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  1. Actually, this is a control explosion by engineers. Plenty of posts on the web.
  2. I have know idea but I'd like to know more. Obviously roadable but that engine intrigues me. A four cylinder radial or a new version of the Balandin X 4 cylinder engine. It appears that the engine rotates about its center as one set of blades look to be attached to the cylinder heads. Any ideas, anyone?
  3. A bit dyslexic this morning. Read that as a V12 coffee maker. Would make bloody strong coffee I reckon.
  4. Come on guys, check out the reg number, 24-4399 is an Evektor Sportstar.
  5. Thanks. Now to re-skin the tail feathers. Materials bought, just got to find the courage to do it.
  6. But Sketchup will save me, Long Live Sketchy, Sketchy for King!! ???
  7. What ever it is, it doesn't look right. That prop and cowl assembly look like a badly executed add on. Really quite ugly IMO.
  8. TP, care to explain yourself? You infer that you know better than Bex. You been there? Seen it? I get so annoyed sometimes.
  9. Another mile-stone achieved by fitting a new wind-screen.
  10. Yes, a great show from a little known place. I hope the videos worked for you. After the Mustang took off, I was expecting him to go round the facing hill and come back from the right at low level and full bore. At least, that's what I would have done. I didn't film any off the flying as I have a crap camera and a very stiff neck. Cheers
  11. OK, so I visited the Air-show, took some photos and made some videos. I've put them in some sort of order , not as I took them. Hopefully grouped more "subjectively" . You even get to see where my wife and I stayed for the week. Enjoy. Oh sound up for the videos. z001.AVI z01.AVI z010.AVI z011.AVI z02.AVI z03.AVI z04.AVI z05.AVI z06.AVI z07.AVI z09.AVI
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