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  1. I was wondering if the drift to motorcycles was related to my avatar? I am a Motorcyclists and am over 60 ride a R1250 GSA and wasn't a late returner buying a Hardley just to feel young. Things that are related though, flying like riding is a skill, skills need constant practice , I find as I age I need more practice to stay in tune so perhaps this is the link. As for the new "old" Hardley riders this is about skills never learnt and not respecting that the result can be fatal ,
  2. https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/6545947/pilot-dead-in-plane-crash-after-leaving-from-shellharbour-airport/
  3. Will be good when the Alpha is repaired. Only the Jabs operating at present. That Alpha is a very nice aircraft and my preferred choice. Have done quite a few hrs in the 230 Jab but for local stuff I like the Alpha. Good to see you are well on the way with Bruce, I also enjoy his instruction.
  4. I can recommend Bruce. I also returned to flying after a long break , did have PPL . I also fly at Jaspers but you are limited to weekends. Liz is good . Jaspers use a Brumby , Bruce only has Jab's available at present.
  5. Just noticed this on Tube:
  6. Have a friend building one
  7. Just goes to show you can't trust what you read.
  8. Thks Pylon a great explanation that coincides with my experience flying a Jab. Backlash and clunk plus a difficult plane to trim sums up my experience.
  9. So are they stronger? Than the alternatives?
  10. I am new to this and would like to understand the strength dynamics of these cables. I see them used in Jabs but wonder how strong they are compared.to cables I. Tension.
  11. Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but maybe I'll get a hit. Will be in UK and parts of Europe next month and would like to do some flying. Any one have any ideas on where I can hire with instructor in Scotland, Amsterdam , Rome areas ? Thought it may be neat to site see from the sky?
  12. Well I have just returned from QLD. Got to fly out of Gympie as a PAX and was introduced to the great flying available to the QLD flyer fraternity . Many airstrips in the coastal regions which would make getting around quite nice. Being in the region I also took the opportunity to be type checked in a Savannah by Neil at GoFly at their Caboolture base. I have never seen so many RA machines in all my days at the one place what an interesting part of the world Caboolture is for RA life .
  13. I was quite interested in the Lightning and started the usual web search etc. I think I did contact the deal of the century one advertised and was told it had some repairs required, front landing gear, and on further enquiries told a Camit engine was to be fitted. The Camit would not be considered a Jab motor, I contacted Camit to enquire if it was bolt on bits or total new engine, and it is the later. Quite a few accidents, but with a high end plane this may be expected especially with low time low experienced pilots. Dan Johnson does give it a good review, but then again does he give bad one
  14. Thanks for this really good info, now filed in my Nav and Weather bookmark.
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