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  1. Brisbane Times reports: "A patient in their mid-60s has suffered serious spine and head injuries in a reported light aircraft incident near Aratula in the Scenic Rim. The rescue helicopter and critical-care paramedics are on scene treating the patient, who is in a serious but stable condition."
  2. Well done Bruce. As another 6 year survivor, I know what it's like. My oncologist says if you make it past 5 years, you can consider yourself 99% cured. They will never say 100%.
  3. The blue taildragger is a Salvay-Stark Skyhopper II. Details here. Her's the next one.
  4. Once again, airport-data.com server is down, three days so far this time.
  5. The video above states that the large tankers carry retardant, not water. Water is carried by the helicoters .The report on Ch 7 news said the plane had dispersed its load and made a sharp left turn before it crashed. They said debris was scattered over a kilometer.
  6. Report posted 3.47 pm. https://7news.com.au/news/bushfires/large-water-bombing-aircraft-has-crashed-at-peak-view-reports-c-661253 Reports this was the aircraft.
  7. This image shows the prop more clearly. Cutaway diagram.
  8. Anything will bite you if you are not qualified, even a posties bike, If you are properly trained, Cirrus, Bonanza, V8 Super Car or Harley Davidson are safe if handled correctly.
  9. If you insist on equal treatment,
  10. Not that I use that viewing area, directly beneath the flight path does not give a good view, belly only. One hundred metres up the road there is a sideroad beside the church which gives much better views (see below). I was out that way just before Christmas for a family Christmas party at my brother's place in Sunbury, and I noticed that the area near the approach lights to rwy 27 has also been closed.
  11. A Facebook page called Mama Knows West, about Melbourne's western suburbs, has posted that the popular viewing area at the northern end of 18/36, on Sunbury Rd, will close at the end of January. It does not say for how long. They state that the word on the street is that the council, Vic Roads and the Airport Authority are looking to fix up the area in terms of resurfacing and possibly a kiosk, although there is nothing definite on it. Link to an earlier post here.
  12. You've obviously got a better memory than I have. The Scamp it is, How about this one?
  13. A light plane overshot a landing strip and landed in the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney, on Saturday afternoon, with the pilot managing to escape injury. I can't provide any more information, it's behind a damned paywall.
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