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  1. Thanks everyone for your advise...and yes it was the overfull, somehow I didn't get it all out when I did the service and when I checked on how much oil it would need with a filter in the Rotax manual I must have put in to much...anyway lesson learn't...I took some oil out (about 600 mill) and all is good... David
  2. Ok great..thanks for your comments..I will have a look at the oil levels.. David
  3. Ok but why is the level ok when it is hot?
  4. Hi All, I seem to have a peculiar problem, I have just done a 50 hr oil and filter change and when the engine is cold I do my normal burping procedure and when I check the oil level it is way above the high level oil point on the stick, no matter how many times I pull it through and burp it I can't get it to come down to half way on the flat of the stick. So I go and start the engine and let it run for a few minutes, oil pressure is good and I turn it off and go and check the oil level and it is perfect....when I check it hot the levels are right...so strange that I now can't get it show th
  5. Hi skip, Well I guess to answer your question it was buying price for start as it was being sold cheap, next it was that it was used and still is being by various schools and had proved to be a solid training aircraft and at the time I was still in training so I thought I was a good option. It has similar cruising speed to yours and Hasan good endurance with 120L on board. Yes a metal aircraft is probably not as good because of corrosion but my aircraft is under cover and always has been since new so it is ok, I had a little under the wings but it was sorted easily. Skippy I guess if I h
  6. I have owned my Sportstar Plus now for 4 years, it truly is a very nice aircraft to fly and train in, it has it's little issues like the toe brakes are not so good and the crosswind abilities are lower than most but you learn to overcome these and work with them, you just need to know the aircraft capabilities like any other LSA type aircraft. I like the 118lt of useable fuel for cruising, it will stay up in the air longer than me, if you get my drift, and it has good shoulder room and the seats are ok, sometimes I bring a cushion for the long flights, and now that I have had the prop adjus
  7. Hi All, Sorry I am bit late to report, we ended up going to the Wondai breakfast where there were approx 20 aircraft, the airfield looked a treat, the boys out there have done a great job maintaining the place. The breakfast itself was very good, maybe not quite as good as Watts Bridge but very nice just the same and the people there are very friendly and easy to talk to, which is very nice. All in all I would highly recommend the breakfast and the facilities and I will definitely go to the next one.. ?
  8. Hi All, I am posting this out of frustration as I am getting sick and tired of getting ripped off on the servicing of my Sportstar aircraft by GA type businesses around the Brisbane region, I would like to ask if anyone knows of a current or semi retired L2 or better that can help me do the servicing of my LSA aircraft for a reasonable price, I don't mind if it is on a weekend. I am happy to fly the aircraft to any of the nearby airfields around the Caboolture region so that the L2 doesn't have to travel far and I am happy to help doing the grunt type jobs as well as learn a little more.
  9. Yes a big decision now...Watts Bridge breakfast or Wondai they are having theirs on Sunday as well...the boys and girls from both clubs need to work together so this doesn't happen...now which one.... mmmmm
  10. Yes is certainly on the radar Mike..may have to stay the night somewhere though being it is a lunch... David
  11. What we need is a Tshirt/hat or something so we can all recognize each other at AUSFLY? David
  12. Gunna have to come up your way one day Mike.. :) David
  13. Yes we have registered and bought our tickets for the dinner, looking forward to this and hope the weather Gods are good to us for our trip south.. :) David
  14. The jacks look like the go, where can I get one of them mate? David
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