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  1. Deskpilot

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    quote. It seemed to rely on the curvature of the Earth to get any rate at all , particularly on a hot day . I've only flown the LSA which climbs like an angle. Your comment is brilliant in it's description and very funny.
  2. Deskpilot

    My first video - Circuits at YSGR

    Quote "Personally, I don't think there's intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?" end quote. Because they've had millions of years to discover what 'intelligence' really is, and we're only an experiment they're playing with.
  3. Deskpilot

    A very cool experimental aircraft

    It'd be easier to just make a special reverse drive gearbox, Wouldn't it?
  4. Deskpilot

    Embarrased aircraft pasenger

    That would be because you have hidden you hips my friend. The answer is...........go braces
  5. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Thanks for your update onetrack, going the extra mile is so very much appreciated.
  6. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Please keep it friendly guys. I don't care what the bend radius is. At I said, if necessary, weld up 45* angles
  7. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Wow guys. thanks for you interest in my 'little' problem. Looking forward to the results of your trials, what ever the wall thickness. Mine was 1.2 mm and I bought an internal spring mandrel. What I didn't have was the anchorage and pulling power.
  8. Deskpilot

    RAA Certificate - On a Budget?

    Not mentioning any names, schools etc but where I trained took in a lad from Singapore, trained him every, let him sleep on the school sofa and sent him home, fully qualified, 2 weeks later. Obviously, he had the money up from and they had the time to keep him in the air.
  9. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    G'day T88, like I said previously, I don't have access to a bender and you'd need a pretty big/strong one to bend 25.. dim tube. Thanks for you suggestion all the same.
  10. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Thanks for your reply onetrack. I know how to bend using sand as a mandrel but it doesn't always work. It's harder than one thinks to get the sand packed tight enough. I don't have access to a bender and have resorted to plumbers in my area. Most just say it can't be done without splitting the tube (being Aluminium) As for the diameter, might be out of round 22mm, if that's a standard size. There is one other option. A nicely welded version and I'm not a welder.
  11. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    OK, so the planes's back in the garage as I was getting frustrated seeing it sitting under the pergola and not getting worked on. Therefore I now have a couple of questions for you and a call for help. Q1. Does anyone know what profile the Thruster wing is or is based on? Q2. Have any of you experience with Gurney flaps and would they improve the flight characteristics of a Thruster? Plea for help. Can anyone make me control stick as per my plan below. I can't find anyone local who can bend thin walled alloy tube without kinking or splitting it. I'm now out of tube. Full remuneration for time and effort provided it doesn't break the bank, so to say.
  12. The title says "you've never heard of". We've all heard of Concorde. Sorry, feeling 'pickie' this morning.
  13. Deskpilot

    Do not unlatch door in flight!

    Hmm, years ago I flew with the shark patrol, always over water. Being in the rear seat of a 172, I was instructed, if it came to it, to open the nearest door before we ditched into the ocean. This was to provide a quick exit for me, the pilot or co-pilot would then push his seat back and follow me out. I don't think we really cared where the door went as long as it was outwards.
  14. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Success, now just got to tighten up every thing and refit fit the prop.
  15. Deskpilot

    A short story, then a long journey

    Rotating the mount plate is proving to be harder than I thought. Being on my own, lifting the engine off the plane was a no-go so, with the aid of a couple of cargo straps, I just raised it enough to get at the nuts. When I lowered it back onto the cross members, I found that they were also out of wack so I'm now figuring out where I went wrong with those. You'd think that they would be identical but not so.