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  1. Yes you can make an engine test setup. The engine cooling needs to be catered for, and there must be a way of applying a torque load to extract power. A flywheel will not load the engine by itself.
  2. Nev's intuition was supported by a research project where they convinced some judges to be instrumented while they worked. The result of the research was to find that the winner is subconsciously decided within seconds of the judge clapping eyes on both parties. Of course this is strongly denied by everybody, particularly judges. An artificial intelligence judge would not suffer this problem, and it might be faster and cheaper. Apparently computer-aided lawyering is well advanced already, so the idea is not as far fetched as it seems.
  3. My wife was once told at a service station that her radiator fan was faulty since it was not moving. This service station was on the north side of Gawler, while the repair place we knew of was on the south side. So she drove across town to be told that the fan was electrical and it only operated when it needed to. This was before mobile phones or I hope she would have rung me. Anyway, should he have told her to walk since the car could possibly be overheated and thus damaged from driving? The situation was very similar to that one in the court-case story, at least in the minds of the participants. Should people who have no idea or interest in how their cars work be licensed? What about planes?
  4. I reckon that woman with the fan belt and the judge involved were awful. How was the mechanic guy at the first service station to know just how close that car was to failing? How was he going to get paid for his time if he was now responsible for this woman? Not all judges are smart people I know, and there are real idiots as well as mentally incompetent types in their ranks. Bring on Artificial Intelligence judges says me. Just suppose there is a judge who is slowly going insane. What mechanisms are there to detect this before damage is done?
  5. I think it was about 1980 turbs. But I see from your reference stuff that the area had been considered long before this. There was a story ( Probably not true, but presented to me as true) about a road accident victim lying on the rails at a level crossing, with all the bystanders afraid to move the victim because of fear of litigation. In the story, a passing train settled the matter. But here's something that actually happened to me: It was noon on a very hot day and just short of the gliding club there was a motorbike accident. The young bloke was nursing what looked like a broken arm and his girlfriend had abrasions. Somebody had gone to the nearest house to call an ambulance. Then the ambulance caller finally came back to say nobody was home there, I said bugger it, hop in the car and I'll drive you up to the hospital. At the hospital, the girlfriend asked me to collect her purse from the motorbike. When I returned to do this, the other bystanders told me that I was going to lose everything for sure when I got sued. All that actually happened is that the bike guy and his girlfriend were very grateful.
  6. thanks onetrack, yes that it what I saw at Supercheap.
  7. Lucky are we not to be in the greener parts of Victoria. I never thought of Kyneton as being central victoria, but when I checked it out I found that it really is. The exact center is the steps of a disused church at Mandurang, not far north of Kyneton.
  8. I sure missed all this thread years ago! Very interesting stuff. Here's my understanding of the Good Samaritan act: There was a surf-lifesaving club south of Adelaide that had a lawyer on the board. The lawyer told the rest of the board that they were all risking everything they owned if there was successful litigation after a rescue attempt. The plaintiff could be awarded millions and the property of senior officials in the club could be seized to help pay. The board then announced they were terminating the club, and faced with the possibility of a major beach being without lifesavers, the SA government responded with the good Samaritan act. This caused the club to keep going. I have never heard of a case where the act saved anybody, but it must have happened by now, and I don't know about other states, but the need for such an act is so obvious that they must have done something.
  9. Yes Turbs, I reckon we are referring to the same incident. What do you mean about " a procedural decision not to drive in and up to the aircraft?"
  10. Turbs, I really do appreciate your legal knowledge and have reluctantly come to see your point of view quite often, for example with the litigation stuff. But I really am convinced that most crime, by far, is committed by governments. Of course they own the legislature and so can deem their crimes to be legal. Take tax as an example... if anybody else did it, it would be the criminal act of " demanding money with menaces ". Yes you can justify tax as a necessary evil, but what about waging war? As a taxpayer, I reckon that I am funding most of the illegal drug lords via centerlink cash to addicts. Not to mention funding overseas armament lords... gosh, 100 billion for useless submarines. And what about destroying the planet? We are going to be failed by the very governments we "trust" to save us. Here's what is scary... our government here in Australia is probably one of the better ones. Better than the British have for sure, I think they would have killed my grandfather for being one of those undisciplined Australian soldiers who mucked up their enjoyment of ww1.
  11. I reckon I saw in Supercheap a can of stuff which said in the label it was lead replacement. Sooner or later we won't be able to buy avgas, probably because of the market size. What does the lead actually do? It increases the octane rating and helps lubricate the upper cylinder I think but don't know how. So why is there no replacement already?
  12. With regard to fires, does anybody know the cause of the Jabiru fire while in the air at Bundaberg? They landed the plane, which subsequently burnt, while the fire brigade were kept out by a locked gate. The aircrew got out ok. That's about all I know, so I am curious about the event.
  13. That glider looks hardly damaged. It must have been going slow when it hit. I hope they get it down without too much more damage.
  14. It sure does rate above risk. The looking like a dork is there for sure while the accident is an unlikely event. I like Nev's idea to put some padding on sharp places.
  15. I reckon that to denigrate litespeed for not being a lame is dead wrong. I know a really stupid lame, and it annoys me that the qualification is grossly over-regarded. If I had my way, the Standards lot would be able to give and take qualifications based on testing. I bet litespeed would beat lots of lames.
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