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  1. Have to agree Nev, I have hardly flown since covid started. Going to hire an aircraft with no one at the club house and nobody wanting to go for a flight with you has made me lose interest in flying. Being a low hours pilot I am now starting to lose my confidence even though I'm current with everything. I am now turning my interests to things that are less expensive and less hassle to do. I really love flying but I'm at the crossroad whether to continue in the future. Hopefully if covid gets sorted out the passion will return.
  2. Hands up if you still can use one !
  3. They don't work quiet as well as the people selling them will tell you ! As for Kangaroos ........Lead at high velocity is the only solution !
  4. This is not an Ultralight with a frame , probably a canopy stuck up a tree !
  5. Simple answer! Don't get yourself into a situation that you need these skills. I know...... it can still happen.....then what do you do. As Nev said it takes years of experience before you are able to control this scenario with confidence. I like playing CHICKEN ! I just stay inside the safety envelope that we have been trained to do.
  6. You need to get off the RED wine you guys !🤪
  7. Unfortunately there are two deceased ! We all know low and slow .......... your pushing the envelope ! Doesn't matter if it's mechanical or human failure. My deepest condolences to all family involved ! We all put our faith in our abilities and the the Aircraft that we fly to keep us safe. RIP...... clear skies
  8. Great point OME, Had a BFR after 10 months not flying, I was going to take an instructor for a flight anyway so thought I would kill two birds with the one stone. I usually go for a fly and practice the week before a BFR and get my head around it all. Enough said, was a pretty average example of flying ( well landing ! ) . The pressure of the BFR and lack of hands on flying knocked a big hole in my confidence ! After a couple of circuits it all came back, if I had my time over again I would have gone for a few circuits the week before with an in
  9. My apologies Jack, I have a mate that's a used car salesman ( it was meant to be a tongue in cheek comment ) I didn't say Skippy wasn't a good contributor to this forum, I just wish he wouldn't use it as a platform to try and sell aircraft ! A prime example was his response to Wirraway 30 minutes ago. cheers.
  10. This is not a personal attack, it's just that most users of this forum are here for the social aspect and get a bit sick of your repetitive inclusion of the Aircraft you have to sell ! First Class Memberships are still available, cheers and good luck with your sales.
  11. Not bad ! 😇 " ANOTHER GENTLE SUGGESTION " Sorry, I can't stop crying from laughing ! 😂
  12. My apologies Skippy, I retract the word "every" and replace it with "most" !
  13. Glad to get your reply Skippy. It all comes back to "would you buy a used car from this guy! " Only you can answer that question! For a start I only hire aircraft from my local Flying Club ( I have done the sums, for me it works out cheaper! ) As for " evidence would suggest that you are given to gross exaggeration " I am not bagging the Aircraft you are trying to flog to death on this forum, they are probably a nice aircraft! Maybe seeing your such a great guy at making " gentle suggestions" on a frequent basis, you could support this great s
  14. Gee Skippy, How about making your New Years resolution the following......" I will not try and turn every post on this forum into a bloody ADVERTISMENT for the aircraft I sell ! " cheer's and Happy New Year.
  15. Stay strong Bull, you have done the best for your mate at a tragic time. I hope I have a mate like you if things go bad. Condolences.
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