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  1. In fact there is an overload of flying stuff on TV tomorrow night and it's going to be hard to choose. The above program is from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, while on Channel 9, at least in Melbourne, at 8:00 to 9:00 pm, there is a film "Boeing's Killer Plane", about the Lion Air 737 Max crash, followed by "Sully".
  2. Forgive me if this sounds selfish, but the thought of changing horses again midstream raises the prospect of loosing the view counts again like the first 800 or so on the first few aircraft in the showcase on Xenforo. I'd like to pay the license fee myself, but as I often have difficulty paying for my medications, that unfortunately is not possible.
  3. Veeeerry old thread (revived) This Sunday on SBS at 7:30 pm - The Greatest Air Race - the 1919 England to Australia Air Race, featuring Ross Smith and his crew. Set your DVD recorder.
  4. We just had the NBN connected, replacing our old landline. We still have the same phone number, still get telemarketing and scam calls. Can still ring out. Use the same handsets as before. We haven't switched the internet to the NBN yet, still looking to switch with our existing ISP and port the phone from Telstra. Who was your email with? Why would switching to the NBN affect emails like Gmail, Yahoo, Optus Webmail, etc.?
  5. With the six profiles added today, the number now totals 350.
  6. The red and white aircraft above is a Thatcher CX4.
  7. From Monday's Herald-Sun: Two of the world’s major national airlines have hurtled closer to the possibility of going bust after a difficult weekend that’s left both with even more uncertain futures. Italy’s flag carrier Alitalia and South African Airways, which flies to Perth, have been haemorrhaging money for years but a series of fresh blows have raised concerns of collapse for both. On Friday, the South African arm of Flight Centre announced it would no longer sell tickets for South African Airways flights due a lack of faith in its future, while Alitalia, which has struggled for years with money woes, is in limbo again this week after a rescue plan fell through. Now the airlines, both former symbols of national pride for both their respective countries, may be the latest flag carriers to crumble in the wake of low-cost competition, rising fuel prices and global economic uncertainty. And they risk joining a long list of airlines that went belly-up in 2019, including the UK’s Thomas Cook and Flybmi, Iceland’s WOW and India’s Jet Airways.
  8. I just looked in on my photography forum. My last post was in May 2018. I have the 4th highest post count, with 347 posts. On the 24th March this year, an administrator posted a poll as to whether the forum should be shut down. It received 4 replies. I don't think these two sites have much to worry about.
  9. Read about the FLIGHT simulator here.
  10. My 'kids' are in their 40's with no permanent or serious partnerships, the likelihood of grandkids is looking more and more remote. As the saying goes, it looks like we've come to the end of the line.
  11. I had thought of getting permission to be scattered on or near a grass runway I used to train at, but thought I'd ask the question in the OP.
  12. When I was learning, (50 years ago), there was a designated low flying area in the Moorabbin training area. My instructor, an ex-BOAC Britannia captain, took me down to fence height. You could see the dandelions.
  13. Thank you Dave and O.M.E. That's what I was looking for.
  14. Although I am younger than some members of this site, if not by much, I am not getting any younger, so some random thoughts have been floating around in my head. If I get cremated when I die, what is the possibility of having my ashes scattered from a plane over bushland, or open country like the Yarra Valley? Is such a thing possible, and what approvals would need to be sought? Not that this is likely for some time, just wondering.
  15. As I said in another thread some time ago, I have been a member of a couple of sites that have virtually no activity, or only about half a dozen active posters. On one site, I think a post I made in February last year is the most recent post, and on another there are very few posts, but 3 or 4 members check into the chat facility each morning to discuss the weather and talk absolute gibberish before heading out to get the paper and a coffee. This site is absolutely bustling by comparison. I am on this site 2 or 3 times a day, and I honestly believe it has saved me from getting depression (I assume I don't have depression). At least the mental activity helps stave off dementia.
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