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  1. KRviator

    Temora heaven ending?

    I have a block there (currently for sale...)and got the letter about the residents levy. Personally, I objected to it in an email to council, as I believe the airport is council owned and should be funded by council - the same as Lake Centenary is and the skate park etc etc. IIRC, the levy for my lock would be $400/year, though the rates are quite reasonable as compared to Sydney prices, so it does kinda balance out. I don't recall them charging a landing fee for light aircraft, but I'd have to check to confirm, I'm interstate for work at the moment.
  2. The worst part about this whole sorry saga: They're probably not alone in their antics...
  3. KRviator

    BOAC in Wartime

    I dunno about that...The Seppo's lost 3000 people in the WTC attacks. They also lost somewhere near 42,000 people in road accidents that year - with nary a peep. Australia had more people killed on the roads last Christmas holidays than have been killed by terrorists in Australia since Federation... The security muppets at airports are there because we tolerate the Government telling everyone "Security to ensure your safety", when all it does is pass the risk elsewhere. Trains, public gatherings, etc...
  4. KRviator

    Good old Channel 7 does it again

    IT seems to be an extraordinary common belief that we need a flight plan and to get 'permission' whenever we fly. When I'm explaining to someone for the first time, they are usually quite surprised to hear the freedoms we do have in terms of where we can go. In saying that, I did file a pair of plans for a trip to Queensland and back a few days ago, then got a call from ASA and had to explain to the briefing officer that ASA told RAAus to tell US that if you are filing a notification, it has to have Rnnnn, and it has to match your ADS-B ident - or it screws up the flight plan auto-coupling in TAAATS and upsets the controllers when you request flight following. In the end, I emailed him both the ASA and RAAus reference documents.
  5. Despite the best laid plans, I'm not going to be able to move to Temora, so I am putting the hangar on the market. It has been listed for $190,000, but I'm now dropping that to $170,000. Even at that price, I'm going to make a loss on it, overall... It's at 37 Tigermoth Ave (or Lot 33 depending on your map reference), is 50m long x 25m wide for 1250m2 and has town water & sewage, underground power and gas available. The NBN is slated to be connected next month with FTTN though I don't know where the node is actually going to be so your likely speed is anyone's guess...The block is Freehold & zoned Residential, so you're free to build the house of your dreams (providing your missus is more accommodating than mine...) The hangar itself was built in 2016 by ABC Sheds of Young, is 15m x 15m x 6m high, with a 10x4 door opening, so should fit most sport planes up to and including the RV-10 (I'd sized it to suit my RV-9A). The door frames are on-site, but I haven't had them hung yet, as getting down there from Sydney between work commitments is harder than I thought it'd be. The doors themselves are side-hinged bi fold doors to be mounted on the columns either side. For any questions, my email is KRviators "at" bigpond.com A panoramic view across the northern side of the airport from the rough center of the block. Click HERE to see the full-size image - but be warned, it is a 50Mb file! Laserlite in the roof -no stumbling into your wingtip in a dark hangar... The view from the street side. No promises the NBN will actually be available in November though! The power grid and connections available. And the same for the reticulated gas network. AAAnd the town water & sewage connections available. Where the hangar actually is. At the end of the street too, so no through traffic - perfect for a game of cul-de-sac cricket with the kids!
  6. KRviator


    Ain't that the truth. Mind you, I always cringe when the insurance invoice arrives, but everything else is lots of smallish costs over the year, and definitely worth it for what I personally get out of it. Take yesterday for example, I flew from Somersby to Caloundra, a short local flight on arrival to scatter a mates ashes after his 'final flight', had lunch with his wife at the surf club then flew back to Somersby. All in less than 11 hours., with around 7.5 hours in the air. Short of hiring a PC-12 from Bankstown, it'd be damn hard to find a better, faster way to do it. Personally, I don't consider the engine replacement costs or anything else other than fuel as a direct/regular operating expense. I might buy a carton of oil every 18 months or so, and some plugs when I'm getting close to the 100-hourly but that's it, really. Tyres will be bought when needed, though I always carry a spare tube in the hangar. My engine is (was) brand-new, and everything else I simply replace when the time comes, but to do a 'proper' comparison, they do need to be included in the total operating cost.
  7. KRviator


    Similar to that, for my RV-9: $57 per hour for fuel at current prices ($2.30) if I run Avgas exclusively, $45 ($1.80) if I run Mogas. $15 per hour for engine replacement $4 per hour for oils & filters $1 per hour for tyres & ancillaries $2000 a year for insurance $3600 a year for hangarage $260 a year for RAA membership $165 a year for Registration $144 a year for a ASIC card $250 to $300 for my 100 hourly’s (oil & filters included above & not much else to change. 8 x automotive plugs are inexpensive) Summing that up, you get $6500/year in fixed costs and $75-ish in opreating costs. I probably fly 70 hours a year at present, so roughly $170 / flying hour total. Still much cheaper than hiring a school plane, but if you did that, you aren't out the $120K to build an RV, nor can you control the fit out and finish.
  8. KRviator


    BD-5 kits come up every now and then, but you've gotta be keen. If you want turbine time, you're better off trying to build a Cri Cri, and running two JetCat turboprops or AMT (or equivalent) model jet's on it. TWIN-turbine time! And you don't need a multi-engine endorsement to fly it. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the Qantas interview..."So, Mr Planenut, I see you have 1,500 hours twin turbine, but you only have a CPL but no MECIR, can you explain that?".
  9. And just for interests sake, the chair that he's on you can actually buy yourself, though shipping would be painful. They're made in the UK, though I note the manufacturer now has a US branch. David Ogilvie Engineering is the company.
  10. KRviator

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Yep, email came out this morning. Homework done & accommodation's booked, now just hoping the weather's good to turn a 6hr drive into a 70 minute flight.
  11. KRviator

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Good thing it's well-built. In my younger days, a mate and I built a zip-line from the top of his dad's 30' feed silo. Threaded an old steel shovel handle over it and pulled it tight with the tractor. First time we tried it, it snapped about 5m out and he dropped into the only stand of thick grass between the silo and the tractor. Other than a couple of beautiful bruises, none the worse for it...
  12. KRviator

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Anyone heard any information about the SAAA MPC that's going to be run out there the couple days before? I've registered & paid, but haven't got any info about when, where, who, etc etc.. I'll put a call into the SAAA tomorrow chasing it up but figured I'd ask here first...
  13. KRviator

    Silly aviation pictures.

    I'm reliably informed this accident led to the implementation of the GPWS Mode 4 warning. "Train, Train. Whoop, whoop, pull up" If you have a look through the ATSB Database last year, there was a Loss of Separation between a hot air balloon and a wheat train in WA. The PDF report
  14. KRviator

    Fuel Bowsers at Rylstone

    Checking their FB page, answers that:
  15. KRviator

    Fuel Bowsers at Rylstone

    That'll be a more scenic flight than going to Cessnock for fuel! Credit card or Carnet, or manually operated do you know?