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  1. Hmm... Holy thread drift, Batman! This would be a drop in the bucket compared with the operating costs of many of these aircraft to fly to this breakfast and return home. Gatton Air Park is located on the outskirts of Gatton. There is a Coles, an Aldi and a Super IGA a 5 minute drive or less from this airfield. There is no reason that someone couldn't have done a run into town before the food ran out altogether. Last month at the Murgon Fly-in Breakfast, at the cooking end, we ran low on food twice and the club secretary made two trips to the Super IGA in town f
  2. No, you don't. The landing fee is covered by your having breakfast at the resort but no-one has ever asked. Just smile good morning to whoever is on reception as you walk through to Lilies Restaurant where the breakfast is. This is about a 5 minute walk from the runway. Hazards: There are kangaroos by the runway and joggers on the runway sometimes! All circuits to the south. You will find the base leg for Runway 30 most interesting! Drag races are held on the runway once or twice a year and you should have a quick look at the events page on their website to see if one i
  3. Straddie used to be the place where you didn't get fed before 9.00 a.m.(except for some fruit), now Gatton... P.S. You could have stopped at Kooralbyn on the way back with not too much of a detour. It's a little expensive at $22 but you would have got a big feed straight away.
  4. Straddie used to be the place where you didn't get fed before 9.00 a.m.(except for some fruit), now Gatton...
  5. Great video Scott, but I would recommend going via Lake Manchester next time to avoid the tiger country that you flew over. You would only need 1500' for the whole trip and this would keep you under the step in the remote chance that Amberley is active early on a Sunday morning. If they are, track via the northern edge of Lake Manchester and this will keep you clear. After Lake Manchester if the hills and the bumps are a little too close just deviate off course a bit to the west over the lower and clearer land by Wivenhoe Dam. Another way, if you have a PPL, is to go up
  6. If you go to Murgon Airfield(YMRG) in the South Burnett in Queensland, don't use a horn. The farmer's cows have learnt to come to the sound of a horn, not run away, because when he blows the horn, this means there is a nice fresh bale of hay waiting for them! With the grass as lush as this, they're probably not interested in hay though... Burnett Flyers Webcam
  7. I do recall in some old photos of the Bristol Fighter, some stencilled instructions on the side of the rear gunner's position, underneath the above-mentioned Scarff Ring(the mount for the Lewis gun). The factory left some instructions about the weight of sandbags to be put in the rear-gunner's position, in the event of a flight with no-one in the back seat. The pilot did appear to pay some attention to the weight and balance instruction by putting his kit and motor bike in the back seat. The problem seems to have been an overweight condition coupled with the excessive d
  8. KGB Locksmiths of Coopers Plains(next door suburb to Archerfield Airport) here in Brisbane did multiple copies of our Piper's plane key 13 years ago on blanks stamped ILCO, Made in USA, N54G. The original key that it was copied from is stamped TCM. As I presume this stands for Teledyne Continental Motors, the same key blank should work for your Cessna? Cessna and Piper ignitions have always looked identical. KGB has been supplying key copies for the planes at Archerfield Airport for many years now. I first heard about them from the flying school I was learning to fly with in 1994.
  9. I still use it to calculate fuel after I have dipped the tanks.
  10. What other name would an RAF pilot give to a black, beer-drinking labrador in wartime Britain in 1942? Times change but history doesn't. Actually, even though he was run over on the eve of the dam busters mission, he was a very lucky dog to be alive at all. In wartime Britain, large pets had to put down if the wartime food rationing couldn't feed them.
  11. To get a good look at the wing corrosion the fuel tanks are removed and that does open a can of worms re corrosion if the wing has not seen light of day for 40 years. $12,000 later - fixed. Plus we found an assembly fault going back 45 years where the steel bush for the bolt hole in the LH forward spar attachment plate was missing and the bolt holding the wing onto the fuselage there had flogged an enlarged hole in the aluminium plate due to wing movement!
  12. The puzzling thing is why the PA28-151 at all, and if this is included, why not the PA28-161 as well. They are identical aircraft except one is a 150hp Warrior and one is a 160hp Warrior.
  13. Fortunately, I don't have decision to make about this app either way. My phone is a Telstra EasyCall 3, which I had to get when Telstra turned off 2G and I had to ditch my indestructible Nokia 3310. Before that it was a Nokia 1610, which I had to buy when analog was switched off and I had to ditch my 018 number. My phone sits in its leather pouch on my belt where it has always been since 1995. The Easycall 3 battery charge lasts a week. I think it is great phone and a definite improvement on the old 3310. I don't use any data at all but it would be nice if it had a camera... So I wil
  14. As a result of over-zealous policing on the Easter Weekend, which resulted in many(but not all fines) being cancelled, the police have been made to actually read and follow the Health Department Directions instead of arbitrarily deciding themselves what was essential or not. The Health Department Directions do not require your activitiy to be essential; they just require it to fit into one of the items on their list of Permitted Purposes. There has been a considerable lightening up since Easter and the Police Commissioner has become positively conciliatory - see Courier-Mail 18 April,
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