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  1. Years ago, this guy wrote how in the magazine he used compressed air to refuel his plane. Well there was lots of shock/horror about how dangerous this was. He should have used nitrogen they all said. I reckon CO2 from a soda machine would do the job too.
  2. Bruce Tuncks

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  3. Bruce Tuncks

    Why I don't fly now

    Sorry to hear of your eye problems Ian. But danny is right, you will be able to fly in 2 seaters with another pilot. You sure are welcome to fly like this in my Jabiru if you ever make it to Gawler or Edenhope.
  4. Thanks winsor. My taranis is just a bit different from yours, and the sound volume is on the first page of the radio setup ( 9 page menu ). I don't think that the lack of volume is the problem, it is a slide indicator and is in the middle of the range.. There has been some progress here, I now have the telemetry vario working on a voice audio. Every 2 secs a woman's voice says " 2 ( or whatever) feet per second OR if the switch is on another setting of altitude it says " 2 hundred 35 feet" or whatever. This has enabled me to actually climb in a thermal for the first time with a Bixler, which is not really a good thermalling model normally. I still want to have the sound come through as beeps, so I can thermal it like I do in a glider, knowing where the lift begins from where the beeps begin. On my special functions page, I cycle through the options and the only one which works at all is " Play Val VSpd 2" which gives me the spoken climb or sink every 2 secs ( i can change the 2 to anything else of course) Well i have a lot to learn huh. Thanks again
  5. There is a wonderful ww1 story where the NZ prime minister lifted the pommy one ( Lloyd George) up by his lapels to explain to him that the NZ boys had not been sent over to be "shot like rabbits". If only those kiwis had taken their troops home, they might have changed the world for the better.
  6. There was a Jabiru directive about pressure fluctuations from the oil pump which caused oil coolers to leak. The gauge was not reacting to the high-frequency fluctuations and it needed an oscilloscope instrument to see them. Jabiru had to apologise to the oil-cooler makers. The fix was a small mod to the oil pump to prevent too sharp a valve closure. I find it very possible that something like this could happen on the fuel side, but it would take more sophisticated instrumentation to see it than an ordinary gauge.
  7. I've always wanted a vario for my models. My favourite models are radio-assisted free flight types like the Playboy and the Dixielander. But I can't get the telemetry beeps to sound out from the transmitter. I can get it to display the altitude and vertical speed, and the sounds ( beeps and voice messages ) are there, so it must be a programming or software fault. Is there anybody out there who can help? I will try and fly it without the audio, but taking your eyes off the model to look at a screen on the tx seems a bad idea. To make it even more tantalizing, if I disconnect the power to the rx, I get a voice message saying " telemetry lost" and then every so often the voice says " vertical speed zero"
  8. I would like a fuel pressure gauge 0-5 psi. Is there a speco?
  9. In the olden days, they were surprisingly good about airfoils. I wouldn't change it.
  10. Thanks jetboy. I have never noticed a second port , I'll have a look soon. There was a mod some years ago to change the oil pump to reduce pulsations which were causing oil filters to leak. Is this relevant?
  11. pluessy, in the change to 3 blades, could the u/c be made shorter while keeping the same ground clearance?
  12. If you consider sailplanes, the longer wings give better performance. The same is true for propellors, so as facthunter says, tip speed and ground clearance would be the reasons to consider a 3 blade prop, other things being equal. Have a look at the props on the man-powered planes to see what is efficient: big, slow, 2 blade props.
  13. I like your thought Marty, but how would you tell good dogs and owners from bad ones? There was a case around here where the bad owner let his pit bulls kill some poor old ladies lap dog.
  14. Fear of heights is about the only fear we are born with. We are irrational about the risks of flying as a result. This explains why CASA gets so much power over us.
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