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  1. Ok guys, this is a hard one and not a lot of the aircraft to see but I am keen to know what it is, as I have no idea?
  2. Thank you to everyone that came along. We had a record crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. There was so many great displays and the C17missed approach was just mind blowing to see at our little airport. If you are a Victorian .... please sign our petition to help keep Tyabb open. https://parliament.vic.gov.au/index.php?option=com_rsform&view=rsform&formId=74&Itemid=1054&petition_id=183 Cheers Jack
  3. The Tyabb airshow is on this Sunday 8th March. The wx is looking great and we have a huge line up of aircraft. The Corsair is back, Spitfire, Mustang, Kittyhaws and Boomerang. Boeing, Curtiss, North American and a bunch of Antique and Vintage aircraft. Water bombing, helicopters, the ADF with C17 and C27 plus the Roulettes, Simulators, drones and even a UFO. Buy your ticket on line. https://www.tyabbairshow.com This is a charity event, all of the aircraft, pilots and owners donate their time and costs to make this a memorable day. Cheers Jack
  4. Sorry you need to be a Victorian. We need more signature, no limit on a household or age. Please sign the petition and help us stop the Council strangling what has been there for almost 60 years and protect the 100 jobs on the Airport. Regards Jack
  5. Hi Turbo We have several highly qualified planning consultants are working on this, including a lawyer and a planning barrister. I’m terms of the process inside of Parliament we have a sponsor and advisors assisting us... this will get to the Minister. I would be grateful if everyone would sign this petition as it is a pathway, among many other things we are working on, to block the Shire. Btw... we do have existing use rights but we are not relying on these as we have permits. The issue is if we apply for any permit (eg put up a sign), after they change the planning scheme, we will
  6. SAVE TYABB AIRPORT! – Sign the Parliamentary Petition now https://parliament.vic.gov.au/index.php… Dear Community, Since May 2019, Peninsula Aero Club and businesses at Tyabb’s Mornington Peninsula Airport have been under threat of closure by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, resulting in the loss of this irreplaceable asset and up to 100 full-time equivalent jobs. We ask all Victorians to sign our Parliamentary Petition; asking the Minister for Planning to refuse authorisation of this aggressive push by the Shire to unilaterally impose debilitating conditions that will see the cl
  7. Thank you to everyone that has offered their support to help keep PAC and the businesses on the airport open. There are around 100 people who work across the airport who are under direct threat by the Shire’s letters to stop work. We are currently in a truce where the Shire said they will not enforce the stop work direction while we are talking, which is good. However it is only a disagreement away from them pushing the button to shut us down. PAC’s legal opinion informs us we have all of the permits we require to operate, including Existing Use Rights after more than 50 years of continu
  8. This coming April Sunday 14th the Peninsula Aero Club in partnership with Paul Bennet Airshows, will be hosting the Australian Short Take-off and Landing Competition at Tyabb Vic. There will be plenty to do and see at the event, including simulators to fly, a large collection of vintage and warbirds on display and new things to learn. Onsite camping facilities with showers and meals, BBQ's and music in the evenings. If we get more than 6 of type of aircraft we will open a specific class. We already have a Foxbat class and others are forming groups of Husky, Carbon Cubs, Storch, Savan
  9. Nev, Yes it's the Curtiss .. it's steering fine on touch down and roll out too. Yes the tyres are slick.
  10. G'day Nev/David, Thanks for the input as always. I'm dealing with 2 ac, one a Jab I flew for a mate and was concerned with the poor ground handling... compared to the 600 + hours I have in Jabs this is the worst I have experienced and wanted to help him sort it out. I'm thinking a starting point for this one might be to set it up with a small amount of camber and no toe-in and suck it and see? Let me know if this doesn't sound like a good starting point? The other ac is an antique tail dragger with oleos which has an independent system, that is, no connection links via scissors to ea
  11. All, I'm interested in learning about main wheel alignment on both tail draggers and nose wheel aircraft. I am working on two aircraft and I'm really not happy with how they are tracking and want to improve things. Is there a technical convention re set up for toe-in or toe-out and how many degrees or anything else one should consider? Keen to hear what others know or if I can be directed to any technical papers on the subject suitable for this novice? Cheers Vev
  12. G'day dsam, I'm flying through it tomorrow and was looking at it on the chart, which shows D353 1500/SFC and R358A as SFC/FL45 ... It makes sense to me from what I can see. If you split the zone how would you manage the air space over the top of D353 >1500' would that be R358F or G? Why not just leave it as R358A? Unless I'm missing something, but I feel ok with the way this is presented? Cheers Vev
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