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  1. Reports varying from 50 to 70 drones to be operated by Victoria Police. See story here.
  2. I've posted this before on a humour forum, but I think it's appropriate here as well.
  3. Here is another Did You Know? Did you know that on June 6, the factory of Belite Aircraft, makers of the Belite Chipper and a number of other models was destroyed by fire? A quote from their website" "On June 6, our facility was burned in a severe fire. It destroyed 10 years worth of accumulated inventory, tooling, office equipment, CNC machines, and so forth. Our business insurance has provided us with a partial payback on what we owned. We did not receive enough insurance proceeds to continue to operate. We did not have business interruption insurance. The life savings of James and Kathy were invested in the business, and it is gone now, without recovery. Therefore, James is focused on creating current and future income through electronics work. We Are Seeking A Serious Buyer For The Chipper 2 Design. The Chipper 2 Aircraft is, and was, a spectacular STOL performer. It was glowingly reviewed by Kitplanes and EAA Sport Pilot. The senior editor of Flying Magazine was a fan (although he hadn’t yet printed an article!) We have maintained and improved our CAD database since the fire, keeping a full time employee on staff to manage customer builder questions and add details to the CAD." The Belite Chipper
  4. Just try closing a golf course for housing and listen to the uproar. And what do golf courses add to the economy? Not as much as an airport.
  5. There are 25+ photos attached to the post featuring a presentation, an RV and a T51, although there is no number to indicate that. A couple of posts have 5 or more photos, although these may duplicate the other post. It's a pity the poster hasn't captioned the photos in the comments section. I'm not sure what some of the aircraft are.
  6. #1774 is a Rearwin Cloudster, wiki story here. Next -
  7. Don, Here is the unretouched image: and here is the G-INFO record of the registration. and here is the link to the airport-data record from which I obtained my information and the image: http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/G-CDIZ.html I don't think I am mistaken.
  8. Not a Howard. A two seats side by side plane, 5 variants, one variant converted to tandem seating and used by a small number of airlines as an instrument trainer.
  9. What about those ignorant sods on barking off road bikes that roar around the suburbs after dark with no lights? Or the inconsiderate pr1cks that start up their mowers and petrol line trimmers early on the weekends? I've got a mower (69dB) and just got a petrol line trimmer, but don't use them until after lunch. No-one causes a stink about them.
  10. The red aircraft in post 1769 is a Reality Escapade, English version of the Just Escapade from America. The story can be found here.
  11. You mean Moorabbin. That spot used to be a good place for spotting and taking photographs, but those new shops and that pile of earth killed that. I don't know what they plan to put on that big mound in the foreground.
  12. Original reports claimed 5 dead. Later reports now say 7 dead.
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