus Airpark adjacent to YGYM, an aviators dinner is on Saturday night, two courses served in a large marquee for $20.00 a head which also includes entertainment and a bonfire. If you have an aircraft for sale,bring it along and feature it along with the small aviation expo that is being held on site on Saturday the 5th. Sunday the 6th is the Gympie Aerodrome Open Day,so after a hot breakfast,taxi your aircraft down to the main display area where there will be a large contingent of aircraft,vintage and exotic motor vehicles and bikes,plus entertainment and markets. There will be a P51 an L39,a Waco,helicopters etc offering adventure flights and we are expecting a fly past of an RAAF C17. So come and join us,it will be fun. To RSVP go to the Cumulus Airpark website and for further details please don't hesitate to contact the phone number featured in the previous post. See you there !
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    Good morning Vev, Our Qld. based Ercoupe is for sale 24-7986 a 1946. 415C ser. No. 727. Believe you are a coupe enthusiast. Before we advertise it,have you come across any one that may be looking for one as it is important to us that it goes to someone that will appreciate the type and its history. Jennifer
  4. The weather is going to be good,we have had a huge response from pilots,aircraft owners and the general public saying they will be attending. All the music acts,stall holders,kids entertainment have been confirmed for the day. We have several car and motor bike clubs attending to showcase their vehicles,plus two large Helicopter companies will have a machine on display. Gympie Glider Club,our powered aircraft flying schools,will be doing TIFs and joy flights,plus Tandem Skydive jumps will be also available The RAAF have confirmed that a C130 on a training flight from Richmond will make its presence known at approx 11.30 am with we assume some sort of fly past. To top all that off,for all you aviation enthusiasts there will be lots and lots of aircraft on display. The Saturday night before at Cumulus airpark which fronts on to the main runway has again had a huge response with 130 RSVPs so far for the $10 a head spit roast and entertainment. This all starts at 5.30 pm, so fly in on Sat. afternoon,set up your tent and enjoy the evening with us. Breakfast the next morning will be provided by the Gympie Aero Club at a nominal charge. There is still time to RSVP for the dinner,camping and breakfast,other than that just fly in for the Sunday. It's going to great. " See you there "
  5. This is going to be a huge event,it has been extremely well planned and put together. Aircrew and aircraft will be welcomed on the Saturday afternoon to camp overnight at Cumulus Airpark,where they can enjoy a spit roast around a huge bonfire. Musical entertainment will be provided. The open day itself is on the Sunday,where aviators and aviatrix can display their aircraft to an expected very large crowd. Again on the Sunday their will be entertainment,family activities,motor car and bike displays,plus the Gympie Aero Club will be giving away 30 Trial instructional flights through the local flying schools to encourage aviation in the area. We would really love you all to attend,either fly or drive in,either Sunday for the big day or earlier for the Saturday night fun. If you would like to display your aircraft, fly in for the day or come and camp under the wing of your aircraft the previous night,it would make it easier for us if you would RSVP. ( phone numbers on previous posts) This is a Fly in not an Airshow,so come and have a wonderful day at Gympie Aerodrome.
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    Cootharaba airstrip

    Hi, There is a CT4 operating from Greenfields private airstrip at Boreen point which is adjacent to Lake Cootharaba. Also the other aircraft which was the one probably seen was a 1947 gold coloured Ercoupe,which is also based at the same field. These of course are identified by their twin tails.
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    RAAus and engine-off

    Well Motz, we will have to agree to disagree on this,I am aware the RAA does allow it and that the CASA instructors manual is advisory and that advice,I believe is good advice. Some instructors may feel it is beneficial and worth the increased risk,however I am not one of those. All the best. Jennifer
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    RAAus and engine-off

