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  1. The Eurofox using the 912 rotax is liquid cooled and not subject to shock cooling like the Pawnee. After glider release and reducing the rpm to 4000rpm and a speed of 95knt decent rate for the Eurofox is around 2000ft/min.
  2. Peter, yes I have been hiding behind a cloud of personal stuff that keeped me away from doing the stuff I like. The "cloud" as now dispersed and here I am. Cheers Frank
  3. I love it Tony, just sometimes I wish I had a rudder, well bigger anyway.
  4. Raywood, Nth. of Bendigo, the airfield belongs to the Bendigo Gliding Club. I also fly the Eurofox Tug. Cheers Frank
  5. Hi another newbie from central vic. Flying the mighty Jabiru LSA 55 .
  6. Badley swaged cable end. This Aircraft was on display at a regional airshow.
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