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  1. I recorded this flight long time ago, but only now I had the time to edit and upload it. It is dedicated to my former student.
  2. Hello captains! My name is Commander McKoy and welcome to my Time Lapse #1 Video! This time lapse was recorded in Cascais Aerodrome for about 2 hours at a rate of 1 photo per second. The outcome wasn't what I expected, because the planes performing touch and go, were too fast. So maybe my next time lapse will be recorded at 1 photo each half a second. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video as always. Don't forget to comment down bellow and give me some suggestions for my next videos.
  3. I got a very special gift when I was 3 years old back in 1990. I'm quite sure that it changed my life forever and it made who I am today. I'm documenting my biography through Youtube, since I've stopped flying, due to some unfortunate events. Back then I was recording my flights with my students and made the videos available for study reviewing. The gift itself is a surprise in this personal video I've made last week, I had to re-buy it, since I no longer had it with me (it's in Portugal and I'm now living in The Netherlands): I'm really sad that I'm not flying anymore, but I find comfort in making these videos. The memories just keep popping and I look back in time, and what a journey I've made since then. The dream stayed dormant until my teenage years, where I bought the FS2004 and spent countless hours flying and flying. I could fly everything, from the Cub to the Boeing 737 to the Bell206. And then I just dived in to the CPL(A) course at 18 years old. Followed by the CFI. I flew for 10 years. I'm now making a series on how I've became a pilot "From Zero to Hero" and later on I'll make a new series documenting how everything went downhill.. "From Hero to...." I hope you enjoy the video. Anyway, thanks for giving the ability to share my story with you.
  4. Thanks once more. I was living the dream back then, 2000 total flight hours, which 1700 were instruction flights and aprox 6500 landings. I created my own Youtube Channel (CommanderMcKoy) to upload my student's videos, giving them the ability to review their flights everywhere at anytime with the advantage of having detailed briefings and procedures. But unfortunately soon after, everything went spiraling down. Since I'm not flying anymore, I've focused on making my video biography. The first series are called From Zero to Hero on how I've become a pilot, starting from the very beggining where I received this very special gift. It's amazing how a gift can change your life forever. It doesn't matter if it's small or big, cheap or expensive. What's important is the meaning. Sometimes I keep wondering if I received something else would I take a different path. Would've I became a medic, firefighter or car mechanic? I will never know... One thing is for sure, I wouldn't be posting here. Hehe.
  5. I hope his teachings live on forever in you and help to make your dream come true. I also played a lot of FS2004 in my teenage days. I remember the first time I tried to fly a Boeing 747. I was perplexed by the amount of so many clocks and buttons and thought, it will take ages to learn everything. Good luck then with your ongoing adventure and medical condition, I wish you the best. We are never old to start/learn something new. Unfortunately for me, I stopped flying a year ago, for some unexpected turn of events. Thanks for your story and heartfelt reply.
  6. Hello once more RecFlying mates, I didn't share my last videos with you because they weren't somewhat aviation related, but this one is a very personal video and basically why I got into aviation. I got a special gift when I was 3 years old in 1990. It changed my life forever and molded the path to who and where I am today, Commander McKoy! I headed to Den Helder to re-buy it, since I didn't have it anymore with me in The Netherlands. I also managed to visit the local Airport and took some shots there. And for you? What got you into aviation? Was just mere curiosity or fascination? Did you have someone in your family that were already working in the aviation industry? Don't forget to vote in the poll! I was also very fascinated how something so big and heavy could fly so "slow" in the sky... Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video. And as always I salute you all my Captains, get ready, Over and Out!
  7. You're right. Ego can also kill. And I've witnessed that first hand, unfortunately.
  8. Hello again guys and girls. New video is up. I recorded this flight a long time ago, maybe 3 years, but only now I had the time to edit and upload it. It is especially dedicated to my former student. We had a blast recording it and as always, flying as safe as possible. ;) [GALLERY=media, 3937]Best Harlem Shake Ever in the Sky by Commander Mckoy by Commander Mckoy posted Apr 11, 2017 at 9:07 AM[/GALLERY] I hope you enjoy. I salute you all my Captains, Over and Out!
  9. Hello turboplanner. Thank you for replying. The heading and the content are intrinsic. I stopped flying, therefore I stopped uploading and sharing my videos here. There is a lot to explain and one video is not enough. I'm shaping my path to fly again, and I hope you all stick along for the good and bad. What lead to this is a successive of very unfortunate events and I think I'm not the only one out here that has gone through this kind of hardships. I didn't meant to be misleading in any kind of way. I hope you understand. I salute you all my Captains, Over and Out.
  10. Hello guys once more. Maybe none of you may remember me. But a long time ago, around 3 years, I was sharing and posting my educational/procedural flight instruction videos here on Recreational Flying Forum. I was very commited to keep on making great content for you all, but everything went wrong. A lot has happened during this absence. Most of us are born with "wings" made to fly, we shed tears, blood and we sweat love and passion for aviation. But unfortunately for me I stopped flying. I'm once more sharing with you my experiences throught this years. Maybe some can identify, others not. In aviation it seems everything is beautiful or perfect, but it's not. It's my first time speaking directly to the camera and I'm not very used to public speaking but by sharing my emotions and feelings I can say that in a strange kinda way it helps me getting this weight of my shoulders. Lets share our experiences. What about you? If you were flying and needed to stop why did you have to? Anyway I hope you all can relate and enjoy my video as usual. I salute you all my Captains, Over and Out.
  11. Hello fellow aviators! I'm sorry for my long absence but I'm back with one more video. In this video I performed a training flight in a multi-engine aircraft, a Beechcraft Duchess BE-76. We performed a real engine failure with an airstart, and later on we found out there was a malfunction of the Emergency Landing Gear Manual Extension. It sure was unpleasant to experience but after that we performed a Go-Around and Full-Stop Landing. Enjoy. Commander McKoy.
  12. Wow. Thanks for sharing your amazing story! That's right. Always perform a thorough pre-flight inspection, even if you know the airplane or if you're flying it regularly. Would like to see any procedure reviewed? Just ask me. Don't be shy. Hehehe. My next video is a training flight in a Beechcraft Duchess 76 with a real engine failure and airstart, and we also performed a VOR-DME Approach to Runway 35 at Cascais( ICAO code: LPCS) Cheers, Commander McKoy.
  13. I'm really glad that you liked it. And yes, it is an emergency that isn't trained very much in general, but it is very important. If I can remember, I performed at least 3 landings without the yoke for training as an instructor, self-taught. It's quite hardcore! Maybe someday I'll make a video "No Yoke Landing". Hehe. Cheers, Commander McKoy.
  14. Thanks ayavner! Don't forget to check my other videos as well on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/commandermckoy And if you have any questions or sugestions regarding my videos don't hesitate to comment. Enjoy! Commander McKoy.
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