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  1. I have landed at most of the above airports and had little difficulty in obtaining Mogas. I travelled with 2 x 20 litre fold up bladders from Liquid Containment which are excellent. At one town a stockman drove us into the servo and at Hillston a council worker loaned us his ute. From memory there was only one occasion where I filled with an avgas shandy. Just make sure your flight plan excludes Willcannia as some in that town aren’t welcoming of pilots.
  2. A couple of years back when Mangalore was flat out some instructor had trained them to say “number one” after every call in the circuit which they then believed gave them absolute priority. That is of course if you could even understand the Changalese
  3. Holey cow, a massive $5 increase from RAAus. My shire rates have increased by $300 this year, car and bike registration also up significantly, health insurance through the roof, petrol at an all time high, how will I ever manage to scrape up the extra $5 to go flying.
  4. If you had taken the time to come to grips with the CASA online store you would have soon realised that there are many free publications that can be ordered all for a total postage cost of $15. Either way when you are asked to check out and pay the $15 p & h fee is clearly shown. You could have opted out at that point.
  5. I’ll say it just one more time , the BushCat kit can be ordered ex factory including propeller, engine and a choice of around 8 instrument panels. Depending on avionics the price can be up to $90k Suggest those interested contact Errol direct at GAP rather than wasting time on this forum like I have just done
  6. My BushCat KIT came with prop, instruments, and engine. All supplied by GAP Aviation in QLD
  7. Or you could pay between $85k to $105k for an Aircreation or P&M trike. Wow
  8. Not sure where the $45000 came from unless your talking US$. A compete kit is just under $90k inc gst
  9. I won’t be posting on this forum but there will be pics on BushCat Club and BFDU on FB
  10. 25 prefix, early ultralight. Probably old rego or has an exemption, either way long before I started flying.
  11. I think this guy might be having a lend of you. Section 5.1, 10.2 in the RA tech manual states that the 2 digit prefix, hyphen then the 4 digit rego must be displayed
  12. And while you lot are at it, you’d better get on to your respective motoring registration authorities who disclose your information to local councils when you overstay a parking meter. Which by the way is a hell of a lot more than you’ll ever have to pay by way of landing fees
  13. Well said Camel. Unfortunately this thread was started with unsubstantiated rubbish and it’s escalated from there. Thank you for your first hand level headed input