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  1. Greg, Thanks for the info. Some pictures of how the tank is filled, as well as the available baggage area would be great. I have seen the tank, but now how it effects or results in the total baggage area. Since it is likely that I wont ever see a nynja in person unless I decide to build one, I may need more of such pictures if that is okay! :)
  2. That is a good question Andy, I am also curious. If I understand correctly, the standard Nynja kit (including the one in the USA?) comes with a 16 gallon tank and the 23 gallon aluminum tank is an upgrade. The question also is how much does this tank add to the empty weight as I have read it is a little heavy. Also, what is the cost for the tank? I read the Nynja made major changes to the fueling issue that the SkyRanger people complained about. I assume there is some kind of zipper to allow access to the tank? Lastly, is the 540KG MTOW some sort of regulation requirement over there?
  3. Greg As always thanks for the replies. A few more for you.. Can it actually be built in about 300 hours? The xlam parked outside for years.. How long is it expected to last? With 80hp, can one expect a cruise of 90kts or that more of a 100hp thing in the nynja?
  4. Greg! Thank you so much for the reply, I joined this forum just to talk to you lol. You have no idea how excited I am over this, because I actually bought a partially completed Sonex kit, but I believe I will sell it and persue this venture intead. The time needed to finish the sonex kit is more than what I estimate it will take me to complete a SkyRanger variant in total. Have you any experience with anyone using a VW engine on a Skyranger Swift or Nynja? With your wing tanks, will the wings still be foldable? If you have a moment, please look into how they can claim 80lbs of luggage (36kg
  5. Hello all! I am curious about a comparison between the Skyranger Swift/Nynja and the new BushCat/Cheetah XLS. I know the BushCat is just an update on the Cheetah, and the Cheetah as a copy of the original SkyRanger, but what I am most curious about is as follows: 1) The BushCat claims a luggage capacity of 81 lbs! This is nearly triple what the Skyranger products claim. There is such limited information and pictures on both these planes, does anyone know how they did it? 2) The BushCat claims a cruise of ~105 mph/91kts but appears to be a lot heavier at MTOW. The owners seem to make t
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