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  1. Marry Christmas to all on this site both running it and contributing. My Christmas started last Sunday, I was told to pack my gear and report to the transport section for a flight home, my deployment is over. This makes the second Christmas in 12 years I have made it home for actual Christmas. All my family are coming over tomorrow for Christmas, so seven(and one on the way) grandkids and six adults - WONDERFUL. Bob.
  2. Hi, Dad is on deployment should be home just before Christmas, he has only got intermittent internet there. Melissa (bob's daughter)
  3. Went straight to the manufacturer for the caps, not Repco. Bob.
  4. Hi, I think you may find the SWL of winch wire is 600Kgs. That's what we use and it's an off the shelf product. Bob.
  5. Hi All, Keith, I take you point about us all doing something, so I am, today in fact within the hour. I have a heap of old RAA magazines gathering dust unread, so some are off to the doctors with me so people waiting have something to read about our sport. Just a little contribution but I will continue this with every doctor, dentist or physio's waiting room I visit until all my old magazines are gone, a pity RAA didn't have a generic flyer we could put up all over? Bob.
  6. Hi all, I remember some time ago there was a thread about this and someone pointed out a company from England made helo helmets for passengers of rescue helicopters and then the price was about 350 pounds posted to Australia, The construction was like the "Dave Clark" style, do not remember the name of the company, sorry, I can either blame old age or "the drink", ha, ha. Bob.
  7. Hi, Pete I agree with you. I was involved with another National organisation that "governed" it's self into the ground. We got a new (smaller) management team at National HQ and a very small State team(3) and every club/training facility had a rep that put up all the members concerns/requests to the State group the state HAD to take them to the National level within 14 days (a SOP)and National addressed the issues with the regional rep directly. The old "distance thing" was settled by National providing all State reps with a lap top and any club/ training facility that did not have one plu
  8. Now that brought back some memories, thanks David. The section of hang gliding on the sand hills, ouch now that brought back some of the pain too, ha, ha.
  9. I would agree with above. My own building I used the "Lexan" only for the windscreen because of it's better optical qualities and also can have minor scratches polished out(kit purchased from UK) better than the other brands. I used the cheaper brands for the side windows, the only issue I had was using a too thin a thickness and had the oil canning effect, when I went to 2mm the window would shake but not make any noise. As a side issue when I fitted one of those clear air vents into the side window the shaking stopped? Bob.
  10. Hi, the only good thing I found out using my ASIC card is a Sydney airport you get staff discount for food and drink, now that would be a lot of food and drink to make up the cost. A short "thunk" is that why some well know fliers have been putting on weight lately????
  11. Had the same problem and it was icing, purchased an electric de-ice kit from X-air in Ireland(has own web site), problem fixed. Bob.
  12. I too can recommend Dave, my brother started with him 18 months ago and he did put my brother's mind at ease and my brother now has his certificate, he enjoyed his training with Dave. Bob.
  13. HI OME, I went that way and as I have CPL, I am away and flying. I had 3 years of delays but after the first year I photographed it all(just in case) so that was 18 photos, even photos of serial numbers too. Year two and year three sent photos in each year, plus W&B and hours flown, the only thing I did not send in was the colour of my undies(maybe I should, ha, ha) still had a six week delay each time. Yes rang on a regular basis(every week), even asked if the office wanted admin help, no response to that either - wonder why???? To tell the truth I am getting very disenchanted wit
  14. Agree with cleaning this filter, it caused my engine out and subsequent write off of my VP-1a in 2006. Bob.
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