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  1. I don't understand why everyone doesn't have an AH - even one of those little portable jobs like a Dynon D3 - as a "I stuffed up but this can save my life" type of deal. I've lost the horizon when flying before, but wasn't in cloud - surrounded by it yes, but not in it - and I was eternally grateful for that 10" EFIS right in front of me. And that's in a simple VFR RV. Being able to immediately transition to that might have helped these two idiots...
  2. Makes me wonder if they snagged the glider as U/S for an engineering inspection. They pulled enough G's to lose the camera mount - and I know sometimes it doesn't take much to do that - but the G-meter shows nearly 8G's on the recovery and that looks to be over the redline on the G-meter.
  3. Yeah, this'll work.....HHmm, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.....What's that smell?
  4. Must be the Kiwi -GDG, the Aussie one is listed as a single seat. The only other thing I have to say is "WTF were they thinking playing so close to cloud without an AH?" Wonder what a new pair of seat cushions costs for one of those fancy high-performance gliders?
  5. I don't think it's water they're spraying. Maybe CO2? Here's a better video showing the drones up close on the ground, they aren't overly small, but still, there's no chance they can carry a hose filled with any decent amount of water.
  6. If you are going to routinely do over-water flights, I would recommend something like the HEED/SpareAir tiny SCBA systems. They're fairly cheap, relatively small, and could probably be mounted under your knees in most planes and would give you enough time to calm down after the initial oh-shyte moments and avoid the panic of knowing you only have a few seconds to get out before you need to breathe. I've seriously considered getting one for the RV, as if I put it in the water, being a bubble canopy it'd be hard to open if it flipped over in the time I'd likely have available.
  7. The local rag is saying it was a training flight from Bankstown-Orange-Carcoar with FlightAware & FlightRadar showing VH-OIS flew that route, deparing Orange 0537UTC before heading to CarCoar before their return disappeared.
  8. For those that aren't aware, Upper Hunter Shire Council is spending megabucks on an upgrade of their airport to build a new warbird museum & terminal, in addition to a new parallel taxiway & repairing the existing runway. They have decided to close the entire airport for a period of 4 weeks from 09 November until 05 December, assuming the weather cooperates and doesn't delay things further. There will be no fixed wing ops, no helicopter's in support of firebombing, nothing at all will be permitted except ground access to your aircraft if hangared there - not that you can ac
  9. If you have the $$, I'd get a small 2 seater over a roomy single seat. Even if its' only somewhere to throw your nav bag & water bottle. There's a couple of Jabiru's for sale on the RAAus classifieds for $26.5 and $27.0 and a GR912 for sale down Tasmania way but both obviously not singles. I saw a Sapphire for sale that I'm thinking about buying if its' still around when I've moved house, for $11.5 but I'm told they aren't that great for taller pilots - and it has a '447 in it, and you said you're after a 4-stroke. Check out Lightwing's page - they look to have a P
  10. Totally agree @facthunter, I didn't articulate it clearly, but I'd meant that example to be in the context of planning, not actually flying it. If I've read the AIP right and there's no other clause hidden away, then I'd need to plan to Cessnock, and have enough fuel to divert to Taree/Bankstown if necessary. IF you're only TAS'ing 120KTAS that's another 45 minutes or so of fuel you'll need to carry just because you can't use the GAF.🤬 Same for Bankstown itself if it were below the Alternate Minima, you could consider an alternate as Sydney, Maitland or Wollongong, there aren't a l
  11. @facthunter I don't think anyone's suggesting flying VFR into IMC, rather, your departure point can go IMC immediately after you've left and, so long as you won't need to return (because you've got a known-good forecast) that's fine. I can't recall specifically planning a destination alternate in any of my XC flights since training, but have always thought about "where can I go if...." when airborne. Though in re-reading the AIP it looks like I've been a naughty boy, as I've relied on the GAF for assessing whether the destination is above the VFR alternate minima, simply due to the
  12. There's actually a really interesting discussion going on over at PPRune at the moment regarding alternates and the question "Do you need an alternate if your destination does not have a TAF?" My reading of the AIP is "yes, you do", but it's a ridiculous proposition - how many of us fly to airfields that no longer - or have never had - a TAF service? CAVU weather and you need an alternate - and that alternate cannot be an airport that itself requires an alternate, so you need to plan to somewhere that does have a TAF. WTF?!? The kicker is the word "aerodrome"
  13. I've either misinterpreted that bit, or completely forgotten it. The only 60 minute "requirement" for departure I can recall is if you do not hold a current forecast for your destination and you intend to obtain that in flight, which you can do for upto 30 minutes after departure. So takeoff, fly 30 min out, get forecast - it's crap - return to origin = need 60 mins good weather. But if you have a known-good forecast for your destination, you can depart if you can maintain VMC and your departure point can immediately go IMC, with not a care in the world. What's the ref
  14. Centaurus over at PPrune mentioned a similar accident at Camden around a decade earlier. A MECIR checkride was underway and as part of the briefing, the checkee, a current airline pilot, refused to accept an EFATO below 500AGL at night. The ATO agreed to this. They flew Bankstown-Wollongong-Camden and almost immediately on rotation at Camden - at night, remember - what does the ATO do? Fail an engine, with predictable results. The ATO received serious, ultimately fatal, injuries and the checkee serious injuries.
  15. That AirNorth one was downright stupid - and almost a carbon copy of a B1900 that lost control at Williamtown a year or so earlier doing the exact same thing! If you go to Flight Idle on your typical auto-feather equipped engine, you are no longer simulating "just" an engine failure. You are simulating an engine failure and the failure of the autofeather system. And as has been found many times over, almost all light piston and an awful lot of turbine twins will not accelerate yet alone climb away like that. We will continue to have accidents until people want to learn
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