    The RAA has issued to all flight facilities the CASA flight instructors manual and in that it states under training for emergency procedures which includes forced landing practice "Note: The engine failure should be simulated only by closing the throttle, ignition switches,fuel selectors should not be moved during practice " I have no doubt that there are very good reasons for this stipulation and is one I prefer to follow. Is the risk worth the reward ? " Of what engine off training is going to provide" What if, you are about to touch down with no engine and it all goes pear shape,try and do a quick engine restart then, Or simply the engine will not restart when you need it too for any reason whilst your practicing your forced landings,so then you are turning a simulation into a real emergency. Flying has been taught now for over a 100 years or so,regulators or over the world have arrived at their recomendations for a reason and on the main, their experience is ,that adequate training for engine failures without adding extra risk to the crew is to reduce the engine power to idle. Jennifer
  9. Hi GAFA, Glad to see you are still interested in flying RAA and we are still looking forward to you coming up to Suncoast Cooloola flying to have a fly of ours As mentioned re rates earlier in this thread we are very happy to let people know what ours are.They are for either our 2005 or 2009 Sportstar Max, $185 dual and $140 private hire. Hope to see you up this way soon,were here seven days. Jennifer
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    Left hand circuits on all runways at Gympie. Jen
  11. becky1


    Hi Shafs, Gympie direct to Kingaroy is fine, certainly there are sections of rugged country closer to Gympie than Kingaroy,but well within glide distance of valleys and lower areas that have good opportunities to put down if necessary. The Wac chart is deceiving as Kingaroy is around 1500 ft above sea level and it appears that the country may be rough on the chart,however it isnt,so the only real area of concern is maybe five miles of mountainous terrain 10 to 15 minutes out of Gympie,which in the worst case scenario is a two and a half mile glide either ahead or return,but there are areas to go to north west of track as well. There are definately times that you do need to have some faith in your engine other wise we wouldn't fly anywhere,but naturally as stated earlier in previous posts going around long stretches of tiger country is by far the better option,however Gympie to Kingaroy is not one of those flights unless as Poteroo mentioned in a earlier post re weather etc. Also we have the opportunity to go high heading in a westerly direction we have several options 4500',6500' or higher with 8500' being the lower level of E airspace ,plus in a Sportstar there gliding range is excellent if the worst should occur with there generally very reliable Rotax 912 engine. Trust this has been of some help. Regards Jennifer
  12. becky1

