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  1. Hi Guy's Haven't posted in a fair while, but came across motor kite dreaming the other day whilst at work, can't remember the episode I had seen but it was not bad ( Rules wise ) so I thought I would watch few more. after seeing the Disclaimer on the start of the Episode about RAA not endorsing it and watching it, I can understand why. Sure we have all broken some rules every now and then, flown low in non populated areas but to go out and put it on TV especially with Pilots with no experience is ridiculous. RAA should de Register the aircraft involved and ground the Pilots until they come to
  2. He was Lucky If it was fuel starvation I am sure the authorities will know when they check that fuel air mixture in the tank ;).
  3. Adrian Lewer

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    Your lucky your still alive to make sure you don't do it again.
  4. AHAHAHAHAHAHA I was having a bad day. I have my PPL but was wanting to do my CPL Theory. I have looked at his website and he does CPL but is his CPL course any good ?
  5. Yeah thats what I have been thinking and have been lead to believe Bob is the best. Lionel Taylor is he any good though ? is anyone out there who has trained with him ? Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi Guy's hoping someone can give me some guidance. I have been looking at my PPL theory for a while now and was going to attend the Bob Tait theory courses in Redcliffe QLD but it was to far to trade away from my kids for 2 months. Bob looks to have a good pass rate which is why I was looking at his courses but would like to know if there is anyone in Victoria that can do theory courses and has good pass rates like Bob Tait. Cheers.
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    Are you actually getting WOT ? have you checked whether or not your actually getting full throttle you might have some binding and just not getting the last 2-3 mm of travel ?
  8. Its funny I have spoken to a lot of people (from either rec forum or other hobbies) and every one seems to know everyone even if you have just passed one another. I dare say we have seen one another even if we have never met but one thing is for sure " WE BOTH LIKE AEROPLANES "
  9. I don't own an aircraft. Have been looking at purchasing another one for some time now but not sure when. I fly 4781 from inbound on the odd occasion but have been flying a cherokee 180 for a while now. Not interested in a fly the weekend after next are you ? if your a member of the aero club we can get the gazelle for about $100.00 HR fly to YLED for lunch.
  10. I have flown the yellow one in the YBLT aero clubs hangar and it is sweet. Very clean example of a gazelle.
  11. EVAN mate you have to fly a gazelle.... They are great...
  12. I think the technam is more user friendly than the gazelle, Don't get me wrong the gazelle is an awesome A/C for what it is but the gazelle will not climb like the technam and is more mushier in the lower end of the ASI the technam will just fly even if it is going backwards, and be so crisp in the controls you have to tell yourself "RUDDER ONLY" can't remember figures (I must admit I fly attitude not AS) but the technam will come in at 30-40 KTS with ease and authority ( DON'T TELL BRUCE THAT) but the gazelle will stall at about 30 odd KTS but will just not do it in real life, I find 40-50 KT
  13. Don't know what to say, Poor buggars must have been under the pump, I could hear it i his voice he was thinking hard. I think I might devote my next flight to them and practice more PFL's after listening to that, God knows we all need it. To the family from myself and my family our best wishes are with you.
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