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  1. The trailer was interesting, but more so the video that followed it - The Nimitz Encounters regarding UFO contact with the US Navy.
  2. The US Mail plane is actually called a Pitcairn Super Mailwing.
  3. From the dashcam at Essendon, the plane was right way up looking like it wa about to land parallel to rwy 09, but the swing to the left immediately after liftoff is what I was referring to.
  4. This dashcam video of the crash of a KingAir 350 at Addison Texas on June 30 is remarkably similar to the crash at Essendon in February 2017. Texas air crash.
  5. The last version of the site had each post numbered, so that if you wished to refer to a post a couple of pages back, you quoted the post number. This is handy in threads like Guess This Aircraft? Is it possible to restore this?
  6. The biplane with yellow wings and rudder is a Platzer Kiebitz, a German amateur-built aircraft designed by Michael Platzer and made available in the form of plans for amateur construction.
  7. The only problem I see is that on my laptop, with resolution anywhere between 60% and 140%, part of the menu is covered - see image. The menu box needs to be widened slightly. After 140% the menu disappears altogether. Screen snip at 100% resolution.
  8. Good lord, Penname, where did you dig this up? The previous post was eleven (yes, 11) years and one day ago! July 9, 2008 to be exact. PS. Cheap flying is an oxymoron.
  9. red750


    Can we view the Member Map with all tagged members showing, instead of one at a time, or will this be turned on once all members are tagged?
  10. red750


  11. red750


    Very interesting how the image changes as you zoom in. The close up (low level) images are much more recent than the high level images. Look at these two images of Moorabbin Airport. The higher level images were taken a few years ago, and show one of my favorite spotting locations, where I took many photos - the DFO carpark (red star). When I last visited the airport, about 3 months ago, the new buildings shown in the lower level image obscured the hangar area, and a high earth bank indicated by the red striped area obscured the runway area. Can street labels be turned on? Older (higher level) More recent (lower level)
  12. When you see how some of those cowboys (I use the term literally) fly the R22's in cattle mustering, as is often shown on TV, it's a wonder that not more don't crash.
  13. Haven't flown in a Robinson, but have flown in a Bell 47J2 at least half a dozen times. Also in a Hughes (Schweizer) 269C flown by the late radio personality Bill Acfield, who ironically died in a car accident in 1977, and in the big Sikorski S61N Ansett had on Hamilton Island. They used to fly it to Melbourne for maintenance, and were giving joy rides at Moorabbin one day. If I win Powerball, I'll take a flight in a Jet Ranger and in a Eurocopter of some variety.
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