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  1. Collingwood and the dud coach...out of the Grand Final... Australia breathes a sigh of relief.
  2. cficare


    the "Story of O" is a good read.....!!
  3. cficare


    is that what Gray was into...?
  4. Lancair.....a nasty aircraft for a irregular pilot. Definately a killer if you aren't current and a fly by the numbers pilot.
  5. i'd suggest....'sucked in'....just because others have landed there doesn't make it safe.
  6. cficare


    i hope a 'ton' of RAA e / planes attend....i'll be disappointed if a few of the RAA exec don't!
  7. Go for it Jim....a shame you haven't been here before..
  8. its not a friend but many of them...when they decide to sing..the noise is unbelieveable!! of course this thread couldn't exist in another universe...
  9. 0808UTC tonight...we surge towards summer!
  10. that photo would go well in a certain magazine...
  11. your ahead of the rest of us Dex...we have to wait until September 21/22!
  12. 0803UTC tonight...(overcast skies and thunder in the air)...roll on summer!!
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