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  1. Great, thanks. It was suggested that I do some lessons first to get the feel and some familiarisation which would help me decide on what's best for me. Good advise me thinks. Just thought that having my own would reduce the training costs considerably and get me familiar with my own trike. Maybe do some training and look at purchasing when I get a a bit of experience and complete my training might be the way to go.
  2. Afternoon, I'm just about ready to purchase my first trike (beginner) and after much thought & reading I'm leaning towards the Airborne Redback. Any thoughts or advise on the Redback? Thanks
  3. Any early morning take offs from Hervey Bay tomorrow that I can come & watch?
  4. Would love to have a look one day if possible.
  5. Does anyone know who was flying the Drifter over Hervey Bay this morning??
  6. Does anyone know who flies the trike out of Hervey Bay? I would like to pay them to take me for a flight one day.
  7. Looking into Maryborough at this stage...
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