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  1. Ian has completed the monumental task of copying all the profiles from the old software, so now they are all here. The total now exceeds 200 profiles. If there is any aircraft you would like added, please advise in the comments below. I would be particularly interested in recommendations for gliders, as this category is under represented, and I don't know much about gliders.
  2. Maybe it's just military heavy lifters. What about the C-17 or C-5A?
  3. It took everyone by surprise when the C-27J Spartan went inverted during it's handling display at the 2015 Avalon Air Show. I have just posted a video in the Media section showing a LM-100J Super Hercules doing the same, pulling off a loop. Then when the list of other similar videos came up on the side of the Youtube page, there was one for the Airbus A300M performing an inverted display as well. When can we expect a loop in the A380?
  4. Here's an image of the Conair BAe Avro 146 Firebomber at Avalon in 2015.
  5. Slight thread drift, but it refers to a previous post regarding Frank Lowy's yacht. Apparently he just sold it to a mining millionaire (billionaire?). It was featured in tonight's news running amok and crashing into a marina, crushing a number of dinghies and a gangway.
  6. Yes Graeme, the Plumb Cracker Jack.
  7. Sorry Glenn. This may help: The aircraft was flown regularly from 1982-1986 then retired and the registration abandoned. Today, the plane is on display at KMIT.
  8. The yellow and white plane in #1701 is a Powell P-70 Acey Deucy, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powell_P-70_Acey_Deucy
  9. Video of the C130 crash, followed by a video of a number of firebombers. C130 firebomber crash
  10. NSW Rural Fire Service today took delivery of the first full time fire bomber flying tanker. The aircraft has been named Marie Bashir after the former NSW Governor. The aircraft carries the same colours as the photo below, but with NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE above the windows. Coulson name removed.
  11. Going through a collection of Pinterest emails, I came across this link from 8 days ago. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/03/14/trump-wanted-his-personal-pilot-head-faa-critical-job-is-still-vacant-amid-boeing-fallout/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.06e5302ed934
  12. My first guess in the op was a Vans, but closer inspection of the photo in the article shows a curved nose leg. See below. Vans usually have a straight, angled leg. Anyone want to correct me? Note also forward tilting bubble canopy.
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