    Training for disabled pilot

    Hi Everyone, Our flying school [suncoast Cooloola Flying at Gympie QLD] is now in a position hopefully to be able to help some disabled people to learn how to fly,now that we have our Ercoupe on line for training. As I am sure many of you already know the Ercoupe does not have rudder pedals,it stays in perfect balanced flight through the ailerons being interconnected with the rudder. Since we have had it,I have been amazed at what a delight it is to fly. Braking can be done either by a foot brake or by hand,it does not have flap and the best fun part is it can be flown open or closed cockpit. Regarding the gentleman with one arm,I am not sure,it can certainly be flown by people with lower limb disabilities,but it would be worth a try, the only arm requirements are the yoke of course and the throttle. We are very keen to be able to look at the possibilities of being able to teach disabled people to realize their dream of flying and our Ercoupe could be a great place to start. Jennifer
  13. Hi everyone, Suncoast Cooloola Flying,is available and training 7 days a week operating two RAAus Sportstars at Gympie,plus three GA aircraft for hire to suitably qualified people,a Cessna 150,182,and 206. We would very much welcome the gentleman from Canada all any of the members of this forum who are up this way. Regards Jennifer C.F.I. 0419 784 715
  14. Hi Ryan Yes,we have two sportstars at Gympie which are available for private hire as well as training and we would love to have you up here flying with us. Hope this is not considered to be advertising our contact details are Suncoast Cooloola Flying 0419 784 715 Regards Jennifer Beck CFI
  15. Hi everyone, Having just read the new fee increases and as the RAA Treasurer has mentioned in his justification of the new fees,we have not had a increase for five years and it has to be done to finance items such as insurances planned expansion etc,I am sure most of us can understand these things,however will it get to a stage where aspiring recreation pilots cannot afford to start learning at all. Sure it is fine for our organization to say as well as landlords,governments, water and electricity suppliers or whoever that they have not increased fees for such and such a period,but when all these increases are added together it cannot be expected that the average salary earner can continue to find the money he needs to live, so what will he or she need to cutout "his or her flying". This of course will be to the detriment of the RAA,its flying schools, CFI's, instructors,level 2 maintainers etc.and to every one that flies or owns their own RAA registered aircraft. As an organization we should be doing our best to encourage new people to start flying,young people who have a dream of learning to fly and are probably working at MacDonalds or similiar to finance their way through, the $25 extra on membership isn't going to help with that endeavor. We need to stay affordable,maybe cutting back in some areas should be looked at,not spending so much time on trying to gain new freedoms such as controlled airspace endorsements, higher MTOW's etc.plus of course if people need to learn how to fly, can the flying schools remain viable? with extra aircraft registration fees and even CFI's having to pay higher fees than any other member and who are not particulary well paid in the first place,it may be the start of flying schools having to close, "then what?" no where to learn and if you can find somewhere it will be so expensive you may as well go with GA. This is not mean't to be a whinge about the increased fees,but merely a concern that not everbody has the money to continue flying at any cost. Why not lesser fees to encourage more members and more flying which could lead to expansion if thats the RAA's goal. Regards Jennifer
  16. Nobody is whinging here Yenn and if you read the majority of the posts on this subject,it is a discussion not a complaint. I am interested in helping young people to get started in flying and older people to be able realize their dream of flying that are struggling to have the financial capacity, or if they have it now, not price them out of the market. I can assure you that the 16 year olds that are learning at the school where I am the CFI work weekends at menial jobs as well as going to school and spending their entire wage on an hours flying,they have an ambition to fly and the RAA should be encouraging that by doing their utmost to keep it within their reach. It is all to easy for organizations just to increase fees and in the case of the RAA the gap between the cost of learning with GA and RAA is getting less. With GA if you are under 40 for a PPL medical you need to be checked every four years or over 40 every two which is somewhere around $240 per medical. There is no membership fees to be paid with GA. RAA does not have medicals but now charges $185 per year which is $740 cost per 4 years a difference of $500, a sizeable amount if trying to decide will it be RA or GA and over 40 years old medicals every two years $576 against RAA membership $740 a difference of $164. Sure I know there is a lot of other expense to do with GA ,so there is no need for anyone to put in their next post listing those as I have flown GA for over 45 years and I have struggled to pay the extras on that that since I learn't at 17. It was like a breath of fresh air in the earlier days of AUF/RAA because it was more affordable,it opened aviation and the love of flying to so many new people young and old, but to repeat the Gap is closing between the cost of GA and RAA. All I am advocating,not complaining that perhaps the RAA can maintain as part of its charter to keep its fees as low as it can be and still be workable and if this means not spending money trying to get us to the same level in privilages as GA,then that should be looked at and perhaps be a leader in setting an example to goverments ,organizations and utilities that are hitting us every where with increases that people their loves goals and ambitions are more important then the bottom line on their financial statements. If this has come across as whingeing I am truly sorry,and will be my last word on the subject,but I really feel for young people in particular who really want to fly,but the task is getting harder and harder due to increased costs no matter how small the increase may be. Regards Jennifer
  17. It really isn't a matter if the RAA fees are good value for money or not,its whether people can afford to pay the asking amount for membership,on top of the other expenses of learning to fly,aircraft hire, etc. Take for example that you are not a huge salary earner and you are sitting around the kitchen table with your partner paying bills,electricity,$500 water $300 school fees or whatever,when your partner says what is this account for RAA $185 ?, perhaps then adding couldn't you do without flying for a while or worse we cannot afford for you to continue at all. With respect to Old Man Emu and Destiny flyer my point in starting this thread is not about penny pinching,its about having as many people as possible being able to fly,which I thought that was what the RAA was all about.I feel sure their are aspiring pilots all current certificate holders out there that can just barely afford now to fly with their current income and comittments who may now have to give it up or not start at all. This of course is not just to do with RAA fees increasing,but just adding to the fact that aviation may in any form be possibly to expensive for some to even contemplate. All I would hope the executive of the RAA think very carefully if they should go in a certain direction which costs more to implement but rather try and keep the fees as low as possible by cutting back in some areas,so we can keep the people that are struggling in a difficuilt financial climate. Jennifer
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    Training ground for poor aimenship.

