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  1. ev17ifly2

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    I’ll say it just one more time , the BushCat kit can be ordered ex factory including propeller, engine and a choice of around 8 instrument panels. Depending on avionics the price can be up to $90k Suggest those interested contact Errol direct at GAP rather than wasting time on this forum like I have just done
  2. ev17ifly2

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    My BushCat KIT came with prop, instruments, and engine. All supplied by GAP Aviation in QLD
  3. ev17ifly2

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    No, that includes the 912uls
  4. ev17ifly2

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    Or you could pay between $85k to $105k for an Aircreation or P&M trike. Wow
  5. ev17ifly2

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    Not sure where the $45000 came from unless your talking US$. A compete kit is just under $90k inc gst
  6. ev17ifly2

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    I won’t be posting on this forum but there will be pics on BushCat Club and BFDU on FB
  7. ev17ifly2

    ra aus 10- prefix. still used?

    25 prefix, early ultralight. Probably old rego or has an exemption, either way long before I started flying.
  8. ev17ifly2

    ra aus 10- prefix. still used?

    I think this guy might be having a lend of you. Section 5.1, 10.2 in the RA tech manual states that the 2 digit prefix, hyphen then the 4 digit rego must be displayed
  9. ev17ifly2

    RAAus to disclose member details

    And while you lot are at it, you’d better get on to your respective motoring registration authorities who disclose your information to local councils when you overstay a parking meter. Which by the way is a hell of a lot more than you’ll ever have to pay by way of landing fees
  10. ev17ifly2

    Small Flying Schools

    Well said Camel. Unfortunately this thread was started with unsubstantiated rubbish and it’s escalated from there. Thank you for your first hand level headed input
  11. ev17ifly2

    Tech Manager

  12. ev17ifly2

    RA Aus and landing fees

    Of late many councils and shires view their airstrips as both a financial and legal liability and there are consultants out there who perpetuate that myth. Unlike a "grey nomad" a touring pilot and their passenger(s) bring little else with them apart from their wallets. As a result they tend to spend a bit more in the district than your typical terrestrial tourist. A few (not many) councils have woken up to this fact and actively encourage us to stay and spend.
  13. ev17ifly2

    Tech Manager

    Bill you're right "we don't need to know" just so long as that department continues to exist along with the solid technical support and representation we have come to expect the RAA needs to make no announcement
  14. ev17ifly2


    Hello people, here is where it started. I trust you don't get this far off track when flying
  15. ev17ifly2

    Do we want off topic back?

    I'm amazed, I resurected this thread with a tongue in cheek suggestion that we cater for the wingers and hard done by members and it's now gained another life