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  1. It is a part of the 2018 Privacy Policy. It is not part of any privacy policy prior to that. The 2018 policy was added to their website after I called out the CEO last year for not complying with their own policy after they apparently left their old one up. And their was ZERO notification to the membership that the existing privacy policy had been changed to include the disclosure to airfield operators.
  2. So I have a question... WHEN will RAAus provide my details to an airfield operator? Whenever they (the airfield operator) request it, irrespective of whether or not I've actually landed there and then - like the AvData clowns - will I end up arguing with them about my plane being in a hangar interstate at the time....Or will RAAus expect some kind of proof that I was there before releasing my details? Going by their actions this far, I'd expect it to be the former.
  3. It wasn't IDH, but VH-INH, and the problem wasn't that it dropped its' nosewheel, but that it didn't... The BASI report for a bit of light reading...
  4. I think that's what it comes down to. I usually plan the flight on SkyVector and print out the NavLog page(s), then email the plan to the iPad, open it in OzRunways, and then WiFi the plan to the Dynon for the autopilot to track. While the engine is warming up, I'll plug it into the KLN-90. I have and can, but refuse to, use a whiz-wheel. It has no place in a modern cockpit. If I really want to do any E6B calculations, I use an app on the phone. I have no qualms about using any of the 4 GPS' I have on board for sole-means area navigation, though it is the KLN that keeps me legal for that, nor even about going VFR-on-top using the KLN for position fixing. Battery going flat? Plug it into the 12V socket. Ipad overheats? Pull out the phone and spin up RWY. Drop the phone on the floor? Pull up the VTC overlay on the Dynon. Dynon fails? Use the KLN to find the nearest suitable airport. There are a multitude of single-place failures in light aircraft, but consumer-grade electronics utilised for GA navigation aren't one of them anymore. I can't even remember the last time I bought a paper chart...
  5. Could you edit your post to remove his mobile number? Might well be his personal one and there's bots that crawl websites looking for thing like that and email addresses.
  6. Where's it been stopped? It was the ADS-B paint, to disable that, all you need to do is select Standby when you need to. One of the VAF guys makes a habit of it, hell even Boeing does it: Images from Wired.com
  7. Personally, I like this one more:
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Despite the best laid plans, I'm not going to be able to move to Temora, so I am putting the hangar on the market. It has been listed for $190,000, but I'm now dropping that to $170,000. Even at that price, I'm going to make a loss on it, overall, but with redundancies at work looming large, I'd rather not be caught with two mortgages and the RV-9. As things stand, I am thinking I'm going to have to put that on the market soon too... It's at 37 Tigermoth Ave (or Lot 33 depending on your map reference), is 50m long x 25m wide for 1250m2 and has town water & sewage, underground power and gas available. The NBN is slated to be connected next month now available with FTTN. The block is Freehold & zoned Residential, so you're free to build the house of your dreams (providing your missus is more accommodating than mine...) The hangar itself was built in 2016 by ABC Sheds of Young, is 15m x 15m x 6m high, with a 10x4 door opening, so should fit most sport planes up to and including the RV-10 (I'd sized it to suit my RV-9A). The door frames are on-site, but I haven't had them hung yet, as getting down there from Sydney between work commitments is harder than I thought it'd be. The doors themselves are side-hinged bi fold doors to be mounted on the columns either side. As I do 24/7 shiftwork, for any questions, please flick me an email to KRviators "at" bigpond.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. A panoramic view across the northern side of the airport from the rough center of the block. Click HERE to see the full-size image - but be warned, it is a 50Mb file!

    170,000.00 AUD

    TEMORA, New South Wales - AU

  9. ATSB RepCon might be a good option too?
  10. But how is that different to Christian Scholl, the arsewipe who drove his B-Double into the side of a passenger train at Kerang and killed 11 people. The only substantial difference, is Scholl drove that route weekly, for 5 years and knew the level crossing was there but still drove at a speed that meant he couldn't hold short of the stop line when he observed the crossing lights were activated and his actions resulted in the worst rail accident since Granville. Sometimes I wonder just how 'justice' is served...
  11. I dunno about that... I overstayed a parking meter in Brisbane once. $52 fine. But to do an hour of circuits at Warnervale will cost $82.50 - plus another $110 if I want to refuel there (not counting the cost of the actual fuel, either...) I don't begrudge paying my way at all. What I have an issue with is a private organisation performing an extraordinarily quiet backflip on a well-known public policy - that was reaffirmed in writing as recently as 18 months ago, in an attempt to feather their own nest at my expense. And then being told I am the one who mis-read their privacy policy, when I called them out on it. Given they've gone to the trouble of actually removing and replacing it, it smacks of a cover up. Exactly the same as when I called them on the Privacy Policy and their URL's...Not even a mention of it in the December one, not even an 'errata' or correction advising the membership "a draft release went out last month, sorry about that". One can only wonder just what is going on down in Canberra....
  12. Dunno about anyone else, but I sent the CEO an email about it: The reply was less than inspiring, basically saying "We amended the Privacy Policy in August and uploaded it to our website, you must be looking at an old version" and "There are a number of drivers for this change, access to CTA and higher MTOW are also a driver, as is Part 149..." I replied Deafening silence has been my only reply. Not that I am surprised, but I am drafting a complaint to the Office of the Information Commissioner about it, as I provided my details to manage my RPC and aircraft registration - NOT for RAAus to use as an olive branch to the rest of the industry in an attempt to feather their own nest at my expense (both literally and figuratively). Afterall, if they're happy to change this policy willy-nilly, and disclose our details to whoever they want, what else will they change, and to whom might they give our data to next time?
  13. I would say the vast majority don't even know about it, Keith. I didn't until I read a post on PPRune, and then went looking (And found the old privacy policy they had never bothered updating...) Apart from a short spiel in the latest Sport Pilot magazine - that no one gets in the mail anymore - there has been absolutely no communication from RAAus about this change. No email, no letter, no SMS - NOTHING at all.
  14. The school might reasonably be expected to foot the bill to train their individual instructrors, but RAAus - and as a consequence, everyone - has to foot the bill for the legal advice, development of a training and standardisation package, dialogue with CAsA, etc etc. And for those of us who will likely never use CTA, then yes, we are footing the bill, indirectly.
  15. No.....They don't. Not for VFR anyway. They provide segregation, not separation - there is a very big difference. Separation has minimum standards, segregation doesn't. Note there is no mention of VFR/VFR separation! An oft-overlooked gotcha in CTA... There was a very close near miss at Bankstown not long ago when a Warrior was doing T&G's, went around and a Helo was cleared across the runway at 500'. This is the comment from one of the ATC'ers in the tower: