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  1. No, I built the aircraft under the SAAA Builder assist program, and have completed the MCP course and therefore am able to do my own 100 hourly inspections. Cheers
  2. After holding both the RA-Aus Pilot certificate and a PPL and having the aircraft in RA, I have ended up having the aircraft in GA Experimental and dropping the RA Pilot certificate. I was not going to pay for a membership every year just to hold the certificate and complete a BFR when I do not fly RA aircraft. GA Experimental Registration have given me more feedoms and did open up airfields to which I had no access to in RA. I no-longer pay any registration fees for the aircraft and my Licence is not dependent on paying a yearly membership fee, like RA pilot certificate is. Just my 2 cents
  3. I fly a Zenith Zodiac 601 XLB which I built , the running costs per hour is $50 / hour, and this take into account the Hangarage, and Baising fee at the airfield, and is based on flying 100 hours per year. The plane has a Rotax 912 ULS 100 Hp engine in it, which now has 3152 hours on it and is being run on condition. The secret is to run the Rotax on 98 Unleaded fuel and to do the regular maintenance. If I need to run Avagas, I then change the oil every 25 Hours. The engine has been run on 98 Unleaded for most of its life. Cheers
  4. Here is a video of what we have lost, the attached video is the SAAA 1986 Mangalore Flyin. Obviously we have become far to regulated, to celebrate flight like we use to.
  5. Temora would be another site which could host such a fly in
  6. Hi KRviator There is a CASA AP based on the Central Coast of NSW, his name is David Tennant and is contactable through Central Coast Aero Club, he is able to sign of a Experimental CoA. You could email him, his address is dltenno"at"hotmail.com. Hope this helps
  7. manna


    I have a rotax 912 ULS with 3200 hours on it I have been running in on condition for years. Complete a leak down every 100 hours, do a bore scope inspection and cut open oil filter looking for metal, and all is clean, the engine is still running without any issues. Leak down test is regular and is 76 - 77 over 80 PSI. My Engine has been run on Premium Unleaded for 90 % of its life with oil changes at 50 Hours, and spark plugs every 200 hours, unless I have run Avags in which case I change the oil at 25 Hours and spark plugs at 100 hours. For my 2 cents worth, I would be looking to resolved
  8. You should look into VH Experiment Category through Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA). Also you get reduced insurance through a deal with QBe and the SAAA.
  9. manna

    CH650 build cost

    Hi Marty After building a 601XLB, which cost 61000, and this included the kit , Rotax 912 ULS, Paint, interior fit out and avionics. It would have been cheaper to buy one already built, but the reason I built was that I enjoyed the building process, and I now have 280 hours on the aircraft. I am now building another aircraft from plans, which is timber, because I enjoy the build process.
  10. Hi All I have been looking to install an inflight adjustable Prop to a Rotax 912ULS, and I am looking for feedback on the IVOprop inflight adjustable solution, and or other solution people have used. Has any body install one? if so what one? Did it perform as expected? Issues with it? Did you get any performance increase over your original prop? Other inflight adjustable props you have tried? With thanks in advanced Phil
  11. It would be great to see both RA-Aus and SAAA get together with the other organisation to put on one big airshow, like AusFly. It would allow the organisations to share the burden of putting such a show on. An event like Natfly or AusFly takes a lot of planning and there is a hell of a lot of behind the scenes work to be done which is duplicated each year by both organisations. RA-Aus and SAAA get together, to share the load and do one Airshow really well, just my thoughts.
  12. Hi All I have a question for the collective, I hold a PPL and a RA-AUS Pilot Certificate. RA-AUS Aircraft with transponder fitted and Reg 43 and Reg 47 certificates have been complete. Wanting to fly into control airspace and over built up areas in RA-Aus aircraft. Can anybody point me to the CAO, CAR, CASR sections which allow RA-Aus aircraft to fly into Controlled airspace. Need definitive answers. Looking for ward to responses. Phil
  13. Hi Gwaf I like the Canopy, is that painted or Palstic film?
  14. manna

    Zenith ch650 kit

    Hi PapaFox I cannot get the front CHT in the Green at all, I have about 40F between front and back CHT. I have also taped up the Oil Cooler to get some heat into the Oil. What Diameter GSc are you using, I'm currently swinging a 69" Diameter 3 Blade Aeroprop. Climb out at 5000 rpm at full throttle.
  15. manna

    Zenith ch650 kit

    Hi PapaFox What Propellor are you using to get that performance, and do you have the standard heat issues when climbing which most rotax formats have? With thanks phil
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