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  1. Bruce Tuncks

    RAAus rego Vs Casa cost

    Nev, are you suggesting to buy a non-certified Jabiru and then apply to register it experimental VH? Has this been done? If I tried, my guess is that my application would be ignored.
  2. Bruce Tuncks

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Yep we are. Remember that in 1900 there was great worry about carrying petrol in cars. Like anything, you need some smarts about the details. Here's a bet.. If you buy a new lead-acid now, it will be the last one you buy. Already some expensive cars are coming out with LiFe starting batteries, and the electric cars ( and planes ) have heaps of them.
  3. Bruce Tuncks

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    Big gliders with thin wings ( like the ASH25 ) could not have been built without using carbon fibre. If you tried to build a glass wing like this, the twisting effect would cause the wingtips to unload and the extra span would be wasted . It was the stiffness of the carbon which made the difference.
  4. Bruce Tuncks

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    From the outside, I get the impression that CASA are just not doing their job and this is why nothing is happening. It is all too easy for CASA to just delay and delay... what sanctions can be brought to bear if they do this? You would need some strong political will which is just not there. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Bruce Tuncks

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    There is no doubt that flight was going to happen even without the wrights, and there very likely were hops predating the wrights first powered flight. Otto Lilienthal sure predated the wrights, but without power of course and his glider was not very controllable, as his demise showed. Controlled flight takes pilot skill, stability, control, power and thrust. All the other claims fall away when you look at their machines. Several of them could clearly make the lift, but only the wrights had all the ingredients together. And they continued, to the point where they could do a demonstration on demand. Who else did that? I agree its sad that they tried to patent everything.
  6. Bruce Tuncks

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    If you look at the prop, you will see that it is non-scientific. You could fly with a prop like that with a modern engine, but not with a primitive one.
  7. Bruce Tuncks

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    I looked up the gustav weisskopf plane and it might well have lifted off but it couldn't have done a controlled flight.
  8. Bruce Tuncks

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Yesterday I crashed my Radian XL here at the farm. It was in a thermal about 600 ft and I went into the shed to get a seat, taking my eyes off it for about 10 sec. When I got back, there was no glider in the sky! I headed off in the direction it was last seen, and then a fire started in a nearby paddock. Yep, after the crash, the LiPO's ( 14.8V) ignited and caused the rest of the model to burn. My wife says I am as silly as that woman who put her Winnebago on cruise control on the freeway and then left the drivers seat to make a cup of tea. ( is that story even true?) There was no risk of a bushfire as it was a calm day and not much to burn in that paddock, but now I know that LiPO's can do this. But I still think that LiFe's must make a safer plane because I reckon the weight savings extra safety must outweigh the negative safety of that extra bit of flammability if you are already on fire. Note that if I had only had LiFe's in that Radian, it would not have burned to start with. Why is lighter=safer? Lower stall speed, lower inertia, less power needed to maintain height and better climb rate.
  9. Bruce Tuncks

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    is it a kolb?
  10. Bruce Tuncks

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    I didn't know about Orville nearly going to Yale. But they were certainly good scientists and maybe they were better off as things worked out. One of the great atrocities of the ancient world was the burning of the library of Alexandria. Yet it can be argued that most of the stuff in that library was superstitious rubbish and upcoming scientists were better off without it. Now I'm sure that Yale in 1900 did not teach rubbish, but Orville might well have wasted some years and I don't see what he could have learned there which would have helped him. Just look at propellors... the usual was crude paddles, while the Wrights built a test rig to measure thrust. They had the first modern props in history and could not have flown without them.
  11. Bruce Tuncks

    Nice new planes for RFDS

    I can remember when they used Dehavilland Dragon-Rapides from Alice Springs for the flying doctor. I have a strong memory of one of these which failed to get airborne at Hermannsburg once and finished up as a wreck in the bush just off the end of the runway. But when I tried to check on this, I could find nothing. It would have been in the late 50's I think. Connellan's were busting to get American planes but the Menzies government insisted on pommy planes and the government were paying for the mail contracts which kept Connellans in business. Those dragon-rapides were very low powered with their 2 gypsy motors.
  12. Bruce Tuncks

    Nice new planes for RFDS

    As a cheapskate, I reckon they are too expensive and too imported. The Jabiru twin is what the RFDS should be equipped with.
  13. Bruce Tuncks

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Thanks onetrack, I am surprised that mechanical is simpler. I wondered about a capacitor system right at the motor where the first bit of current charged up the capacitor and so was not available for the motor windings. Not so easy I guess..
  14. Bruce Tuncks

    Tell us about your last flight

    I wish there were more guidelines and less regs. I suppose when the swat team turn up and shoot you for not conforming to a safety reg, that's ok. ( different Bruce here, I'm from South Australia )
  15. Bruce Tuncks

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    I reckon you are right jetjr. I also liked Nev's idea years ago that the flywheel mating face is where the super-strong loctite should be used and not the mounting bolts themselves. I also like the idea of a "soft start " where some electrical method is used to reduce the starter power for the first second or so. I wonder if anybody knows how to do this.