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  1. Okay great, thanks. HAvent found any stockists of 1/2 inch Aluminium tube yet. Where are you Methulsa? Might be able to pick it up if you have something.
  2. I might be missing something but it is a tubular batten..half inch diameter i believe?
  3. So i snagged the wing of the Thruster on a fence post taxing out of the paddock. Now i need a new batten. I believe they are half inch wide? Does anyone have any old battens of similar size that they could spare? I can shape to fit the existing.
  4. Thanks. It's only recently done this. Does that mean a failure of tach sender somewhere?
  5. HI.. hope someone might know the answer to this question. I have an rv7 with an io360. Instruments are Dynon Skydeck digital. On the magneto check, when selecting only left magneto the rpm indication drops to zero after about 3 seconds. However the mag is working fine and engine runs as normal for single magneto. The mag is not live.. Engine cuts when both mags selected off. Had it checked by the lame that does its annual. He says just indication problem as mag is working normally. That is fine but I am trying to understand how it could happen. If one mag is not sending rpm signal, then why would the digital reading not be half the true rpm?
  6. Those pc9s would have done some work. Such fun and simple aircraft to fly with great performance but avionics a bit outdated. Ejection seats. Wing fatigue even 10 yrs ago. Would suit someone who loves bureaucracy.
  7. Il bite. The number of accidents I have read about whereby a ballistic parachute may have saved somone from a terrifying last few moments, and one I recently attended and felt what it must have been like to be the pilot. I'm reluctant to ever fly again without one. Yet t I keep hearing from people who oppose them on the basis of accidental deployment. I suspect it's more an excuse for it being too much extra bother. How many accidental deployments have their been? I suspect very few and I can't see how it could happen if properly installed. Obviously for an aircraft that I am confident in outlanding it's not needed.But for higher performing single engine aircraft, or when teaching spins or aeros in slippery rec aircraft, there seems little evidence that the risk outweighs the benefits.
  8. What a load of croc Oscar. Would you like to post the accident rate per flying hour in last 5 years? Its low...and considering they are often flown IFR in the USA by private pilots ..very low.
  9. I have heard that the covers do not protect against heat against the surface. only UV damage. Not sure how true that is. I do have covers. 41 degrees in shade must be close to 50 sitting in the sun.
  10. I have a Bruce cabin cover but still...carbon wings out in 42 sunshine. Just doesnt feel like she would enjoy that.
  11. Good suggestion about the portable gazebo but dubbo being rpt security controlled airport with rfds as well thought there may be someone with a control fetish march up as i was setting it up :)
  12. Normally i fly out in mornings or nights. Its leaving the plane out in the sun in plus 40 degrees that is the show stopper. Seen the media on Wellington's ice problem but I find it a nice town so it might be overstated. Little Antarctica makes a good headline. . Really great place to stay up in the old hospital which has been converted into a hotel with lots of personality.
  13. Does anyone else cancel trips due to not being able to find share at airstrips in summer? Seems to really restrict the amount of flying I do. Had a weekend of water skiing planned this weekend at Wellington/Dubbo but not wanting to leave the plane (Cirrus) out in 42 degree (in the shade) sun shine for 2 days. Be great if there was some easily transportable shade. (Anyone with some shady places for 2 days at Dubbo/Wellington please feel free to get in touch..certainly some cartons involved.)