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  1. Deskpilot

    reverse parking

    The other planes in the hangar wouldn't be effected SO LONG as you're in reverse mode.Slip stream is going out the door and not into the hangar. FWIW, although as said, this is a wonderful aircraft, I would still prefer to see a Blackburn Beverley land, go into reverse, back up the run way, open it's clam shell doors, lower it's ramps, disgorge a personnel carrier and a Land Rover and about 100 soldiers, raise it's ramps, close its doors and head down the runway and take off. All in about 10 minutes. Happy RAF memories.
  2. Deskpilot

    Flying Train

    To what are you referring Birdseye. Perhaps you've posted on the wrong page.
  3. Deskpilot

    Flying Train

    I like it. Time will tell if anything comes of it.
  4. Deskpilot

    New to the Forum

    Welcome to our forum mate. We're looking for the same thing. You got anything we might not of seen before. Do you fly and if so, what? Doug
  5. Deskpilot

    Design and build an 'Ultralight'

    OK. First point, why mid wing? I can't remember my reasoning then but now....mid wing gives one the ability to see over and under the wing when in a steepish turn (coming onto base leg for instance) Why a co-axial pusher prop.........just to be different perhaps Given to choise, I would have gone for 2 contra-rotating props for a less swirled airflow over the tail feathers. ICE instead of electric for longer flight times and ability to go X country. Not all airfield would be able to recharge batteries. Yes, chains get hot, are noisey and if one should break, that a lot os metal flailing around to do untold damage around and behind it (tail feathers) This was just a design for design purposes really so no actual flight data was included. I would have been happy with about 90 knots cruise @ 13 lpm fuel burn. If I were to take this up again, I'd also include morphing control surfaces to make it really a one off special.
  6. Deskpilot

    Design and build an 'Ultralight'

    Bill, what are you referring to.I can't make out your connection to earlier posts. Please clarify.
  7. Deskpilot

    Design and build an 'Ultralight'

    Well I'll be. What a turn up. I thought this subject was long dead and buried but I'm sure happy to see it resurrected. Greeting Bill, new members always welcome, as is your input. Might I suggest you do read all the thread and don't go off at tangents as I originally asked.(not that you have.....so far)
  8. Deskpilot

    Clerget engine assembly

    Ah, a beautiful video with, for a change, really nice music accompany. As an ex bass player myself, I appreciated the simplicity of the engine and the music.
  9. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Thanks for that bit of advice AB. Hadn't thought if it myself. Hadn't noticed the one wheel stance. Well spotted.
  10. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Ah, now it's looking more like a hairy plane Only problem is, that muffler never came off the plane. The rear location bracket is way out of position. To make it fit I'll have to drill out the rivet on the boom and move the mounting bracket to fit the muffler. Still trying to source a 1 mtr square piece of poly-carbonate sheet at 1.5 mm thick. Local price has been quoted at $130. Bex tells me it's $13 in china, but how to transport it. I think I'll be going with the 1 mm stuff at about $40.
  11. Deskpilot

    So this is how it's done........somewhere.

    Ah, hadn't thought of that.
  12. Not sure which country or what the end result is but it sure is intriguing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKQzKlliFJI
  13. Deskpilot

    Reverse tricycle.

    HaHa, HinC, no, you'd be perfectly wrong. If one did try that. the tail wheel would have to be soo close to the mains it would be impossible to steer at high speed. Whilst on that subject, why is the Thruster inclined to "go anywhere but straight ahead" For what it's worth, at this stage, I'm toying with a new design.
  14. Deskpilot

    Reverse tricycle.

    If a Mustang tail wheel was a few feet further forward, would it still be considered a tail dragger?