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  1. With all that is going on with CASA & RA-Aus we are glad to get out of it. John will just hire a plane if we decide to go flying. Have checked out the car Nev John is looking after the rust. Looks like it may have been in the QLD floods.
  2. We finally sold the Gazelle. Onto our next project which is the restoration of a 1964 Ford thunderbird. Sue & I d fun doing the Gazelle so thought we would try our hand at this.
  3. Asic46 we have done our reistration numbers twice now on fabric (twice because we changed the colour of the numbers & decals. We went to sign-a-rama & they did the numbers in vinyl, we have had no trouble with them.
  4. Finished that Planey until end Feb thank goodness lol Sue
  5. Hi Paul, Sue here only to happy to help you out can you pm me on sueqatnetspace.net.au with full name & address will get it off to you tomorrow ok. Regards Sue & John
  6. We don't use ours for commercial use, it is just for our own purpose. John did quite a few phone calls to & froing with Steve Bell before we went ahead & put the 3 blade on the Gazelle. John suggests that a call to RAAust to find what you can & can't do may be the go.
  7. We went from a wooden 2 blade which was damaged at the air show, to a 3 blade brolly prop & found it was quiter than the original one, more economical, a lot quicker on take off & much smoother flying.
  8. this one still had the wooden hangers, & when ours was flipped over at the air show the only things the were damaged was a crease in the top of the tail, the left spar buckled, 3 ribs broke, the wooden ailerons on left wing broke & the prop cracked. Some of the damage was caused when they flipped it back onto its wheels as they stood it up on the spinner to flip it. They are a great little plane pretty sturdy IMO. The plane was 4oo ft in the air when it had the engine failure.
  9. John & I had a Gazelle at the same company. The aircraft is a Gazelle with a 912 & the plane belonged to the company concerned.
  10. When I fly to Qld to see my daughter & family we both joke about which one of us will be bomb tested. If she was tested on her way in to pick me up, I have usually been tested in Melb. I had one tester test me she asked if I knew what she was doing it for? myreply was yes, she said she pulled me out because she just wanted to hear another english speaking person as she had not heard one in the past 6 hours.
  11. We got our strobes from the company that does the emergency services & the road patrol lights. Where are you situated Pete?
  12. Louis we had the wings stored in the back family room, Bits & pieces hanging off clothes line (both outside one & John has added 3 lines for the winter on the patio) , plus we had put up a tempory tent behind the gates in the driveway & had bits hanging in there also. As I said it was a great experience for us both.
  13. He doesn't get time to take the Gazelle up anymore ,which is the reason why it is up for sale. Would prefer it was flying than sitting in the yard. Thank you Neil for the vote of confidence. Cheers Sue
  14. Alan, We hope that your wife is well on the way to recovery. Sorry I don't get on here much at the moment, so have only just seen this. Cheers Sue & John
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