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  1. Yes, a great show from a little known place. I hope the videos worked for you. After the Mustang took off, I was expecting him to go round the facing hill and come back from the right at low level and full bore. At least, that's what I would have done. I didn't film any off the flying as I have a crap camera and a very stiff neck. Cheers
  2. OK, so I visited the Air-show, took some photos and made some videos. I've put them in some sort of order , not as I took them. Hopefully grouped more "subjectively" . You even get to see where my wife and I stayed for the week. Enjoy. Oh sound up for the videos. z001.AVI z01.AVI z010.AVI z011.AVI z02.AVI z03.AVI z04.AVI z05.AVI z06.AVI z07.AVI z09.AVI
  3. Am flying (commercial) up from Adelaide on Thursday and staying at Airlie Beach.
  4. High speed taxi test and rudder authority check completed. Soon to fly.
  5. Calling Dreyfus. I've sent you a couple of messages re your free ASI but have not received a reply yet. If the offer is still valid, please get in touch via private message.
  6. Well you've certainly got your work cut out there. New skins on Order? I'm off on holiday soon but will start my re-skinning process when I get back. Just bought new screen material and hope to have that fitted before I go.
  7. If still available, I'd like it to replace my MPH gauge I'll pay for freight. Please contact me via pm.
  8. Thanks guys, guess it's time for mr to start tap dancing.😊
  9. "Single seater t85 with r503 is the best at doing this to you. " OH Shit. Just my luck.
  10. OK, I'll start the ball rolling. What is the main cause of ground looping?
  11. Thanks guys, I'll change to tach.
  12. Thanks for your replies, guys, but my question remain unanswered. Guess I'll have to go oversea ans see what the yanks think.
  13. I have an early 503 on my thruster but as yet, have not connected the tacho. Why, because there is no grey wire coming out of the engine. All diagrams say this wire is for the tacho. My question therefore is, how else can I get the correct impulses to operate said tacho?
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