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  1. You’re right, but this coupled with a radio and my eyeballs it’s the best I can do.
  2. I use Oz Runways along with an ADSB receiver. Other Oz Runways users ID shows up as light blue circle and those aircraft with ADSB display as a dark blue circle. Works well for minimum cost
  3. I have just completed building a BushCat tail wheel and am now part way through the test flying period. The build was relatively straight forward taking only six months. There was the odd missing bit, mainly miss counted items such as clevis pins, washers, nuts etc. Manual was reasonably comprehensive and supported by 100 plus online build videos. SkyReach BushCat has a dedicated help desk which was a great help and any issues were rectified straight away. Anything extra was shipped DHL Express and arrived here in Vic around 6 working days. This build does however require a bit more skill than your average DYI er, mechanical, fabrication and electrical skills a definite advantage. i hope this helps your “friend”
  4. Clever thinking guys, this sort of verbal diarrhoea should deter even the most persistent trolls
  5. That is not necessarily the case, a new 4 stroke trike from Air Creation, P&M or Airborne will set you back anywhere between $60k to $110k. However there are plenty of second hand dinged up, poorly maintained, high hours trikes out there for sale. also there is little or no difference in ownership costs between a trike or a 3 axis ultralight. I know as I went down this path.
  6. ev17ifly2


  7. I just hope there is enough cockpit height to accommodate the turbans
  8. By RAA do you mean recreational flying in general as at least one trike fatality was HGFA registered
  9. I’ve just finished building a BushCat tail dragger. Started October and have just been issued with permit to test fly. Factory support from Skyreach was awesome along with excellent documentation and videos which made the build relatively straightforward even for a novice such as myself
  10. We were carrying an InReach on an outback motorcycle trip last August. I came off and broke my leg so activated the inReach. The response from Houston was almost immediate and the text messaging worked well. AMSAR was sent details and coordinates however being a land based incident it was then forwarded to the state police. This is where it went off the rails and I ended up laying in the desert with a double break in lower leg for 6.5 hours before help arrived.
  11. Well that’s an hour of your life wasted you can’t get back
  12. I have landed at most of the above airports and had little difficulty in obtaining Mogas. I travelled with 2 x 20 litre fold up bladders from Liquid Containment which are excellent. At one town a stockman drove us into the servo and at Hillston a council worker loaned us his ute. From memory there was only one occasion where I filled with an avgas shandy. Just make sure your flight plan excludes Willcannia as some in that town aren’t welcoming of pilots.
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