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  1. Bruce Tuncks

    From airsickness to aerobatics

    In stone-age times, if your cave started moving, then it was a fair bet that you had eaten something poisonous and so the vomiting reflex was triggered. So airsickness just means that your brain is working well. Admiral Nelson got seasick all the time. So you are in good company .
  2. Bruce Tuncks

    BalanceMaster testing

    Old K , will you have an actual measurement of vibration before and after fitting the BM? I've thought about fitting a vibration sender, they are quite cheap and available eg from hobbyking. When I do have a meter installed, I will be keen to try a BM. Until then, my sense of vibration is not reliable enough to really know if an improvement has been achieved.
  3. Bruce Tuncks

    Fire Bomber Down

    Glad to hear they are ok, and that it was not another horrifying structural failure. Fire bombers seem more prone to structural failure than most other uses. I guess they are loaded to the max and then fly into extreme turbulence.
  4. Bruce Tuncks

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    This will be a good test to see if sanity prevails or not. The "Aviation Safety " view is to restrict angel flights in order to increase aviation safety. This without regard to the total situation. Insane if the pollies go for " aviation safety " at a net cost in lives.
  5. Bruce Tuncks

    The Aviation Acronym Song

    I reckon the over-use of acronyms is the best proof ever that they ( the government ) are really out to get me dead. They may have had some use back in the days of telegrams. Now their only use is to obfuscate. Once I decided to actually read some official acronym stuff... i said to myself " get a grip and just look up the bleeding glossary" AND the second acronym wasn't in the glossary! So I just guess the stuff they clearly don't want me to know. After all, it is clearly in their interest that I have a crash.
  6. Bruce Tuncks

    Cheap endoscope

    I'm planning to use both. To this time, I've used a leakdown tester and I don't plan to stop. But reading Mike Busch got me thinking a look in there would be good too.
  7. Bruce Tuncks


    I was once checking my prop when this elderly visitor to my hangar pointed out that the relative airflow into your prop is seldom if ever right on the prop axis. A degree or so of slip or skid is hardly noticed on the skid ball, and angle-of attack variation will generally be more than one degree. Don't let this knowledge stop you from getting the prop as good as you can, but bear in mind that there are some big other factors involved in the final result of getting smooth running.
  8. Bruce Tuncks

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    You are not generally critically ill to start with. The mortality figures are in agreement with jetjr in that country people can miss out on advanced diagnostic tests which are available in the city, and therefore the angel flights save lives.
  9. Bruce Tuncks

    How am I still flying?

    Hey Yenn, you have to fly all year to get the benefit from that $254. If you fly every day, that comes to less than a dollar a flight.
  10. Bruce Tuncks

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    Its not safe to sit in front of the tv all day. Being inactive is 4 times as dangerous ( on mortality statistics) than flying. So if CASA stops people flying and they become inactive then 4 will die for every one saved. CASA would treat this as a win because the deaths due to inactivity are not counted. Our real argument is with the pollies who set up such a system.
  11. Bruce Tuncks

    Tell us about your last flight

    There was a tractor lot who advertised " no computers on our tractors" and they were right. ( But they did go broke, I dunno why) Putting a computer on a tractor and then selling it to Dad and Dave out in the backblocks of Victoria is a recipe for disaster. Believe me, I was the Dad in this and I never again will buy a computer tractor. Nev is right in this regard at least.
  12. Bruce Tuncks

    How am I still flying?

    good onyer Ken. Yes we gotta just do our own thing huh. AND no matter what we do, it will all end at the funeral place. Even if we do all that stuff.
  13. Bruce Tuncks

    Wanted- carb temp probe

    Will the carb temp probe tell you if there is a risk of icing? If so, it seems a real good idea.
  14. Bruce Tuncks

    Bad Experience with Jabiru

    Nick, no matter what you fly, the daily inspection is the real line of defense and you don't need to be an expert to have a suspicion that you check out before flying. I reckon lycomings are good engines too and accept that they are tougher than a Jabiru,. But the gliding club here sure has had problems with them over the years. At one time, we were having cracked cylinders every few weeks. Sure, glider towing is tough on an engine. We have a Jabiru with a towhook which is not used. Sometimes the 260 horse lycomings are short on power, so a 120 horsepower Jab is too low-powered for a 2 seater on a hot day. On test, it did ok with a Libelle on a cool day. And I reckon Yenn has great advice on checking a magneto engine. I'd do that ( with fear ) if I had one.
  15. Bruce Tuncks

    Cheap endoscope

    I want one which can go down a spark plug hole and then look up and back at the valves in my Jab engine . It needs to show a clear picture. Any suggestions?