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  1. ev17ifly2

    Small Flying Schools

    Well said Camel. Unfortunately this thread was started with unsubstantiated rubbish and it’s escalated from there. Thank you for your first hand level headed input
  2. ev17ifly2

    Tech Manager

  3. ev17ifly2

    RA Aus and landing fees

    Of late many councils and shires view their airstrips as both a financial and legal liability and there are consultants out there who perpetuate that myth. Unlike a "grey nomad" a touring pilot and their passenger(s) bring little else with them apart from their wallets. As a result they tend to spend a bit more in the district than your typical terrestrial tourist. A few (not many) councils have woken up to this fact and actively encourage us to stay and spend.
  4. ev17ifly2

    Tech Manager

    Bill you're right "we don't need to know" just so long as that department continues to exist along with the solid technical support and representation we have come to expect the RAA needs to make no announcement
  5. ev17ifly2


    Hello people, here is where it started. I trust you don't get this far off track when flying
  6. ev17ifly2

    Do we want off topic back?

    I'm amazed, I resurected this thread with a tongue in cheek suggestion that we cater for the wingers and hard done by members and it's now gained another life
  7. ev17ifly2

    Do we want off topic back?

    Yeah, but wouldn't it be more convenient if we add my suggested forums - Glass Half Empty and Axe to Grind. That way about half the posts on this site would have a home
  8. ev17ifly2

    Do we want off topic back?

    Maybe not "off topic" but its apparent that many members would benefit from a couple of others - "axe to grind" and "glass half empty". This would enable them to bang on ad infinitum as to how they were wronged by authority and the good old days. It may require an audio filter as the whining will be louder than a GE90 spooling up
  9. ev17ifly2

    What to ask when buying an engine?

    A person who buys anything mechanical thinking it's bomb proof should think again, especially if said machine has 2000plus hours.
  10. ev17ifly2

    July issue Sport Pilot

    Congratulations to Mark Smith it looks like he's done a great job with hid first edition of Sport Pilot
  11. ev17ifly2

    RAA 2018 Nominations called

    As Will Smith once said "stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions"
  12. ev17ifly2

    Help needed

    This was posted on BFDU Facebook page 3 hrs ago by pilot Ray Le Carr, Help needed, Bourke council want to decommision Byrock, engonia and fords bridge airfields. I believe council met on Monday. We flew in on Friday and heard the plea for help from Gail and Paul Kelly who own the awesome mulga creek hotel. This is the first time I have had wifi to post. If anyone can help persuade the council otherwise the bush aviation world thanks you. Gail and Paul will have all the deta, I don' have anymore details and will be out of signaL. Here's hoping!
  13. ev17ifly2

    95 or 98 Ron fuel?

    Th This doesn't seem to be supported by technical articles from the oil companies. In fact in an article I read there are instances where 98RON actually went up in octain over a given time period although by a minute amount. However overall all fuels deteriorate or change composition over time
  14. ev17ifly2

    Are you actually insured?

    I can tell you now that if a non essential services bystander intervenes in any accident and is deemed to have contributed to the victims injuries he or she better have a bloody good lawyer. Doesn't matter if it's aviation, automotive or bushwalking