    Hi I agree with Mazda on this subject 100%. Jennifer
  19. Hi Everyone, Its on again,the Gympie Aero Clubs fifteenth annual progressive flying dinner. The date is Sunday 12th Sept. with breakfast starting at approx.8.30 am provided by the Hervey Bay Aero Club at YHBA. We then all fly down the coast to Boreen point [near Noosa] to Greenfields,a beautiful privately owned airstrip and property for a barbeque then on to Gympie for afternoon tea. This has been a huge event in the past with up to 50 aircraft attending and this year is shaping up to being even bigger. The cost is $33 per person which covers all three courses,plus lucky prizes to be handed out at the end of the day at YGYM So come along,tell your aviation friends and enjoy the flying, food and the company. We will look forward to seeing you and for RSVP or more info please contact Jennifer on 0419 784 715 [email protected] See you on the day Jennifer
  20. becky1

    Progressive Flying Dinner

    Fantastic Flying, Fabulous Food. For all of you out there with healthy appetites and love flying,its on this Sunday, the best day you could possibly have involving aviation and food,so we will see you all at Hervey Bay Aero Club for Breakfast,then fly on to the next two venues for more aviation and more food. Definately one of the highlights of the day for those who havent been there yet is landing at Greenfields for lunch,a fantastic property and the home to a private collection of classic aeroplanes. Plus at YGYM we have prizes,yes! your meal tickets are also raffle tickets,lots to win. See you there. Jennifer
  21. becky1

    Progressive Flying Dinner

    Hi Spin and others who would like a ride, We would love to have you come along,even if you do not have your own wings,we have quite a few 4 seat aircraft going along,so good chance we can find you a place,its just a matter of contributing to the fuel used for the day. For those that are flying in,if you cannot get around to all three venues ,just come to one, breakfast ,lunch or afternoon tea,you only need to donate for the food at that aerodrome. Cannot emphazise enough,this is a fantastic day,superb scenery,great airstrips,and beautiful food,so bring your partner and your family if you have a large enough aircraft,or if you live close enough to any of the venues,drive in and enjoy the company of other aviators. Please do not hesitate to contact me if our club can help you attend in any way. happy landings Jennifer
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    Scared of heights!

    Hi Everyone, I read somewhere a long time ago which I believe is fact,that to have a sensation of height [ as in scared of heights],what ever you are standing on or in and looking down must be connected to the ground,hence you cannot have that feeling in an aircraft. Jennifer
  23. Big day at Gympie, Sunday 16th For all those Aviators out there who like to make last minute decisions where to fly too,the comp day day at YGYM tomorrow is looking at this stage to be a very big event with both GA and RAA competing for trophies and prizes. We have aero clubs sending teams,individuals competing and aircraft from Drifters to Cessna 401s having a go at the flour bombing[CASA approved] to glide approach and spot landing plus taxying comps which will really sort out the men from the boys. A sausage sizzle is on all day,plus there is a Trash and Treasure market on at the airfield as well. So if you are within flying distance come in and either compete or watch and enjoy the activities. See you there Jennifer
  24. Hi, We have had some very big gentleman in our Sportstars at Gympie,who have continued on to learn how to fly with us. Hope that may be of some help. Jennifer
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    Piper Unveils PiperSport LSA

    Hi Everyone, It is a great aircraft,especially now as its going to be marketed as a Piper Sport,we have a Sportcruiser here at Gympie,exactly the same scheme as on the video[red and white],fitted with Dynons,leather upholstery and the whole works. After watching the Piper promotional video,and having quite a lot of hours clocked up in cruisers,everything they are saying about the aircraft is true. Unfortunately for us,the owner of the aircraft here has decided to sell,not enough time to fly. If any of you are interested,in knowing more about Sportcruisers[soon to be Piper Sport]please feel free to PM me. Jennifer