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  1. Qantas today announced a six days a week service from Sydney to Bendigo. Read more here (includes photo).
  2. The first two F=35's have landed at Williamtown.
  3. red750

    Interesting cloud formations

    The sky at 9:15 tonight. Looking south, not west.
  4. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Kasper, between you and Thruster88, you're knocking them off quicker than I can put them up, I've had complaints that others don't get a chance.
  5. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    That's right, the i-Tec Maverick Flying Car/Dune Buggy. Here's a byDanJohnson video. i-Tec Maverick
  6. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I'll pay that as close enough. This extract from Wikipedia explains why: Plans and kits were distributed by Aérodis in France and by Aerodis America Inc. in the USA.[3] Individual builders, often using the original moulds at Brienne-le-Chateau, continued to innovate.[4] Around 1990 Jaques Darcissac built an Orion with a fuselage strengthened with wire mesh and with a more robust undercarriage, which he named the Darcissac-Grinvalds DG-87 Goéland(Seagull in English) and this name has been used by three other builders.[5][6] Other builders have also given their aircraft different names, such as Gerfaut, Gypaète and Scorpion. A new version of the Orion, tailored for US market was designed, known as the AA200.[4][5] This one is the Gerfaut (GerFalcon). So probably builder's modification. This one's a bit off-beat. You'll probably get it in a couple of minutes - or less.
  7. red750

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    I hear what you say about Concorde, Nev, and take your word about close-up, never got to see one at all,but in cruise flight they are (were) a thing of beauty - 50 years ahead of their time.
  8. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    It's one of a number of similar models one of which is the J3 Kitten. It is registered as a Hipps Superbirds Reliant. Google links them together. I've just added another 17 to the list so there's quite a few to go. How about this one?
  9. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    So near and yet so far, with the second answer, HITC.
  10. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Right again T88.
  11. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Have you been off the site for a few days T88? Expected you to get it sooner.
  12. Russia says its Su-57 stealth fighters will be equipped with new hypersonic missiles.
  13. Total disregard for his family. And flying above FL180 with 3 oxygen supplies for 5 people??
  14. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I knew it would go quickly.
  15. red750

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Well done Merc. Here's the next one. It's pretty unique, so will no doubt be well known.