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  1. Some very important points you raise @Ignition. Some very important points indeed. I built and fly my RV so they ain't hard. Even old school 3's or 4's, if you can understand Lego & Mecanno, and have the $$ to finish it, you'll finish it. Note I didn't say "time" as $$ outweigh "time". Less time = more $$ for easier-to-implement parts... I do want to help other's get into aviation, and on my local airport. We put up a new windsock at our back gate, as there wasn't one at our end of the airfield. We've installed a pair of ADS-B ground stations for FA and FR24, I'm going to install
  2. To answer the question: "No" But to expand on that, unless I was doing hardcore aerobatics, or single engine NVMC/IMC solo I think I would prefer to stay with the plane, certainly if it is the RV-9. I am of the belief - and have absolutely zero data to support it - that you're less likely to suffer injury if you can fly the plane to a safe (controlled) crash landing, even if you destroy it to protect you. That being said, being able to safely egress your plane will be a huge deciding factor. The sliding canopy RV's are un-bail-outable. The Tip-up canopy ones require you to ret
  3. The original 'Prune thread was about those specific forums, not aviation as a whole, however, there are many parallels. FB has cost a great many decent forums their membership as people have a finite amount of time to spend online, and when they connect with their friends & family on FB, they can also be told about new posts on any relevant groups. I'm on two aviation buy/sell/swap sites, two local community pages and two Comanche groups, as well as RF/Pprune & a couple of industry-specific forums and all the internet/PHP-based ones have suffered a significant decline in m
  4. Add to that the John Quadrio and Richard Rudd scandals too. Once might be a mistake, two, an unlikely but remotely possible co-incidence. Three or more? Yeah, nah, that's not either of the above....
  5. True, there's always more than one way to remove the dermis from a feline - but remember - if old mate knows his stuff and wants to be a prick, he can still arrest you and hand you over to the Rozzers and your afternoon has just gone to hell. All that that 'defence' would mean is you'd likely be found "not guilty" of breaking the law, it doesn't negate the arrest process. That being said, what's the chance of it actually happening? Probably between "never" and "stuff-all" unless you have the sort of luck I seem to...😄
  6. Do we have any 4-lane tunnels in Australia? I think the ones on the M2 in Sydney might only be 3 lanes if they are meant to qualify as a tunnel, proper... Anyway, I dunno what the big deal is. Doesn't everyone remember Mission Impossible? Tom Cruise was hanging off a helicopter in the Channel Tunnel - and that was 20 years ago! Yes, I know Le Chunnel is but one train wide, it is Hollywood, yadda yadda....
  7. An emergency command declared by whom? The Government, or in many cases, an unelected public official! Who is not accountable to the public for their actions, beyond getting a bad performance review next quarter... There are no checks or balances applied to these "Declarations of Emergency" beyond time limits, which IIRC, the Victorian Government had a bit of a brouhaha with wanting to extend. Declare a SoE, and you can do (almost) whatever you want, such as imprisoning residents of an apartment block, or stealing (sorry, "Confiscating") alcohol being delivered to residents o
  8. You picked the cause yesterday. It's meant as a compliment (for those that never had teachers - or SAAA MPC instructors - giving out Freddo's when you get the right answer). 😉 I reckon that's exactly what's happened. Pump on, changed tanks & descended back towards the runway ( which cooled everything off) to the point it didn't happen again, and the subsequent circuits weren't at full power vs low power long enough to reheat things.
  9. So today, I went out to the hangar (read, I walked out my laundry door and past my clothes line to get there....🙃) to do a bit of troubleshooting to see if I could work out what happened yesterday. I drained 55L of fuel from the right tank, had a look at the vent line (clear) and also a look at the CAV-110 fuel drain that showed it had a few small bits of accumulated debris in its' ports which led me to break out the borescope to try to verify the fuel pickup was unobstructed. I couldn't get a good view of the pickup, simply due to the angle and the borescope not being able t
  10. A slightly stressful 1.1 today, stay-at-home orders notwithstanding... 🤐 The plan was to simply recalibrate my AoA sensor and update the ASI speed bands to reflect the increase in weight & stall speeds. That went fairly well, taking off and climbing on the right tank with no issues, and after a series of pitch maneuvers to setup the calibration routine & 3 stalls the calibration was successfully saved and then a minute or so later, the engine decided it had had enough, pig-rootin and carrying on refusing to spin up above 1800RPM or so, even with full throttle. OAT was +10*C,
  11. Well, the question by the OP was "The Coey need's to take a piss. There's an airport right below me, but it's PPR. What can they do if I land anyway?". Taking a piddle is not an emergency, no matter how it may feel at the time! But you're still right. SE pilots are always looking for the next suitable field in which to put down, but for a non-emergency situation, I'd want to know I had permission to be wherever I land, rather than doing it and saying "Sorry about that" once I'm down...
  12. Stop trying to play the emotional card, "But what if it was your mum or dad?!?" The Government has put a dollar value on Australian lives since Noah was a fullback. And they threw it right out the window for Covid, and they keep right on doing it! Even if we lost the full 30,000 they thought we would at the start, that's still less than the cost of what they've done, and are doing to people and businesses, and that's purely the financial cost. (Incidentally, that cost would be "only" $150 Billion...What are we up to now in lockdown's/JobKeeper/Covid Disaster Payments/e
  13. CAAP's are not legislation, they are advisory publications only. That is an important point that must be recognised. And while it is good practice to generally follow what's in them, you can happily operate outside them, so long as you can still maintain compliance with the CAR/CASR's et al. I still don't get where you're coming from with regards to CAsA prosecuting anyone for landing on an airfield designated as PPR without getting the "PP" part...The closest I could make out would be a violation of CAR92(1.D) or perhaps CAR93 - perhaps you can be more specific in your claims by p
  14. True - but look at McGoose over in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Westralia...We have ramping and a health system under pressure in NSW because we're pushing 1,200 Delta cases a day. He has a health system under pressure, record ramping times & elective surgeries cancelled without Covid! At least, that explains why he's kept the border closed. He's shit scared of it getting into an ill-prepared WA, no matter how much his CHO Perjured himself in the Palmer trial by saying they could manage it...
  15. Why would you want to look for a CAsA rule? CAsA has nothing to do with whether you're on someone's airfield without permission.
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